NARALO Monthly Teleconference 

Date: Monday, 8 September 2014

Time: 19:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)  

How can I participate in this meeting? 1(800)550-6865, Teleconference ID: 1638

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Attendees: Glenn McKnight, Tom Lowenhaupt, Olivier Crépin-Leblond, Robert Castonguay, Garth Bruen, Allan Skuce, Evan Leibovitch, Alan Greenberg, Joly MacFie, Gordon Chillcott, Judith Hellerstein, Eduardo Diaz, Ogi Mitev, Louis Houle, Kerry Brown, Murray Mckercher


Staff:  Heidi Ullrich ,Silvia Vivanco, Gisella Gruber,  Kathy Schnitt, Terri Agnew

Call management: Terri Agnew

Summary Minutes:    

Action Items: Action Items 08 September 2014

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Chat: AC Chat transcript 08 September 2014             

Recording: EN


1. Welcome and Roll call - Staff (2 min)

2. Review of Action Items Glenn McKnight  (2 min) 

2.1 All: Please welcome new NARALO ALS:  Online News Association


Staff currently awaiting Regional Advice as per recent emails sent to Secretariat. Secretariat provided advice upon reception of the application form and not the Due Diligence. It is only upon reception of the Due Diligence and after consultation with members than Regional Advice can be provided. This can be for instance decided during a NARALO Monthly meeting


2.2. Nathalie Peregrine (Staff) The ALS RALO database is to show the date of updating, please advise of status


This AI was assigned before ATLAS II. The database has now been completely updated and is uploaded to a staff Google document for ease of editing. We therefore have access to all revision dates. Currently only Ariel Liang and  Nathalie  are able to edit the data contained.

2.3. Nathalie Peregrine (Staff) to notify RALO leaders and the ALAC members when the RALO ALS database is updated.


As mentioned above, RALO database went through a updating upheaval in the run up to ATLAS II. It is always being updated as members email with contact details modifications and as we welcome more and more ALSs, but the information there is considered correct


2.4 Staff: Please advise on the status of the "First Nations" Mentoring Program-


2.5. Staff: Please advise of the status of the request to grant access to VIBUG for the development and testing of new ICANN web features for the visually impaired.

2.6. All: Potential ALS decerticifations pending: and Web405. To the knowledge of the Chair they have not voted or participated in At-Large Summits. The chair will conduct extensive outreach and collect regional consensus before proceeding. Please alert the Secretary or staff if you have any knowledge of or communication with these groups.

UPDATE from Ariel : If NARALO wish to decertify these two ALSes, we will need to put them on the Former At-Large Structure wiki space here and present the evidence of their inactivity. Their voting records should be good evidence


2.7. Staff: please check on the request of Steve Crocker to invite Ken Harrenstein to present in Los Angeles (per At-Large leadership meeting Buenos Aires - See 4.1.5)

2.8. All: NARALO will be opening official communication with ARIN, per the request of the At-Large Board representative. We may appoint someone from the region to be an ARIN liaison, please send your expressions of interest to the Secretary.

2.9. Staff/Secretary: Possible ALS duplication: Emerging Futures Network and Youth Helping Youth are sometimes treated as distinct groups, but they are the same organization. Please ensure information is consistent across our data stores - Nathalie has checked and  confirmed that the data is correct.

2.10. Staff/Secretary: Please confirm that new ALS reps are added to the NARALO mailing list and Skype chat - mail list is updated. Skype Chat to be updated by NARALO Secretariat

2.11: Evan and Judith - Please confirm the completion of your CROPP applications

2.12: Staff: Please confirm the time and location of the Alternate DNS Discussion

3. Updates, Meetings & Events (5 Minutes)

3.1. ICANN  Meeting  Los Angeles 12-16 October 2014 (At-Large Sessions)

3.1.1 NARALO Showcase-  At-Large Meetings - Wednesday, 15 October 2014 Workspace 

3.1.2. NARALO Monthly meeting in L.A. (Wednesday, 15 October 2014 at 11:30-12:30 PT)

3.1.3  ATLARGE  Outreach Table  in ICANN Village - Glenn

3.1.4. Continuing Discussion on Alternate DNS Structures - Speakers include the FROGANS and CO.COM. This session is part of the  At-Large Policy Roundtable on Wednesday at 10AM

3.1.5   Pre-ICANN LA Academy Leadership Training-Heidi At-Large Participation in the ICANN Leadership Training Program 2014

3.2 CROPP Outreach Travel Suggestions

CTIA's Super Mobility Week September 9, 10 & 11, 2014-Not  enough time 

Telco Big Data Event September 9-11 2014 Las Vegas-Not  enough time

MAAWG Boston Oct. 20-23, 2014 (Chair to attend)

Consumer Electronics Show January 6-9 2015 Las Vegas-   Evan

NTEN March 4-6 Austin, Texas- Submitted by Glenn

South by Southwest March 13-22, Austin TexasSubmitted  by Judith

(Forward any other meeting notices to Chair or Secretary)

3.2. Secretariats Teleconference 9 September 2014 - 1400UTC


 4. Communication/Outreach Strategy

4.1. Efforts to engage/outreach Disabled Communities

4.1.1. Plan to have NARALO's VIBUG engaged in web-accessibility testing and development

4.1.3. Plan to have a presentation on disable friendly technology Keynotes at ICANN meetings

4.1.4. ICANN Needs a visually impaired staff member to coordinate visually impaired community agenda

4.1.5. Plan to have Ken Harrenstien present in Los Angeles (Keynote) YouTube's Closed Caption 'Jedi': On cc Upgrades, Searchability And Why It's Personal Author of RFC 742 NAME/FINGER ICANN Should as a standard include Closed Captioning for ALL filmed ICANN Sessions

4.2. Automation of the ALS Application (Need Staff Assistance)

4.3.  Aligning CROPP with Outreach Goals

4.4.  Outreach recruitment queue

4.4.1. Submit recommendations to Murray McKercher

4.5. Creation of group to liaise between different municipal TLD applicants/operators (Tom L)


5. Our Community (10 Minutes)

5.1. NARALO ALS Spotlight 

5.2. Election Report (PENDING)

6. Committee/Working Group Activity - for All WG/Committee Reports

6.1.NOMCOM Report Submitted by Louis H. (NomCom Report)

6.3. Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT2) Report

6.4. Future Challenges Working Group

6.5. CROPP Reports

6.6. At-Large Finance and Budget Subcommittee

6.7. Privacy and Proxy services Accreditation Issues WG

6.8. Board Member Selection Process Committee (BMSPC)

6.9. At-Large ICANN Accessibility Working Group

7.  At-Large Advisory Committee "ALAC" Issues (Olivier, Evan, Eduardo, Alan - 10 Minutes)

7.1 Policy Advice Development Page

a. Recently adopted ALAC Statements, Documents or Groups:

b. Statements or Endorsements currently being developed, reviewed or voted on by the ALAC

c. Currently Open Public Comments

8. ICANN Functions (5 Minutes) (Communication Strategy III.5)


8.1 Compliance Tracking

8.1.1. Ongoing Compliance/Ombudsman Issue


8.2 Language and Translation

8.2.1: An abstract of the Naralo Monthly Meeting that we could post on our Web site (or RSS it), including some of the documents produced by ICANN, that we discuss and that would be worth translating to attract attention toward NARALO.


8.3 Travel


8.3.1 All travel-sponsor related issues should be reported or copied to the Chair.

2.5.Staff: We have also requested that CT remove the "On-site during the meeting This option should only be used if you do not have any bank account." option from the travel support form as this has caused confusion.


8.3.2 Travel Support Guidelines


8.4. New gTLDs

8.4.2. Letter from Chair on reserving At-Large related strings being drafted


8.5. On tracking travel-related reimbursement, and other staff actions, we need a better tracking system with full-disclosure. Conversations via Skype, etc, can't be tracked.


8.6. Discussions of unique uses for the DNS: TOR, Alternate DNS, etc


9. Any Other Business "AOB" (2 Minutes)


9.1. News

10. Action Items


10.1 Previously Closed Action Items


2.4. Staff: Please Advise of the status of Garth G. Travel Reimbursement (Received, confirmed, complete)

2.8. Staff: please report to the Chair and Secretary on the official voting history and call attendance of and Web405

4.4.3. Re-engagement of Consumer Web Watch (as Consumers Union) attempted by Chair

2.4. Staff: Please Advise of the status of Robert C. Travel Reimbursement (2nd Call)

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