This Workspace has been created as a space to view and comment on the new ALAC Outreach and Engagement document being prepared for the ALAC.


Phase 4 - Final comments due by Sunday, 14 June. Please only major errors at this point.


Phase 3  - Deadline for Comments is Monday, 8 June.


Phase 2 


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  1. Social Media:

    I strongly recommend that ICANNATLARGE be used on all platforms.

    It clearly shows a brand that one would rather not misplace easily. 

    Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

    My Stake on the take.

  2. Apologies, if any rule was broken but i need clarification.

    Is it, ''Please add your comments on or before Friday, 22 May using the comments function below'' or as stated ?

  3. There is information that is repetitive eg What are ALSes and RALOs... and the maps - the main map could outline where the ALSes are.

    If this brochure is aimed at getting people to join the ICANN At-Large community, we don't tell them about what ICANN is or does. A BRIEF explanation about ICANN and At Large's role in ICANN might be helpful to give them some background in the organisation we are inviting them to join.

    We also don't state what our expectations are of the ALS members once they do join - for example - attending monthly RALO meetings,  joining workgroups, attending webinars to find out what is going on in the At Large community. Without putting them off, they need to be aware that this can involve long hours on phone calls, so that they must have the capacity to be able to participate - using Adobe Connect and/or a good reasonably reliable phone connection. We have many ALSes who join and we don't hear from them again.

    Social media info may not need to take up as much space as it does - perhaps add HELPDESK contact details for each RALO or staff. The wording could change to offering a helpdesk rather than "reach out to the staff".

    I still prefer the trifold (smile) because it offers specific information per "page" and is easier to take away from a meeting. It could provide the basis for Mobile use  (Glenn mentioned the mobile app).  The one pager is what you could find on a webpage and needs some manoeuvring.

    Glenn also mentioned a space on the brochure where a business card could be attached at the bottom of the cover page which may be blank or have info that offers similar but not personalised as would be found on the business card that might cover it.

  4. I think Maureen is correct on all her points.  We need a few word about what ICANN does, what at large's role is and also about what the particular RALO is about and what their goals are. While I agree that wee need to state what our expectations are for ALS members, this should not be on the outreach material. However, we could say that ALS members, attend monthly RALO meetings, are active in a number of workgroups from Technology, to Metrics to Finance, as well as in developing many distance learning programs.


    I also like the trifold and put in a plug for a space on the brochure to insert a business card for that RALO. With contact info.

    1. Thanks Judith. Re the expectations, I agree that we shouldn't put potential groups off applying for membership, but my point is that engagement should be an expectation. I think this is why the name of the group has been changed. It isn't just about getting ourselves out there, it is also about encouraging people to participate once they have joined us. This is a challenge for us at the moment. We need new voices in our working groups. What you have outlined is both positive and non-threatening yet sets the minimal level of participation we would like for our ALS members.

  5. Thank you very much for all of your very useful comments. At-Large Staff have noted your comments and prepared a revised text for the new ALAC Outreach Document. We are now working with the Communications Department on incorporating the text into the document. We will post the final text shortly.



  6. We lost the branding touch in the Social Media;

    I had recommended  ICANNATLARGE on all Social Media Platform.

    You know better.


    On choice, i prefer At-Large_Phase3_C.pdf  with regards to the background colour.

    Well done.

    1. Adebunmi Akinbo thanks for suggestion! We will check with At-Large Social Media Working Group before changing the Twitter Handle and Facebook page domain name (we currently don't maintain a Flickr account or a slideshare account, so we are using the ICANN ones). After getting approval, we will reflect the changes in the trifold. 

  7. Maureen pointed out some of my comments.  Didn't the  staff  read or  listen to our  comments in Singapore or our  last call. All the  suggestions  I made have been ignored.  I had the impression for  the comment  thread  ie. CLO and others  the ideas were to be incorporated


  8. Is the only difference among the Phase 3 documents the color or am I missing something. If color only than I prefer option C.  Also the one pager is only Phase 2 and so there is no Phase 3 for us to look at.

    1. Text on the brochure has been revised as well, incorporating suggestions from the community.

  9. Re: the Trifold brochure

    I too would opt for the Phase 3 version C - for the reason that the light green shows up the black lettering more clearly for those who might need more defined contrast between print and the background colour if you are going to have one. And the trifold version would be more easily accessible on mobiles.

    Just a few typos, that I am sure you have found already, but I'll point them out anyway.

    --> What is ICANN? Third sentence "ICANN helps coordinate these…"

    --> What is the at-large community? First sentence, last word should be "the Internet User" or "Internet Users".

    --> What we do.. I would prefer "we encourage you to join the RALO and ALAC teleconferences.. or to get involved.." rather than "you may join…etc"

    I like the local contact info section - allows for a business card or written/stamped information to be provided here. Good.(Glenn's suggestion)

    I like Adebunmi's suggestion of no underscore in the twitter name - keep it simple

    --> I find having the same map twice in a small brochure redundant. I did suggest that the ALS map be used to indicate where the predominance of ALSes are found. "Over 180 ALSes" are mentioned at the top of the diagram but it does not relate to anything ALS (the map fixes on RALOs again), so having the different indicators on the map even though they might be tiny,  would provide some relevance to the text and also provide information for people who live in that particular region and the number of ALSes therein. In the Pacific especially when you look at the immenseness of its size, we only have 4 ALSes... and believe it or not there are THOUSANDS of islands in that seemingly empty space.  Imagine if they all had their own ALS (smile) all wanting to have their say about the internet issues - of course many of them would have to know what the internet, a domain name and an IP address are! Such are accessibility and connectivity issues we have to address first! (sad)

    --> I still don't like "reach out to at-large" on the cover of the trifold and the one pager.. I'd prefer "Need help? Contact us."   Maybe its just me...

    Re: the One Pager

    --> The At-Large Organisational Structure: The RALO map and the information contained in the text box are repeated on both sides of the brochure (question).  For both the one pager and the trifolds, personally, I would delete the entire text box and make the map larger. On the front page, the map should give the full name of the RALOS (which is currently on the second page). This would focus the map on the RALOs and what the acronyms mean. And this graphic information would be more relevant to the role that is explained below - selecting the ALAC.

    --> On the larger map on both brochures, it would be more appropriate to put the reference to the "Over 180 At-Large Structures (ALSes)" on the second page, and to use this map for the ALS indicators map where they can be seen more clearly (using RALO acronyms because their full RALO names would be on the front page).  Because the previous text box information is removed, the information here is no longer repeated, but it is redundant to repeat the full names of the RALOS in this section. It would be different if this map was about 5 pages away from the original map.. but on the other side?

    --> What is important is the message about the roles that ALSes play within the RALOs, and the importance of RALOs to create opportunities for regional ALS engagement and participation


  10. I like A better than C better than B

  11. I also like Phase 3 version C.

    Also, I noticed that the Nominating Committee is mentioned in a couple of places as the Nominating Committee and as the Nom Com. I suggest that we use the same name for the committee, i.e Nom Com or Nominating Committee, and that somehow it is explained in the document.

  12. I Agree with all of Maureen's changes. Was waiting to hear back about my questions before making further remarks. Maureen encapsulated most of my comments

    1. Judith Hellerstein, the text has been revised based on the first round of community feedback. 

      1. Do we get to see the changes in BA?

        1. Hi Maureen. The flyer (trifold) will be printed and distributed in BA. The fourth version just got uploaded to this page (at the very top). It incorporates a lot of suggestions from you and other community members. You may have noticed that the map retains its original look, as it is a bit too small to show the ALSes according to the designer. However, we will have an interactive map for the new At-Large website to show the ALSes. 

  13. I like the photograph - it truly shows how diverse the At Large Structures are.

  14. The Bar Code is actually pointing to: At-Large Outreach and Engagement Workspace. I think that it should point to the entry point for ALAC: At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC).


    I suggest to change "Over 190 at Large Structures" to Over 200... Make sure that this change (if OK by you) happens in the couple of places that is mentioned in the flyer.


    Great work!

  15. More space, imagery reachout using icons with name over it. Thumbs up.