Issue 4 - ALAC and the At-Large Leadership Team

Work Track Leader(s)

Maureen Hilyard

Final Proposal as approved by the Board

The ALAC Chair will work with members of the ALAC and staff to better communicate the role and activities of the ALAC Leadership Team (ALT) ensuring that it is clear what the ALT does and does not do.


1:1:1 (Low resource needs : Low risk : 1st priority)

ARIWG comments

Initial comments from At-Large suggested the inclusion of the new At-Large Organigram (an addendum to this report) being used as the basis for a governance model. Another suggestion was to demonstrate how we share the load to reduce the workload and volunteer burnout of some very active At-Large members.  

The ALAC Chair worked with members of the ALAC and At-Large Staff to ensure both a better understanding of and better communication of the role and activities of the ALT ensuring that it is clear what the ALT does and does not do, including the utilization of the new Organigram agreed to by the ALAC and At-Large Leadership during ICANN63.  On each At-Large wiki web-page is a GATEWAY which gives wiki users quick access to key At-Large activities. The At-Large Governance page is developing a list of key resources relevant to regional as well as ALAC leadership.  This Issue is substantially completed but still subject to web-page update audit.

ALAC Organizational Chart 2020 -  See At-Large Governance Home

Status of improvement effort / staff lead

The ALAC Chair’s Organigram was accepted by the ALAC in Barcelona. Staff have assisted with implementation of steps for the At-Large Governance Webpage. The 2020 

Activities, if any, on which implementation is dependent, or that are dependent on implementation of this recommendation

The ALAC Chair has developed an Organigram outlining the governance structure of the ALAC, At-Large Leadership, and three key work streams within which At-Large will undertake its core activities - Policy, Outreach and Engagement and Organisational Tasks.

The model proposes more transparency and accountability as well as being more inclusive by adding regional representation within the At-Large Leadership structure.

Accompanying dialogue will make responsibilities clear.

Who will implement the recommendation?

ALAC Chair in conjunction with the At-Large Leadership Team (ALT), plus Liaisons and former ALAC Chairs, Leads of the three Core Activities and ICANN Staff

Anticipated resource requirements (FTEs, tools)

Minimal allocation of staff time to establish a webpage and install the information detailed in the steps.

Expected budget implications

None beyond existing resources.

Proposed implementation steps:

1. GATEWAY links to open in a new tab

2. Create an At-Large GOVERNANCE WEBPAGE on the At-Large Website that includes

  • the At-Large ORGANIGRAM with links to other sections of At-Large, for example ALAC webpage, RALO webpages, Policy Comment pages, Active Working Groups related to Policy, O&E and ALAC Org.

3. Include short POSITION DESCRIPTIONS of the roles and responsibilities of the ALAC, At-Large Leadership Team (ALT+), Regional Chairs, Liaisons, Former ALAC Chairs, and the Chairs of the workstreams - Policy, O&E and ALAC Org.

4. Outline COMMUNICATION LINKS between the various structures. - 

  • ALAC and ALT+ meetings 

  • Email lists and who they consist of 

  • Skype chat groups involving the ALAC Chair, ALAC and ALT+

  • RALO meetings and newsletter 

  • Community wiki pages

  • Working Groups

The page changes should be implementable by February 2019.

How long will it take to implement this plan?

2-3 months* - given that some existing staff time can be allocated to work on this, even if part time.

*Variation here may be required to fit with IT Program of changes to Web site schedule.

Issue 4 Progress Chart

The At-Large Review Implementation dashboard aims to update the ICANN Community about the progress of the work of the At-Large Review Implementation Working Group (ARIWG).



Working Group Page revamped, Reports tabled at ICANN68

Working Group page has been revamped to more clearly identify key responsibilities of At-Large leaders in both At-Large and ICANN working group activities. The new Chair to host the SMWG up to the ICANN69 meeting in Hamburg, Germany, will be Natalia Filina of Russia. 

The "ATLASIII Survey Analysis and Recommendations Report" and the "At-Large Review Implementation Report" were tabled at the At-Large Wrap-up session of the ICANN68 Virtual Meeting,


Changes to SMWG

Changes have been made to the Social Media Working Group which aims to raise awareness of the ICANN At-Large community and enhance end-users’ engagement with the community by developing a strong and sustainable presence on social media. The departure of the SMWG Chair, John Laprise, created the need for a more innovative model of leadership for this group. Thus a rotating leadership model has been established where the Co-leader of the region of the upcoming ICANN meeting, as the regional host, will lead social media activity as the Chair of the SMWG up to and including that ICANN meeting. They can therefore encourage more socio-cultural engagement and activities related to At-Large and ICANN. The first Chair was Shreedeep Rayamahji of Nepal, representing the APRALO region (for the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia virtual meeting).

Meetings of the SMWG; 18 June 2020, 28 May 2020


Changes to Organigram, Generic position descriptions

As recommended by OEC, the At-Large Board member has been added to the At-Large Organigram (with permission from the Board member)

Requests to ALAC and regional leaders for inputs into Working Group and Governance items - Generic position descriptions page.


Draft position descriptions

Draft position description items  have been completed - based on By-laws, ALAC RoPs - awaiting staff to create a page to upload the position drafts for community comment and to attach it as work in progress to the Governance page under ALAC documents (refer to Gateway)


Mailing Lists and Chat Groups established

Report 2 due to the Board (19 Dec)

New mailing lists and chat groups established to include new members.


New organigram

Chair's ATLASIII Report

New At-Large Organigram for 2020 has been created to identify new ALAC members and any chosen areas of interest and membership, as well as Liaisons, new RALO Chairs and Working Group Chairs. A RALO organigram has also been produced to identify RALO ALAC members, Chairs and ALAC NomCom appointees. These were presented during ICANN66.

A Chair's report on the ATLASIII meeting was presented 


Development of RALO Newsletters

Continue to encourage development of RALO newsletters with inclusion of ICANN activities, At-Large policy issues and local ALS outreach activities, 


At-Large Governance Page, a gateway on wiki created


  1. At-Large Governance page established with links to recommended pages which are updated regularly
  2. A GATEWAY has been established on each A-Large page so that leaders and participants can access key pages more readily

Reorganisation of the Working Groups Home Page - next steps - new calls for membership of some of the older groups.


Wiki for ATLAS travellers and scoring matrix prepared

(1) Developed web pages to provide information and guidelines for implementation of the ATLAS III  Application Form and Scoring matrix ; staff training provided in how to  monitor recording of application data on the scoring matrix;  (2) Email lists updated and attached to Governance page;  clarified (3) AT-Large Blog established as an alternative or additional to the regional newsletters; social media WG also encouraging regional tweets to promote regional events and activities.


ATLAS Traveller criteria & scoring matrix established

(1) Worked with the ATLASIII Leadership Development Team to develop the criteria for selection of the ATLAS travellers - leaders of the subgroups selected to fine-tune the criteria for entry onto the application form. The scoring matrix developed by an individual member. Capacity Building subgroup of the Programming Working Group developing webinars (including FR and ES interpretation) and ICANN Learn programmes (EN only) as preparatory learning for potential ATLAS travellers.  These were in preparation for  new wiki pages being developed for ATLAS III. 


Organigram developed, gateway on wiki created, various skype groups established

The Organigram was developed to demonstrate the leadership structure of At-Large and to visually explain how the various sub-structures related to the ALAC and its Leadership Team. The expansion of the ALT to include the RALO Chairs was to expand the discussion potential to include input from the grassroots membership (a bottom-up approach).  The Organigram informed its community about how the ALAC and At-Large,interacted with each other in order to carry out its core activities. The At-Large GATEWAY was created to gather the various previously difficult-to-locate workspaces important to the work of At-Large, into one coordinated directory. The GATEWAY now provides direct access to key activity areas for At-Large leaders  and participants. The GATEWAY is situated at the top left of all At-Large workspaces.  Specific information pages initially established in the GATEWAY were : At-Large Governance;  At-Large Reports; Policy Advice and Comments; At-Large Summit (ATLAS III); and At-Large Review Implementation Plan Development.. These pages were populated with details relating to activity objectives, leadership roles, reporting responsibilities, etc.  (3) Various Skype chats were organised to enhance communication between ALAC Chair and Staff as well as various subgroups of the At-Large Community (O&E, ATLAS, ARIWG, Governance) and an open chat group for the At-Large community. 

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