The ALAC Subcommittee on Appointee Selection, otherwise known as the ALAC Appointee Selection Subcommittee (AASC), was established during ICANN56. It is chaired by Alan Greenberg, ALAC Chair and is composed of the ALAC Leadership Team (ALT) and 5 members selected by the RALOs and ALAC Chair.

The AASC received and reviewed Expressions of Interest (EOI) for various ALAC appointments, until the end of the ICANN57 Hyderabad. In addition to the selection of Consumer Standing Committee candidates, it was expected one or more Affirmation of Commitments (AOC) Review Committees and ALAC Liaisons would require candidate searches.

The ASC continues to review candidates and their EOIs for various ALAC appointments.

Support Staff Leads: Heidi Ullrich and Evin Erdoğdu


The members of ALAC Subcommittee on Appointee Selection, organized by regional affiliation, are:

    Mail list:

    Region Member Office EOI

    Maureen Hilyard Chair
    AFRALO Tijani Ben Jemaa ALAC Leadership Team Member
    AFRALO Fatimata Seye Sylla RALO Representative
    APRALO Kaili Kan ALAC Leadership Team Member replacement (Maureen Hilyard) EOI
    APRALO Lianna Galstyan RALO Representative

    Sébastien Bachollet

    ALAC Leadership Team Member
    EURALO Nenad Marinkovic RALO Representative EOI
    LACRALO Ricardo Holmquist ALAC Leadership Team Member
    LACRALO Sergio Salinas Porto RALO Representative
    NARALO John Laprise ALAC Leadership Team Member
    NARALO Glenn McKnight RALO Representative

    Mail list:

    Region Member Office

    Maureen Hilyard Chair


    Seun Ojedeji

    ALAC Leadership Team Member


    Fatimata Seye Sylla

    RALO Representative
    APRALO Maureen Hilyard ALAC Leadership Team Member
    APRALO Lianna Galstyan RALO Representative
    EURALO Bastiaan Goslings ALAC Leadership Team Member

    Nenad Marinkovic

    RALO Representative
    LACRALO Bartlett Morgan ALAC Leadership Team Member
    LACRALO Humberto Carrasco RALO Representative
    NARALO John Laprise ALAC Leadership Team Member replacement (Alan Greenberg)
    NARALO Judith Hellerstein RALO Representative

    Mail list:

    Region Member Office

    Alan Greenberg Chair


    Tijani Ben Jemaa 

    ALAC Leadership Team Member

    AFRALO Barrack Otieno RALO Representative
    APRALO Holly Raiche ALAC Leadership Team Member
    APRALO Ali AlMeshal RALO Representative
    EURALO Andrei Kolesnikov ALAC Leadership Team Member

    Nenad Marinkovic

    RALO Representative
    LACRALO Leon Sanchez ALAC Leadership Team Member
    LACRALO Maritza Yesenia Aguero Minano RALO Representative
    NARALO Javier Rúa-Jovet ALAC Leadership Team Member replacement (Alan Greenberg)
    NARALO John Laprise RALO Representative

    Mail list:

    Region Member Office

    Alan Greenberg Chair


    Tijani Ben Jemaa 

    ALAC Leadership Team Member

    AFRALO Barrack Otieno RALO Representative
    APRALO Holly Raiche ALAC Leadership Team Member
    APRALO Ali AlMeshal RALO Representative
    EURALO Sandra Hoferichter ALAC Leadership Team Member

    Nenad Marinkovic

    RALO Representative
    LACRALO Leon Sanchez ALAC Leadership Team Member
    LACRALO Maritza Yesenia Aguero Minano RALO Representative
    NARALO Timothy Denton ALAC Leadership Team Member replacement (Alan Greenberg)
    NARALO John Laprise RALO Representative


    Next Call: 10 December 2018

    Previous Call: 03 September 2018

    ALAC Appointments



      LOS ANGELES – 16 October 2018 – ICANN's Supporting Organizations (SOs) and Advisory Committees (ACs) are invited to nominate one individual each (total of 7) to serve in the capacity of mentor for the ICANN Fellowship Program.

      Mentors will serve for three (3) consecutive ICANN Public Meetings, starting with ICANN65. They are expected to provide extensive pre-meeting preparation and on-site support for their assigned fellows and to complete a survey after each meeting.

      Mentors are expected to follow program guidelines to help ensure consistency in the provision of capacity development opportunities for fellows. They will also play an important role in enabling and facilitating the active participation of fellows in ICANN's work. Mentors will receive travel funding support.

      For more information on the guidelines and expectations for mentors, please visit this link.

      Each of the seven (7) SOs/ACs should indicate their chosen Fellowship Program Mentor by 14 December 2018 via email to Individual self-nominations will not be considered.


      • Amrita Choudhury from APRALO was selected as the At-Large Fellowship Mentor
      • Sarah Kiden from AFRALO was selected as the alternate.



      To ALAC Selection 2018 List:

      ICANN has announced a call for SOACs to select one representative from their groups to serve on as Members on the ICANN Fellowship Program Selection Committee for a two year term.

      The revised program will feature a new ICANN Fellowship Program Selection Committee starting on 26 October 2018. The Selection Committee will be composed of seven members, one from each participating SO/AC. SOs/ACs are encouraged to visit this link [] for more information on responsibilities and expectations associated with this role. Please nominate one Selection Committee member from your respective SO/AC who wishes to participate and is prepared to meet the expectations.

      SOs/ACs must complete this form [] [DOCX, 80 KB] to indicate their goals and their nominee and send it to by 10 September 2018.


      The AASC has confirmed the following representative to serve as the ALAC Member on the ICANN Fellowship Program Selection Committee:

      Alfredo Calderon

      Members and Alternates for the Expedited Policy Development Process on the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data (EPDP) COMPLETE


      To ALAC List on 11 July 2018, from Alan Greenberg, ALAC Chair:

      In light of the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), 
      the ICANN Board enacted a temporary policy governing WHOIS (now know 
      as Registration Data) effective 25 May 2018. This temporary policy 
      must be replaced by a permanent policy within one year. To take this 
      action, the GNSO has initiated and Expedited Policy Development 
      Policy. The Charted for this process is expected to be approved by 
      the GNSO on 19 July 2018, and a group convened to develop the policy 
      will be convened soon after.
      Although the membership quotas of this group will not be definitively 
      known until the charter is approved, at this point we expect that the 
      ALAC will be given three Members and three Alternates. It is expected 
      that Alternates may only actively participate if a Member is not 
      available, but would be expected to be prepared to participate if needed.
      Members and Alternates representing the ALAC will work as a team to 
      develop an ALAC position and strive to appropriately effect the 
      policy effort. There will be regular consultation with the ALAC and At-Large.
      Since the policy must be in place by 25 May 2019, it is expected that 
      a draft policy will be prepared in time for the ICANN63 meeting in 
      late October 2018.
      Membership in the EPDP is expected to require up to 30 hours per 
      week, starting immediately and at least for the first 4 months, and 
      probably a lower but still significant commitment until mid-2018. The 
      GNSO is also setting some very specific criteria for participation. 
      Although the list may change, the current requirements are as follows:
          * Have sufficient and appropriate motivation, availability and 
      expertise to participate in the substance of the work of the EPDP 
      Team. Appropriate experience could, for example, include experience 
      with the previous RDS/WHOIS policy development processes, task 
      forces, or implementation review teams, or participation in EWG efforts;
          * Commit to abide by the EPDP Team Commitment Statement, and to 
      accept the consequences of non-compliance as may be determined by the 
      EPDP leadership or appointing group;
          * Commit to build consensus on issues within the scope of this EPDP;
          * Commit to actively participate in the activities of the EPDP on 
      an on-going and long-term basis, for a period of no less than 
      one-year, with the highest intensity expected in the first six to 
      eight months;
          * Solicit and communicate (where appropriate) the views and 
      concerns of individuals in the group that appoints them;
          * Commit to abide to the charter when participating in the EPDP Team;
          * Understand the needs of the Internet communities that ICANN 
      serves (standards, domains and numbers);
          * Commit to attend any provided introductory training courses, 
      e.g., privacy, trademarks, registrar operations, DNS, etc.
          * Understand the broader ecosystem (the Internet Community) in 
      which ICANN operates and the needs of those working on other aspects 
      of the Internet industry.
      Membership and participation will be on behalf of the ALAC and not 
      representing personal views.
      Expressions of Interest will be accepted until 23:59 UTC on Friday, 
      13 July 2018.
      The EoI may be found at If you 
      complete the EoI more than once, the last version will be the one used.


      The AASC has confirmed the following EPDP Members:

      Alan Greenberg
      Hadia Elminiawi

      The EPDP Alternates are:

      Holly Raiche
      Seun Ojedeji (resigned)

      Mentors for ICANN62 Community Onboarding Program COMPLETE


      To ALAC Selection 2018 List:

      We are meeting tomorrow (Monday, 23 April 2018) at 16:00 UTC to do the selection of 
      mentee(s) and mentor.

      The details of all of the candidates are attached as well as a spreadsheet.

      The two mentees in the previous program were from AF. Last meeting, 
      we had two mentees, one from LAC and one from AP.



      The AASC has confirmed the following COP Mentees for ICANN62:

      The COP Mentor for ICANN62 is:

      Lianna Galstyan

      Mentors for ICANN61 Community Onboarding Program COMPLETE


      At the last ALAC meeting, I was tasked with, following consultation, propose a selection method for Mentors and Mentees.
      1. We will call for 2 Mentees from among funded travellers.
      2. RALO Chairs, in consultation with other RALO Leaders and the three regional ALAC Members will propose not more than two potential mentees from their region. The candidates need not be actively involved with ICANN policy issues at the moments, but are considered good candidates for the future. 
      3. AASC will select two mentees from among the candidates by the end of the following week, earlier if possible.
      Deadline for submission of names is 15 December. Chairs should confirm with candidates that they can travel to Puerto Rico if selected.


      The AASC has confirmed the following COP Mentees for ICANN61:

      Antonio Medina Gómez
      Eranga Samararathna

      The COP Mentor for ICANN61 is:

      Humberto Carasco

      At-Large Regional Liaison for WT5 COMPLETE


      The first meeting of the Work Track on Geographic Names as Top Level Domains (referred to as WT5) will be held tomorrow, 15 Wednesday at 20:00. Everyone who has an interest in the subject should consider joining the group. See[] for further information and[] to join.

      In addition, the ALAC is seeking one WT Member from each region to be the regional liaison to this WT. Although not formally representing the views of the region or the ALAC, the presence of a liaison will ensure that each region has at least one person who plans to closely follow and actively participate, and that the ALAC has at least five people with whom to coordinate our related activities.

      Anyone volunteering for the position of liaison must be registered as a Member of the WT (see above) and must commit to actively participating. All WT discussions are carried out in English at this time.

      The ALAC will try to ensure that among the liaisons, we have a wide range of views and positions to ensure that the views of At-Large are heard.

      Those wishing to become a regional liaison for WT5 should send an expression of interest (EoI) to At-Large Staff <> no later that Monday, 20 November at 23:59. The EoI should include:

      a) Confirmation that the applicant has already registered as a Member of WT5;
      b) the region of At-Large that the applicant is affiliated with;
      c) a summary of the applicant's views (no more than a few sentences) on the use of geographic names as TLDs. These could include (but are not limited to):
              i) freedom of speech should allow any use of geographic names without permission;
              ii) geographic names should be fully controlled by the government(s) associated with the regions;
              iii) don't care about the details, but the result must be balanced to ensure governments are reasonably satisfied and there is reasonable access to geographic names by companies and others.
      d) Subject line should include WT5 LIAISON.

      All views are allowed, but the ALAC selection committee and the ALAC will attempt to ensure that all views have a voice.

      Alan Greenberg
      Chair, ALAC


      The ALAC Appointee Selection Committee announced the At-Large regional liaisons to WT5:

      AFRALO: Ali Hussein

      APRALO: Maureen Hilyard

      EURALO: Yrjö Lansipuro

      LACRALO: Carlos Aquirre

      NARALO: Marita Moll

      ALAC Liaison to the SSAC Replacing Julie Hammer COMPLETE



      The ALAC Liaison to the SSAC replacing Julie Hammer is:

      Andrei Kolesnikov

      ALAC Supported Traveller for the 2017 IGF COMPLETED


      Dear 2017-2018 ALAC Members, 
      Under the FY18 Additional Budget Request process, the ALAC received one travel slot for an ALAC Member to be supported for travel to the 2017 IGF taking place in Geneva 18 - 21 December 2017.
      Therefore, on behalf of Alan Greenberg, Chair of the ALAC, we are initiating a call for applicants for 2017-2018 ALAC Members. 
      The following criteria will be used to evaluate the applicants: 
      ALAC Criteria for the IGF Travel Support:

      • Possess IGF experience through previous attendance at national, regional or global IGF meetings
      • Possess significant knowledge of At-Large policy issues and how they could impact end users
      • Unlikely to attend if not funded through this program
      • Required to attend and actively participate in as many Workshops and other sessions as possible
      • Encouraged to network and provide feedback to the ALAC
      • Encouraged to prepare a report following their participation

      ICANN Criteria for IGF Travel Support:

      • Must have confirmed acceptance of a speaking slot on a MAG approved workshop panel

      The timeline for the selection process is as follows: 

      • 30 October 2017 - 8 November 2017 - Call for Candidates* (Only those ALAC Members who will be on the ALAC at the time of the IGF may apply.)
      • Week of 13 November 2017 - Decision (the ALAC Appointee Selection Committee will make the selection) followed by ALAC ratification
      • 17 November 2017 or before - Notification

      Only ALAC members who do not need a Visa or have a high probability of receiving one in the allotted time should apply. Applicants should IMMEDIATELY Register for the IGF at[] .
      IMPORTANT: All applicants are required to submit an expression of interest and also state why they believe they are the best candidate and meet the above ALAC and ICANN criteria for IGF travel support. 
      Applications and the required information should be sent to At-Large staff ( )  by 8 November at 23:59 UTC . 
      Additional information is available on the ALAC IGF 2017 Workspace[]
      Kind regards,


      The ALAC Supported Traveller for the IGF 2017 is:

      Maureen Hilyard

      ALAC Co-Leader of the GNSO New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP Working Group Work Track 5 COMPLETED 


      The GNSO's New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP Working Group is establishing a new Work Track 5 (WT5) which will focus exclusively on geographic names at the top-level. This has been a very contentious issue with a wide variety of difficult-to-reconcile positions, but one that must be resolved prior to any future new gTLD availability. 

      In order to promote broad participation from across the community, the WG is seeking to establish a shared leadership model in WT5 with co-leaders from the ALAC, ccNSO, GAC and GNSO.

      Past efforts in this area have included a ccNSO Study Group and a Cross-Community Working Group (CCWG) on the use of country names as Top Level Domains (TLDs). (See and

      We are looking for a person who is well acquainted with the multiple views on the subject within ICANN, has knowledge of and preferably experience in the past efforts, and who can work closely with the ALAC and an At-Large WG supporting the effort.

      We note that to a large extent, the person serving in this capacity is a facilitator for the Work Track and not there to put forward their personal positions. 

      Interested candidates should send an Expression of Interest detailing their experience and willingness to serve in all aspects of this role to no later than 23:59 UTC on Monday, 28 August 2017.

      The ALAC will also be looking for volunteers to participate in the WT5 once it is established, but this Call for Volunteers is exclusively for the position of Co-Leader.


      The ALAC Co-Leader of the GNSO New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP Working Group Work Track 5 is:

      Javier Rua - Appointed by the ALAC as the replacement for Christopher Wilkinson in February 2018

      Christopher Wilkinson - Resigned in February 2018

      ALAC Representatives in the ATRT3 COMPLETED 


      Call for Application:

      List of Applicants:

      The names of the applicants who applied for ALAC endorsement are:

      • Jean-Jacques Subrenat

      • Timothy Asiedu

      • Vanda Scartezini

      • Sebastien Bachollet

      • Shreedeep Rayamajhi 

      • Wale Bakare

      • Daniel Khauka Nanghaka

      • Cheryl Langdon-Orr

      • Praveen Misra


      The ALAC Representatives in the ATRT3 are:


      • Sebastien Bachollet

      • Cheryl Langdon-Orr

      • Daniel Khauka Nanghaka


      • Vanda Scartezini

      ALAC Representatives in the RDS-Review Team COMPLETED 


      There are a number of ongoing processes related to RDS including a GNSO Policy Development Process (PDP). Most parts of ICANN believe that this Review could have been deferred but the ICANN Bylaws do not allow that. As an alternative it has been suggested that this review be constrained to ONLY review the outcomes of the last WHOIS Review and judge to what extent its recommendations have been implemented and to what extend they were successful. Most parts of ICANN have endorsed this, with the exception of the GNSO which has issued a statement advocating a far wider review, including some aspects that overlap with the other on-going policy processes. As a result, it will be up to the review team itself to decide on the scope.

      Six applications have been received requesting our endorsement and they can be viewed at

      Applicants have been asked four questions to help the Committee make the selection:

      1. What is your connection with At-Large and how have you previously worked with At-Large or its constituent parts?

      2. If you are endorsed by the ALAC and selected for the RDS-RT, how do you plan to interact with or report to the ALAC and At-Large while the RDS-RT is active?

      3. As noted in the Call for Applicants ([]), RT members are expected to be familiar with RDS issues and in particular with the First WHOIS Review, the Expert Working Group and their respective reports and recommendations as well as the ongoing GNSO PDP on Next-Generation gTLD Registration Directory Services to Replace Whois. Please describe your involvement with or knowledge of these three activities.

      4. The ALAC (along with other parts of ICANN) has taken a strong position that in light of other RDS-related activities that are ongoing, this RDS Review should be limited to a review of the Recommendation from the last WHOIS-RT, focusing on a) whether each recommendation has been followed and/or implemented; b) the effectiveness in addressing the issues identified by the First WHOIS Review Team; and c) the need for additional implementation. Do you support this position?

      All applicants replied by the deadline and their replies are placed on the "Submitted Applications" page above (in the order received). 


      The ALAC Representatives in the 2nd RDS-Review Team are:Dmitry Belyavsky (Russia, EU)
      Alan Greenberg (Canada, NA)
      Carlton Samuels (Jamaica, LAC)

      ALAC Members/Co-Chair in the CCWG-Auction Proceeds COMPLETED 



      CALL FOR CANDIDATES The new generic top level domain (gTLD) Program established auctions as a mechanism of last resort to resolve the competition sets between identical or similar terms (strings) for new gTLDs Currently the fund contains over $230 million dollars (note that $132 million of this is related to an auction that is being disputed).

      The CCWG is tasked with developing a proposal(s) for consideration by the Chartering Organizations (those ICANN Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees that have adopted the CCWG Charter) on the mechanism that should be developed in order to allocate the new gTLD Auction Proceeds. That proposal will then be submitted to the ICANN Board.

      Note that the CCWG will NOT be deciding on projects to be funded, but rather on the mechanism to be used to allocate funds.


      As one of the Chartering organizations, the ALAC may name five people to be Members of the CCWG and presuming sufficient qualified candidates, our intent is to select one per ICANN region (based on citizenship as per ALAC membership).

      Full details of the CCWG may be found at[].

      Members must commit to actively participate in the activities of the CCWG. The estimated average workload will be no less than 3-4 hours per week. This means attending conference calls which will likely last 60-90 minutes per week (some of which will be held at inconvenient hours to accommodate world-wide participation) and mailing list participation. Past CCWGs have also formed sub-groups to divide the work. If this CCWG does so, that might increase workload. The total length of engagement is likely to be at least 1 year. The CCWG, any sub-groups it forms, and its mailing lists will all be conducted in English and all Members must be sufficiently fluent.

      There will be a Working Group within At-Large which will support our five CCWG Members, and all Members are also expected to participate in that WG as well. Members will also participate in any At-Large briefings and Webinars on the subject.

      Those interested in applying to be formally appointed to the CCWG Auction Proceeds by the ALAC should submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) including:

      • A resume (maximum three pages)

      • A statement explaining why they are interested in serving in this capacity and what skills or background they have which will help them in this CCWG.

      • A Declaration of Interests indicating any potential or actual conflicts.

      • A declaration that they can devote the time needed to participate in the CCWG and the associated At-Large WG activities.

      • Agreement that prior to the formal selection by the ALAC, they will attend CCWG meetings (see IMPORTANT NOTE at bottom of this message).


      The ALAC may also name a Co-Chair of the CCWG and the ALAC has indicated that it intends to do so. Applications are also invited to be the ALAC Co-Chair of the CCWG. The Co-Chairs play an administrative role only and do not participate in the substantive discussions of the CCWG. The time commitment of the Co-Chair is expected to be larger than that of a CCWG Member. Co-Chairs should have experience in chairing meetings and managing multi-cultural, diverse and potentially difficult groups. The EoI for Co-Chair should include all of the items required for Members.


      All EoIs must be sent to by
      Sunday, 22 January 2017 at 23:59 UTC.

      All applications will be reviewed in confidence by the ALAC Appointee Selection Committee (AASC) which will make recommendations to the ALAC on who to appoint. For AASC Membership, see[].

      EoIs will be available only to the AASC and ICANN At-Large Staff.

      Based on an initial review of the EoI, a telephone/Skype interview of the candidates may be conducted by members of the AASC.

      IMPORTANT NOTE: The first meeting of the CCWG will take place on Friday, 26 January at 15:00 UTC for 60 Minutes. Since the ALAC selections will not be done by then, ALL Applicants must either attend this meeting and subsequent meetings or listen to the recordings.

      OUTCOME The ALAC has named its five Members of the CCWG Auction Proceeds. In alphabetic order of last names:

      Sébastien Bachollet

      Alan Greenberg

      Maureen Hilyard

      Seun Ojedeji

      Vanda Scartezini

      All are currently CCWG Participants and represent the five ICANN regions (EU, NA, AP, AF and LAC respectively).

      The ALAC will not name a Co-Chair at this time, but reserves the right to do so.

      ALAC Representative on the .NGO Community Advisory Council COMPLETED



      The Public Interest Registry (PIR), the operator of the .NGO and .ONG top level domains (see[]), is looking for one person to represent the ALAC in its NGO Community Advisory Council. The Advisory Council provides important feedback and advice on issues relating to the NGO community ranging from policy considerations to the introduction of new services. 

      The NGO Community Advisory Council plays a vital role in helping Public Interest Registry fulfill its mission. With .ngo domain users representing NGOs of varying size, sectors,scope and geography, it is important to have advocates in the Internet community who fully understand their needs as diverse service-based organizations. The Council continually lends its unique global expertise to help us meet those needs and strengthen our efforts in supporting NGOs worldwide.

      The Advisory Council meets Face-to-Face annually (generally in September) and via teleconference four times per year. 

      To the extent allowed by PIR confidentiality rules, the successful applicant will be expected to regularly report to the ALAC on Advisory Council issues and if applicable consult with the ALAC. 

      PIR has asked the ALAC to identify a number of candidates. Ideally, such candidates will come from an active At-Large ALS that has a proven record of engagement with the NGO community. Candidates should have notable leadership experience in non-commercial/civil society community and an acute understanding of the issues and policies that affect the NGO society. Candidates should submit their Expression of Interest detailing their experience, expertise and qualifications along with a statement that they have sufficient time and interest to fulfill the Advisory Council duties. 

      The ALAC Appointee Selection Committee will review all EoIs and will select a small number which will be forwarded to PIR. The final selection on the ALAC Representative will be done by the PIR Nominating Committee. 

      All EoIs must be sent to by Wednesday, 25 January 2017 at 23:59 UTC. Please use an e-mail Subject of: NGO Community Advisory Council.


      The ALAC Representative on the .NGO Community Advisory Council is Michel Tchonang.

      ALAC Representatives to the SSR2-RT COMPLETED



      Twelve applicants for the 2nd Security, Stability and Resiliency Review Team requested ALAC Endorsement. Of those, five has originally indicated an affiliation with At-Large at the time of the application. Three self-identified as affiliated with the SSAC and four applied as Independent Experts (a category that existed at the time of application but no longer existed when the AoC Reviews were incorporated into the ICANN Bylaws at the time of the IANA Transition. All but one of the applicants were male. 

      All applicants were given the opportunity to specify who they wished to be endorsed by in line with the revised Bylaws and twelve indicated ALAC. A list of those applicants is attached and their full applications are viewable at[]. Note that one of the applicants withdrew his application due to other commitments and his entry in the table is in red.

      All twelve applicants were asked to reply with brief answers to the following questions:

      1. What is your connection with At-Large and how have you previously worked with At-Large or its constituent parts?

      2. If you are endorsed by the ALAC and selected for the SSR-RT, how do you plan to interact with or report to the ALAC and At-Large while the SSR-RT is active? 

      3. Of the criteria and attributes listed in the Call for Volunteers ([]), which of these do you feel you possess which make you a strong applicant.

      The ALAC Appointee Selection Committee (AASC) met today. In addition to me as Chair, there were six of the ten members present with a seventh member submitting comments. All five regions were represented. 

      It was the unanimous decision of those present to recommend to the ALAC that two candidates be endorsed. Both have strong technical backgrounds well suited to the SSR-RT and both have agreed to work with the ALAC and At-Large to keep us informed of the RT activities and solicit input as appropriate. The applicants are:

      Jabhera Matagoro, Tanzania

      Ram Krishna Pariyar, Nepal

      With this message, I am initiating a Consensus Call of the ALAC to ratify the endorsement of Jabhera Matagoro and Ram Krishna Pariyar for the SSR2-RT.  

      The Consensus Call will end at 23:59 UTC on Tuesday, 10 January 2016. 

      If there are any questions of comments, please direct them to either this list or to me directly.  

      Although messages indicating support are welcome, they are not necessary. This Consensus Call will be deemed to have succeeded in the absence of significant opposition (greater than 20% as specified by ALAC RoP


      ALAC Representatives to the SSR2-RT are:

      • Jabhera Matagoro, Tanzania

      • Ram Krishna Pariyar, Nepal

      ALAC Liaison to the GNSO, ccNSO, SSAC, GAC, and .MOBI COMPLETED 



      The ALAC Appointee Selection Committee recommended for a full call for nominations for ALAC Liaisons for the 2016-2017 term.

      Thus, this is a call for nominations for the following ALAC Liaisons. The current Liaison is shown in brackets.

      - GNSO (Olivier Crepin-Leblond)

      - ccNSO (Maureen Hilyard)

      - SSAC (Julie Hammer)

      - GAC (Yrjö Länsipuro)

      -.MOBI (Murray McKercher) 

      The one year terms will start at the close of ICANN 57 and end at the close of ICANN 60. 

      The schedule for this call for Liaisons is:  

      Call issued Friday, 23 September

      Call closes: Monday, 3 October at 23:59 UTC

      Acceptances due: Friday, 7 October at 23:59 UTC

      ALAC Appointee Selection Committee Teleconference: week of 10 October

      ALAC Vote (if multiple candidates from Selection Committee): As soon as practical after Selection Committee announces recommendations 

      Please review the General Liaison requirements and responsibilities located in the revised RoP Section 7.

      Of particular importance, please note the following: 

      - (As per RoP 7.3) Liaisons to AC/SOs need not be ALAC Members, but they will normally be current or past ALAC Members, or otherwise familiar with the ALAC and At-Large and the TG to whom they will liaise.

      - (As per RoP 7.8) When representing the ALAC, Appointees have an obligation to solicit ALAC and At-Large views on the matter where practical and possible. Appointees should be selected knowing that in many instances such consultation may not be possible or practical and thus the ALAC needs to select people who understand the philosophies or guiding values and principles of the ALAC and At-Large. 

      - Liaisons should be selected based on their familiarity with the group to which they are appointed. Having worked extensively with them before in some capacity (such as on multiple WGs) is a strong asset. 

      - A level of trust between a Liaison and the group to which they are appointed is mandatory for success and must already exist or it should be demonstrable how or why it may exist in the future.

      - Liaisons to AC/SOs require a MAJOR time commitment over and above other At-Large responsibilities.

      - For the SSAC Liaison position, the ALAC only makes a recommendation. The Liaison is a full SSAC Member and must satisfy SSAC criteria and follow SSAC processes for admission to the AC.

      - For the GAC Liaison position, the potential candidate must be approved by GAC Leadership. 

      - For .MOBI, the prime issue not as much mutual respect and trust, but ensuring that the Liaison understands the business of .MOBI and is well versed in mobile technologies.

      Liaison reports may be seen here. Liaisons are asked to provide monthly reports which summarize activities in the organization to which they are the Liaison.  

      Process for Nomination and Selection: 

      Nominations should be sent to the ALAC list the cc’ing Alan Greenberg and At-Large staff by Friday, 21 October at 23:59 UTC. For nominations made by people without access to the ALAC list, Staff will post to the ALAC list. 

      All Nominees, in their acceptance or self-nomination, must provide an Expression of Interest including sufficient information about their background and experience to allow the ALAC Appointment Selection Committee to review the nominations and decide on whether to forward their candidacy to the ALAC.

      The Selection Committee may choose to forward one or more candidates to the ALAC for each position.

      The Selection Committee or its Chair may choose to ask follow-up questions, but it is not obliged to, so submissions should be as complete as possible.


      ALAC Liaisons for the 2016 AGM-2017 AGM are:

      • GNSO - Cheryl Langdon-Orr

      • ccNSO - Maureen Hilyard

      • GAC - Yrjo Lansipuro

      • SSAC - Julie Hammer

      • .MOBI - Wafa Dahmani Zaafouri

      ALAC Liaison to the Consumer Standing Committee COMPLETED

      SUBMITTED APPLICATIONS (viewable only to Selection Committee members) 


      Interested members from the At-Large community should send their 1) expression of interest and 2) resume, curriculum vitae, or biography, to by 23:59 UTC on 14 July 2016.

      In their expression of interest, candidates should respond to the following: 

      1. Name

      2. Affiliation

      3. Geographic region

      4. Skill set and experience (please provide additional details to the following):

        1. Direct experience and knowledge of the IANA naming function

        2. Analytical skills, ability to interpret quantitative and qualitative evidence, and capacity to draw conclusions purely based on evidence.

        3. Able to work and communicate in written and spoken English

        4. Effective communication skills

        5. Experience in managing and/or participating in committees (e.g. meeting coordination, reporting, and escalation) in order to contribute meaningfully to CSC processes

        6. Demonstrated ability in relationship management to support diplomatic discussion, consensus driven decision making, and productive negotiation

      5. Other skill set or experience relevant to CSC’s work

      6. Explanation of interest in becoming involved in the CSC

      7. Understanding of the purpose of the CSC

      8. Able to meet the time commitment required to participate in the CSC

      9. As ALAC Liaison to the CSC, what do you believe that your main responsibilities will be, both within the CSC and in relation to the ALAC?

      Please use the expression of interest template (.docx file attached) to fill out the required information.

      Candidates' Expression of Interest (EoI) submissions will be reviewed by the ALAC Candidate Selection Committee which will forward its preferred EoIs to the ALAC for final selection and/or ratification.


      On 10 March 2016, the ICANN Board transmitted to the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Agency (NTIA) a package of proposals developed by the international Internet community to transition NTIA’s stewardship of the IANA functions to the global multistakeholder community. 

      One of the things that this package calls for is the creation of a Customer Standing Committee (CSC) to provide operational oversight of the performance of the IANA naming function, a role currently performed by NTIA. The scope and responsibility of the CSC is available here. 

      The membership composition of the CSC, as specified in the package of proposals, includes one Liaison appointed by the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC), who will serve an inaugural three-year term.

      Liaisons shall not be members or be entitled to vote on the CSC, but otherwise shall be entitled to participate on equal footing with members of the CSC. Participation in the CSC is voluntary. The CSC is expected to perform the majority of its work telephonically and via email. Travel funding will not be provided. 


      The ALAC is responsible for appointing a primary and a secondary candidate that meet the qualification requirements in the expression of interest, and are geographically diverse. The ALAC should forward the Liaison candidates to the CSC for consideration no later than 23:59 UTC on 22 July 2016. 

      The Membership Selection Process of the CSC Charter calls for due consideration to be given, to the extent possible, to form a CSC that has diversity in terms of geography and skill set. To that end, the composition of the slate will be reviewed during two points in the selection process: firstly by the RySG and ccNSO and secondly by the ccNSO and GNSO. 

      The ccNSO and GNSO Councils will also make a decision regarding which members and liaisons will serve an inaugural three-year term.

      The ccNSO and GNSO Councils will notify ICANN and the appointing organizations of the final composition of the CSC. The notification will take place on or around 10 August 2016.


      ALAC Liaison to the CSC is Mohamed El Bashir.


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