ICANN Planning Prioritization Framework Project

ICANN's planning department is leading the creation of a Planning Prioritization Framework to:

  1. Help the ICANN ecosystem prioritize its work within the planning cycle in a manner that is transparent, inclusive, and efficient

The Prioritization Framework needs to:

  1. Be broadly adopted by the community, Board, and org as the basis for decision-making on how to prioritize work in scope of the project
  2. Enhance effective decision-making without hampering workflow and day-to-day operations
  3. Be implemented in the annual planning cycle subject to Public Comment

The planning department is responsible for facilitating prioritization at an organizational level in order to include the prioritized projects into the annual Operating and Financial plans.

Link to the Planning Prioritization Framework Publications

Link to Planning Prioritization Framework Pilot (March 2022-April 2022) webpage.

Link to Becky Nash's March 2022 blog on ICANN's Draft Planning Prioritization Framework. 

ICANN Planning Prioritization Framework Project Webinars and Presentations

Note: The most recent is at the top of the page.  All community facing webinar recordings and presentations will be posted here.


Draft Planning Prioritization Framework Overview

This webinar provides an overview of the Draft Planning Prioritization Framework V1, the Draft Framework Pilot Overview, and the project timeline.   

March 2022

Webinar Recording

Planning Prioritization Framework Design Update

Please see this recorded public webinar on the Planning Prioritization Framework Design, which includes a recap of the consultations conducted with the Community, Board, and Org and reviews the Planning Prioritization Framework Design Elements (scope, participants, frequency, techniques, systems and tools, and pilot).

October 2021See ICANN72 Public Webinar

Prioritization of ICANN's Work and Finance Update

Please see this recorded public webinar, which reviews the project outcomes from the development of the Planning Prioritization Framework (Prioritization Process and Engagement and Consultations) and the objective of the Consultations (to collect diverse stakeholder input for the draft prioritization framework).

April 2021

Webinar Recording

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