The materials presented and posted are self-identified affiliations with the group from which the candidate seeks to be nominated, and does not indicate any membership or other status of relationship with the group.

Date ReceivedNameRegion Application Form Seeking nomination from SO/AC SO/AC Nomination Received
 Jean-Jacques SubrenatEuropePDF At-Large 
 Erica VarleseNorth AmericaPDFGNSO 
 Timothy AsieduAfricaPDFAt-Large 
 Wolfgang KleinwaechterEuropePDFGNSO 
 Demi GetschkoLA/CIPDFccNSO 
 Brian CuteNorth AmericaPDFGNSO 
 Vanda ScarteziniLA/CIPDFAt-Large 
 Shirley LinA/A/PIPDFGNSO 


Julien ChaisseA/A/PIPDFGNSO 


Sebastien BacholletEuropeAt-Large


Angela SjöholmEuropeOther


Shreedeep Rayamajhi A/A/PIAt-Large


Mustapha Ben JemaaAfricaSSAC


Michael KaranicolasNorth AmericaGNSO 


Stéphane Van GelderEuropeGNSO


Wale BakareEuropeAt-Large


Daniel Khauka NanghakaAfricaAt-Large


Jaap AkkerhuisEuropeSSAC


Tatiana TropinaEuropeGNSO


John FanningNAGAC


Cheryl Langdon-OrrA/A/PIAt-Large


Daniel MasseyNASSAC




Praveen MisraA/A/PIAt-Large


Ramit Khalili NasrA/A/PIRSSACRSSAC


Adetola SogbesanAfricaGNSO



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