08:44:49 From Claudia Ruiz : Welcome to the NARALO Monthly call
08:56:29 From silvia.vivanco : Welcome all
08:56:43 From Eduardo Diaz : Ditto!
08:57:06 From Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR) : Hola Silvia. Hello everyone!
09:04:01 From silvia.vivanco : Hola Alfredo
09:23:11 From Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR) : Website https://uasg.tech/
09:29:48 From silvia.vivanco : The PPT is linked to today’s Agenda wiki page
09:32:25 From silvia.vivanco : Thank you Dr. Ajay!
09:32:46 From silvia.vivanco : Your article is posted in the NARALO WG on Universal Acceptance
09:32:57 From silvia.vivanco : https://community.icann.org/display/NARALO/NARALO+Universal+Acceptance+Working+Group
09:33:45 From silvia.vivanco : https://community.icann.org/display/NARALO/NARALO+Newsletters+Archives
09:33:56 From silvia.vivanco : The NARALO Newsletter is a great resource!
09:34:08 From Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC) : Basically: Send out request for content, gather content, lightly edit if needed, liaise with staff :)
09:34:12 From silvia.vivanco : you have set the example for other Regions :)!
09:35:07 From silvia.vivanco : We staff will look at the nearly final document and put it in the appropriate format
09:35:27 From Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC) : I can do a handover :)
09:35:58 From silvia.vivanco : kindly state your name when speaking for transcript purposes
09:37:50 From silvia.vivanco : https://community.icann.org/display/ATLAS3/At-Large+Summit+III+Home
09:38:18 From silvia.vivanco : https://community.icann.org/display/ATLAS3/ATLAS+III+Funded+Travelers
09:46:36 From Adrian Schmidt : Yes that is correct is moved to next year.
09:46:37 From silvia.vivanco : https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/FY20+RALO+Requests+for+Funding+to+support+an+Outreach+Activity
09:46:55 From silvia.vivanco : RALO discretionary funds wiki with procedures posted above
09:51:20 From silvia.vivanco : https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=115642395
09:51:30 From silvia.vivanco : See above the comment on MSM
09:51:44 From silvia.vivanco : At-Large Workspace: Next Steps to Improve the Effectiveness of ICANN’s Multistakeholder Model
09:52:22 From Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC) : still early for some of us :)
09:52:33 From John More : Quiet because the presentations are so good.
09:52:46 From Alan Greenberg : Sorry, will be back at desk in a few minutes
09:53:41 From silvia.vivanco : CROP wiki page: https://community.icann.org/display/soacabout/FY20+NARALO+Workspace
09:53:57 From Alan Greenberg : ok
09:54:15 From silvia.vivanco : NARALO Outreach strategic plan
09:54:18 From silvia.vivanco : https://community.icann.org/display/soacabout/FY20+NARALO+Outreach+Strategic+Plan
09:55:26 From Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR) : Thank You.
09:57:03 From silvia.vivanco : 4 Attributes of Participants

Positive attitude to proactive marketing

Confident and supported by RALO

Focused and purposeful

Proven track record

Preparation of the target market to educate

Awareness of the ICANN ecosystem

Expertise in core NARALO/ICANN issues
09:57:19 From silvia.vivanco : I have posted the attributes of the participants as per NARALO plan
09:57:54 From Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR) : @Silvia, Thank You for the list of attributes.
09:58:22 From silvia.vivanco : The attributes are in your FY20 NARALO Outreach and Engagement plan posted above
10:00:05 From leahsymekher : @ Away Data Thank you for the informative UA presentation.
10:00:15 From leahsymekher : Away Data
10:00:26 From leahsymekher : Ajay..sorry
10:00:54 From Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR) : @Ajaydata thank you fro the clear and concise presentation.
10:01:32 From silvia.vivanco : Thank you all
10:01:32 From Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR) : Thank you all!
10:01:34 From Gordon Chillcott - GTALUG : thanks and bye for now
10:01:38 From Marita Moll : Thanks See you in Montreal
10:01:39 From Adrian Schmidt : bye thanks!
10:01:39 From Jose R. Lebron : bye
10:01:45 From Pierre-Jean Darres : bye

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