The Planning Prioritization consists of a series of virtual sessions facilitated by the org’s Planning team. Other subject matter experts may attend the sessions. In addition, a liaison from the ICANN Board will attend the sessions. Prior to the development of the draft plans by org, the community is consulted about the planning process, timeline, assumptions and priorities. The output of the planning prioritization process is a list of prioritized Board-approved recommendations to be considered during the drafting of the next operating plan and budget process.

Planning Prioritization Framework

Following the conclusion of the Planning Prioritization meetings the Planning Prioritization Framework is reviewed for updates. The Planning Prioritization Framework is intended to serve as a guide for the periodization step during the annual planning process. The framework describes and outlines what to prioritize, who will prioritize, when to prioritize, how to prioritize, etc., so that the community, org, and Board can collaborate efficiently and effectively during the planning process. Updated frameworks include feedback and lessons learned from the previous planning prioritization process.
The latest Planning Prioritization Framework can be found here. 

Planning Prioritization Group Activities Prioritized by Year

Calendar YearPlan Fiscal Year

# of Board Approved Implementation

Activities Prioritized

2022FY23 Operating Plan and Budget45
2023FY24 Operating Plan and Budget4
2023FY25 Operating Plan and Budget2

Planning Prioritization Sessions

Session Information

FY 2025

FY 2024

FY 2023 (Pilot)

Activities Labeled for Prioritization

FY25 Planning Prioritization-List of Activities-June 23-Final

FY24 Planning Prioritization-List of Activities-October 25-Final

FY23 Planning Prioritization-List of Activities-May 03-Final


Staff Support Lead: Becky Nash/ Victoria Yang/ Margaret Benavides/ Paul Guevarra/ Kelly Medina

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