FY21-FY22 Activities

Activity         Project Lead       Areas of Work                                                                                                       Timeline               Key Resources                                 Status

Daniel Nanghaka

Natalia Filina

Co-chair - Meeting coordinator; oversight of Capacity Building & Social Media WGs; coordinate support for any O&E requirements for RALO General Assemblies (as required)

Co-Chair - Mentor of the Regional O&E Leadership Team; Coordinator of ARPEP; monthly reports to the O&E members; any At-Large IGF involvements.; support for RALO General Assemblies (as required)

on-goingAt-Large Regional Policy Engagement Program (ARPEP - coordinating GSE teams with regional outreach plans)
Sub-group CoordinationDaniel Nanghaka

Social Media WG - coordinator for ICANN72 (originally Seattle, Canada, but virtual 25-28 Sept 2021) will be Denise Hochbaum (NARALO);

2022 MEETINGS: ICANN73 (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 5-10 March, NARALO); ICANN74 (The Hague, Netherlands, 13-16 June); and ICANN75 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 17-22 Malaysia) 

monthly updates of social media activities

Daniel Nanghaka

Joanna Kulezsa

Hadia El Miniawi

Capacity Building and development of any new outreach resources 

      Ideas?? another icann learn course?

Webinar Development 

      Ideas?  what resources can you build out of the webinars so that they are not standalone?

monthly updates of capacity building activitiesCurrent At-Large ICANN Learn courses: (1) At-Large - Welcome to our World (2) ICANN Policy Development - a guide for At-Large.
Coordination of the Regional O&E Leaders

Natalia Filina

Ali AlMeshal

Adam Peake

Mentor of the Regional O&E Leaders group

----working with Ali AlMeshal on a formal mentorship program

----organise monthly feedback from RALOs on achievement of their strategic plan objectives

Coordinator of the At-Large Regional Policy Engagement Program

----working with Adam Peake of the Global Stakeholder Engagement Team

At-Large Regional Policy Engagement Program (ARPEP - coordinating GSE teams with regional outreach plans)
National and Global IGF Activities

Natalia Filina

Regional O&E Leaders

Coordinate a spreadsheet/table to record At-Large involvement and activities at national and Global IGF

Regional Leaders to contribute to the national coordination effort and to send notification of national events to the social media WG

At-Large Outreach Activities at the 2021 IGF in Katowice

RALO General Assemblies

Daniel Nanghaka

Natalia Filina

Support Regional O&E Leaders and their RALOs in their preparation and implementation of their General Assembly Activities (as required). 

O&E Strategy 

Daniel Nanghaka

Natalia Filina

Regional Leaders

Finalise ICANN FY22 At Large Strategy for Virtual and Face to Face Outreach and Engagement
ICANN FY21 At-Large Virtual Outreach and Engagement Strategy Workspace
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