The 2014 ICANN Leadership Program for 2014 will take place 8-10 October 2014 in Los Angeles, USA.


Program Schedule

ICANN Leadership training programme_complete schedule_20140723.xls


Participants from At-Large

During the ATLAS II in London in June  2014, the ALAC passed the following motion:

 Proposal to make Academy WG (motion passed - no opposition) 

  • Motion proposed by: Sandra Hoferichter
  • Seconder: Olivier Crepin-Leblond
  • Motion: Each RALO nominates 2 possible participants – one must be experienced, one must be new. The final decision is to be taken by the ALAC. The ALAC, in their decision, is to also consider NomCom selectees.


The ALAC is allocated 5 slots.


Candidates' NamesRALOIncoming or Experienced LeaderALAC Selection
Abdelaziz HILALIAFRALOExperiencedAbdelaziz HILALI
Holly RaicheAPRALOExperienced 
Siranush VardanyanAPRALOIncomingSiranush Vardanyan
Yrjö LänsipuroEURALOExperienced 
Jimmy SchulzEURALOIncomingJimmy Schulz
Fatima CambroneroLACRALOExperiencedFatima Cambronero
Humberto CarrascoLACRALOIncoming 
Glenn McKnightNARALOIncoming 
Alan GreenbergNARALOExperiencedAlan Greenberg


ICANN Leadership Training Program 2013 Workspace


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