The criteria and expectations for the O&E Co-Chairs are as follows:  

A..The criteria for the O&E co-Chairs are as follows:

  1. Must be selected by their RALOs
  2. Must be prepared to attend monthly meetings of the O&E
  3. Must be prepared to report on regional O&E activities
  4. Must record these activities on their respective RALO O&E workspace.
  5. Must be prepared to meet with other co-Chairs on a skype chat group for strategic planning sessions
  6. Must be willing to participate in any O&E program in conjunction with ICANN partner organizations
  7. Must be prepared to be a rapporteur for the Chair of an O&E working group
  8. Must report back to their RALOS about the progress of activities of the O&E and its working groups

Note: Co-Chairs should not be RALO Chairs but could be Vice-Chairs or other RALO members who are strong and active members of O&E within their region.

The timetable for the selection of Co-Chairs is:

  • Tuesday, 31 July – Friday, 3 August – Call for Nominations and Submission of EOIs of candidates
  • Monday, 6 August – Tuesday, 7 August – EOIs sent to RALO Chairs for Review
  • Wednesday, 8 August – Wednesday, 15 August – RALO Chair/RALO Selection
  • Thursday, 16 August – Friday, 17 August – RALO Chairs send selected name to SC on O/E Chair and At-Large Staff
  • Monday, 20 August – Declaration of New SC on O/E Co-Chairs during August Meeting 

Nominations and their EOIs will be posted on the SC on O&E workspace at:

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