Terri Agnew:Welcome to the ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement call on Monday, 17 August 2015 at 18:00 UTC

  Terri Agnew:meeting page: https://community.icann.org/x/OJNCAw

  Roosevelt King:Hello all!

  Juan Manuel Rojas:Good morning, afternoon and evening for everyone!

  Maureen Hilyard:Hi all

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:It is evening here in Uganda

  Cheryl LangdonOrr:0400  here in Australia @daniel :-)

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:here it is 2100hrs

  Glenn McKnight:Muted

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:That is a big time difference

  Glenn McKnight:Taking a  break  from  major  house renovations

  Glenn McKnight:Just   finished  rewiring the  entire  house and wiring the home  for house automation,  insultated, vapour barrier and now  installing the 12 foot  sections of drywall

  Glenn McKnight:good to take a break

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:Yeah, it is great to have a break

  Maureen Hilyard:I'll say, Glenn.. this would be a walk in the park after what you've been doing

  Siranush Vardanyan:hello everyone

  Glenn McKnight:Yes  Maureen  carrying up two sheets of drywall to second floor isn't easy on the back

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Hello everyone

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:Hello Dev

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:The meeting is starting with some happines and excitement

  Ron Sherwood:Hello all

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Indeed

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:its good to see smiles and happiness

  Alan Greenberg:Daniel, are you in Kampala?

  John Laprise:hello all

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:Yes, I am in Kampala

  Alan Greenberg:Long time since I have been there. about 10 years I think.

  Ali AlMeshal:hello all

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:You are always welcome Alan - Kampala is a great place

  Cheryl LangdonOrr:hi Ali

  Ali AlMeshal:hi Cheryl

  Glenn McKnight:I am muted due to noise on site

  Terri Agnew:ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach 2015-08-03 Action Items : https://community.icann.org/x/dY1CAw

  Silvia Vivanco:@  DeV I will remind LACRALO today at their monthly call

  Terri Agnew:Welcome Beran Gillen

  Glenn McKnight:@dev  I thought  you asked  me aready

  Glenn McKnight:I am  willing to do it

  Glenn McKnight:Yes last week

  Maureen Hilyard:@Glenn - DONE!

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:I will volunteer to be co -chair for AFRALO

  Glenn McKnight:Please note  I  am in  a  very noise environment  so I will only be  chatting in the text box.

  Terri Agnew:Review of RALO Outreach Strategies for FY16 https://community.icann.org/x/C6o0Aw

  Glenn McKnight:It  went  to Chris  Modini

  Glenn McKnight:It  has  to have the NA   Vice President's  endorsement 

  Glenn McKnight:As  stated  to Dev   I am happy to be on a  call with the  other   RALO's  still outstanding

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:AFRALO strategy : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MpnRYeqhewF0qwzo795lsNKRNyif8r2e07DffMUZFzw/edit

  John Laprise:Could the various RALOs present their environmental mapping to provide a foundation for their outreach strategies.

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:LACRALO Dashboard : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtasV2tOgnqxcjgyWjh3TGc5SzRzR3k4T1BqTGRvZnc&authkey=CI_OprwD#gid=8

  Glenn McKnight:@John  are  you refering to the Strategic  Pillars?

  John Laprise:It is in part Dev

  Glenn McKnight:Please  clarify  so  we  can  see if we  did this

  Glenn McKnight:Can't hear him well

  Glenn McKnight:The  gap  analysis  should  identify  the  missing  ALS  representation

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:i think we need to map all RALOs

  John Laprise:+1

  Siranush Vardanyan:sorry, dropped out from adobe and back again

  Glenn McKnight:I barely can hear him

  Glenn McKnight:@Alan  please speak up

  John Laprise:If we don't have the evidence, how are we developing good policy going forward? I'm just a fan of evidence based policy. :)

  John Laprise:+1

  Glenn McKnight:@John  this  is  why we  did analysis of the  for  first  six  months attendance of  our  ALS  monthly calls  as a  gap analysis

  John Laprise:@Glenn understood

  Glenn McKnight:When is the  RALO  strategies  due?

  Terri Agnew:At-Large Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program Review Team (CROPP RT): https://community.icann.org/x/5xyfAg

  Silvia Vivanco:@ Glenn, EURALO's monthly call is tomorrow. we can suggest adding this item to the Agenda

  Cheryl LangdonOrr:someone needs to mute their line

  Siranush Vardanyan:APRALO would like to see our two representatives Cheryl and Ali to continue their roles in CROPP RT

  Siranush Vardanyan:if there is no strong objection from Cheryl and Ali, of course:)

  Ali AlMeshal:happy to continue , thanks Siranush

  Siranush Vardanyan:good, Ali. thanks

  Cheryl LangdonOrr:also happy to do so @siranush.... but even though Ali and I are severally  from either / both the F&B SC and this WG. it is up to the WG's to appoint...

  Siranush Vardanyan:Thanks, Cheryl. At least, we express APRALO perspective

  Cheryl LangdonOrr:previously I have been the one from F&B. but the line up there has changed (or will be) so  not sure that I will be in that as a Regional rep. or just as a historical Participant

  Cheryl LangdonOrr:indeed @Siranush :-) :-) :-)

  Siranush Vardanyan:;)

  Glenn McKnight:Yes,  ;i  agree with Maureen  that   a  large  event is  worthy  repeat   visits especially  if you get into the speaker list  etc

  Glenn McKnight:@Naralo   selected   Alan SKuce and Glenn McKnight

  Siranush Vardanyan:yes

  Ali AlMeshal:thanks alot

  Maureen Hilyard:@Glenn.. included into the programme of their next event is a real plus

  Maureen Hilyard:@Ali - got my vote :)

  Glenn McKnight:@Naralo  plan really encoourages  getting to know the organizers

  Juan Manuel Rojas:But in LACRALO

  Juan Manuel Rojas:I am interested

  Roosevelt King:OK

  Juan Manuel Rojas:;)

  Roosevelt King:No Prob, Juan...

  Glenn McKnight:Did you say Naralo?

  Glenn McKnight:Glenn and  Alan Skuce  stepped up

  Glenn McKnight:Yes

  Glenn McKnight:I am from Outreach

  Glenn McKnight:Sorry  folks  I am on a  construction site, at my daughters  house.  We just  rewired house, insulated and  installing  drywall and taping  

  Glenn McKnight:Your  welcome  Dev

  Terri Agnew:Proposed immediate work items/objectives for remainder of 2015 : https://community.icann.org/x/cqfbAQ

  Terri Agnew:Finding line

  Glenn McKnight:I  would  suggest  we  make  a  large  global  monthly list  of  events

  Terri Agnew:Global Stakeholder Engagement (GSE): https://community.icann.org/x/EwQeAg

  Roosevelt King:lost voice

  Silvia Vivanco:There is a CROSS - RALO Internet Governance Events Workspace see: https://community.icann.org/display/CRALO/CROSS+-+RALO+Internet+Governance+Events+Workspace

  Cheryl LangdonOrr:yup

  Silvia Vivanco:and I am sending constant reminders asking for updates Dev

  Roosevelt King:OK got the problem

  Silvia Vivanco:AFRALO and APRALO have posted some events

  Silvia Vivanco:we see it a bit small

  Nkem Nweke (DigitalSENSE Africa ):Let  also  look at events organised  by structures

  Silvia Vivanco:@ Nkem yes this Workspace is set up for RALOs and its ALSes to post the events: https://community.icann.org/display/CRALO/CROSS+-+RALO+Internet+Governance+Events+Workspace

  Glenn McKnight:I guess  it's been underused

  Ali AlMeshal:will this be linked to the new web site of atlarge ?

  Alan Greenberg:Cheryl - radical!  Kepp things up to date?

  Cheryl LangdonOrr:understood Dave but those of course also need to be kepg'up'to date stuff changes

  Maureen Hilyard:APRALO would have Ai to keep our calendar up to date :)

  Maureen Hilyard:ALI..

  Terri Agnew:Welcome Seun Ojedeji

  Ali AlMeshal:okay

  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you Maureen

  Siranush Vardanyan:+1Maureen;)

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:Welcome Seun

  Seun Ojedeji:Thanks Terri sorry for being late

  Glenn McKnight:The  beginners  guide  might  be  a good   start for the  EBOOKS

  Glenn McKnight:Adding audio  and video clips

  Heidi Ullrich:Good point, Glenn!

  Glenn McKnight:Had  to chase our  chickens  back in the  backyard,  contractors   left the gate open and the six  chickens  ran down the street

  Glenn McKnight:@dev  I commented on the potential for  EBOOK

  Cheryl LangdonOrr:FreevRange :-) :-) :-)

  Glenn McKnight:Sure  can

  Glenn McKnight:YEs 

  Heidi Ullrich:Hi All, Staff are updating the ALS Beginner's Guide as part of the At-Large Structure onboarding program

  Glenn McKnight:We had  12  but  the  llocal  cats  bit their  heads off

  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+ICANN+Civil+Society+Engagement+in+Fiscal+Year+2016+Workspace

  Glenn McKnight:Only  6  left

  Terri Agnew:finding line

  Heidi Ullrich:Hi All, please do comment on the CS draft engagement plan.

  Heidi Ullrich:ALSe will be involved in this activity

  Maureen Hilyard:Whose mike is not muted

  Heidi Ullrich:and please be sure to update the regional events which might be events which GSE/Policy (At-Large ) could collaborate

  Cheryl LangdonOrr:be worth sending out anothreminder re this. to lists with the link embedded of cojrser l

  Heidi Ullrich:Will do , Cheryl

  Glenn McKnight:I assume  the  IGF, ITU and  other  events

  Terri Agnew:finding line

  Juan Manuel Rojas:september?

  Cheryl LangdonOrr:rotating times YES

  Nkem Nweke (DigitalSENSE Africa ):The timing for me is fine

  Alfredo Calderon:use doodle.

  Ali AlMeshal:to me the timing is fine as well

  Glenn McKnight:sure

  Cheryl LangdonOrr:need to share the pain team :-) :-) :-)

  Nkem Nweke (DigitalSENSE Africa ):I can hear you

  Ali AlMeshal:will do Cheryl :-)

  Terri Agnew:@Nkem, I sent you a  private chat

  Cheryl LangdonOrr:OK. thanks all... bye for now I have another call to gbye...et to

  Glenn McKnight:Bye  all,  got to go back to work

  Siranush Vardanyan:great call , Dev. thanks and bye

  Ron Sherwood:Thank you everyone, bye...

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:thanks for the great meeting

  Daniel K. Nanghaka:bye

  Ali AlMeshal:bye

  Alfredo Calderon:hear from all in a couple weeks.

  Maureen Hilyard:Thank you Dev.. great meeting

  Juan Manuel Rojas:bye

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