• Julia Charvolen to organize the next ATLAS II OC call for 23 Jan
  • 001 -- Heidi Ullrich to follow up urgently with MA about Survey Respondents mailing list.
  • 006 -- Carlos Reyes will contact ALSes to confirm travelers once 001 is complete. 
  • 009 -- Heidi Ullrich to follow up with senior staff on visa letters for London. 


  • 007 – Tijani Ben Jemaa and Heidi Ullrich have been in touch with Meetings Team regarding room availability. Everything is on track. 
  • 010 -- Duncan Burns has joined the ATLAS II PR mailing list. 
  • 011 -- ATLAS II PR subgroup evaluating four PR messages. 
  • 012 -- Potential plenary session to focus on global Internet governance issues such as the multilateral vs multistakeholder models. 
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  1. Carlos Reyes: AI 011 is still open.