The materials presented and posted are self-identified affiliations with the group from which the candidate seeks to be nominated, and does not indicate any membership or other status of relationship with the group.

DEADLINE – Applications to be appointed to the Accountability and Transparency (ATRT3) Review Team #3 are due by  2 June 2017,  23:59 UTC.  See more details here.


Date ReceivedNameRegion Application Form Seeking endorsement from SO/AC SO/AC Nomination Received
 Jean-Jacques SubrenatEuropePDF ALAC 
 Erica VarleseNorth AmericaPDFGNSO 
 Timothy AsieduAfricaPDFALAC 
 Wolfgang KleinwaechterEuropePDFGNSO 
 Demi GetschkoLA/CIPDFccNSO 
 Brian CuteNorth AmericaPDFGNSO 
 Vanda ScarteziniLA/CIPDFALAC 
 Shirley LinA/A/PIPDFGNSO 


Julien ChaisseA/A/PIPDFGNSO 


Sebastien BacholletEuropeALAC


Angela SjöholmEuropeOther


Shreedeep Rayamajhi A/A/PIOther


Mustapha Ben JemaaAfricaOther


Michael KaranicolasNorth AmericaOther


Stéphane Van GelderEuropeGNSO


Wale BakareEuropeOther


Daniel Khauka NanghakaAfricaALAC


Jaap AkkerhuisEuropeSSAC


Tatiana TropinaEuropeGNSO


John FanningNAGAC


Cheryl Langdon-OrrA/A/PIALAC


Daniel MasseyNAOther




Praveen MisraA/A/PIOther


Ramit Khalili NasrA/A/PIOther


Adetola SogesanAfricaGNSO



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