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Beginner's Guide

Participating in At-Large5COMPLETEAnthony Niiganii30 May 2014 23:59 UTC
ALSes5COMPLETEAnthony Niiganii
Policy Advice in the At-Large Advisory Committee5COMPLETEMurray McKercher

Guía de inicio para Asesoramiento Sobre Políticas en el Comité Asesor At-Large

5 (ES)COMPLETEJordi Iparraguirre

Guide d'Initiation Recommandations sur les Politiques au Sein du Comité Consultatif At-Large

5 (FR)COMPLETEJordi Iparraguirre
Guide d'introduction à la Participation à At-Large5 (FR)DRAFTING

Etienne Tshishimbi

Victor Ndonnang

Capacity Building Webinar

Communications5COMPLETEAriel Liang30 May 2014 23:59 UTC
IPv4-IPv65COMPLETESeun Ojedeji
Future of Internet Governance Part 15COMPLETELeon Sanchez
Policy Development Process5DRAFTINGEvan Leibovitch
Future of Internet Governance Part 25COMPLETELeon Sanchez
Security and Stability  5DRAFTINGYuliya Morenets
Policy Issues5DRAFTINGEvan Leibovitch
Rules of Procedure5DRAFTINGVictor Ndonnang
2014 RALO Activities

AFRALO5COMPLETEVictor Ndonnang06 Jun 2014 23:59 UTC
2014 At-Large Working Group Activities

At-Large Summit II Organizing Committee3DRAFTINGMurray McKercher06 Jun 2014 23:59 UTC
At-Large Capacity Building Working Group3COMPLETE~alactemp11
At-Large Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program Review Team (CROPP RT) 3COMPLETEJahangir Hossain
At-Large Future Challenges Working Group3COMPLETEPeter Knight
2014 Adopted ALAC Statement

Study on Whois Misuse2 (EN)COMPLETESarah Kiden06 Jun 2014 23:59 UTC
2 (ES)COMPLETEJordi Iparraguirre
2 (FR)COMPLETEBaudouin Schombe
ICANN's Draft Vision, Mission & Focus Areas for a Five-Year Strategic Plan2 (EN)COMPLETESarah Kiden
2 (ES)COMPLETEJordi Iparraguirre
2 (FR)COMPLETEBaudouin Schombe
Draft Criteria and Process for Selection of Multistakeholder Ethos Award Pilot Program2 (EN)COMPLETEBukola Oronti
2 (ES)COMPLETEJordi Iparraguirre 
2 (FR)COMPLETEBaudouin Schombe 
Review of Trusted Community Representation in Root Zone DNSSEC Key Signing Ceremonies2 (EN)COMPLETEBukola Oronti
2 (ES)COMPLETEJordi Iparraguirre 
2 (FR)COMPLETEBaudouin Schombe 


30 May 2014 23:59 UTC

06 Jun 2014 23:59 UTC

#ATLAS2 Promotion 


AuthorTweetImagePotential Publish Date
Murray McKercher@ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee speaks of Individual Internet user policy at #ATLAS2 in #London. Join us at  
Anthony Niiganii#Internet #Users! You can be part of a #change! See how @ICANN_AtLarge represents your interests. #ATLAS2 @ICANN  

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ALS ApplicationApplication Received1


Dev Anand Teelucksingh

Ariel Liang


06 Jun 2014 23:59 UTC
Seeking Regional Advice1
Vote Announcement1
Vote Result1
ALAC StatementPC Created1COMPLETE

30 May 2014 23:59 UTC
At-Large Workspace Created1
Penholder Identified1
Call for Comments for First Draft1
Final Call for Comments for First Draft1
Vote Announcement1
Final Statement Submitted1
ATLAS II NewsletterBrief Announcement1COMPLETE

30 May 2014 23:59 UTC
Section Spotlight2
Call & MeetingBrief Announcement1DRAFTING

30 May 2014 23:59 UTC
Key Topic on Agenda1
Call for Volunteers or MembershipBrief Announcement1DRAFTING06 Jun 2014 23:59 UTC
WG Description or Charter1
ICANN NewsAlertEverything except for Public Comment1COMPLETE30 May 2014 23:59 UTC
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  1. Here's one for #ATLAS 2 Promotion:

    #Internet #Users! You can be part of a #change! See how @ICANN_AtLarge represents your interests. #ATLAS2 @ICANNnews

    1. Hey Anthony! I will put this tweet in the #ATLAS2 promotion table. Great idea!

  2. It may be worth while to check into which Hashtags are trending, and choosing one or two that fit our strategy to raise awareness. Daily trending Hashtags may be useful during ATLAS 2 sessions to enhance engagement.  For example, #hosting,#news, #free, #business, #website, #friday, #monday, etc.

    1. Hi Tony! Thanks for suggesting the trending hashtags! Can you elaborate on the use of #friday and #monday? 

  3. Hi Ariel,

    I had selected these two weekday hashtags as examples, because out of the other days of the week, they are the ones that trend regularly, particular amongst young people, with #wednesday (#humpday) not far behind...each day of the week does have its own hashtag, but they do not trend as often as #friday or #monday - maybe we can have the other weekday hashtags trending with information from the sessions scheduled for that particular day.  

    And one other thought, we can create new, or use lesser known, hashtags, such as #netopoli #internetopoli, both do fit a multistakeholder perspective and supports a unifying dialogue for the "One World, One Internet" campaign and try to get them trending. (This triggers a memory of a slogan we used for the 2002NAIG coordination team, "One team, One Direction" - a goose teaching).  

    There is a whole world of hashtags to use and create, "the only limitation is your imagination".

    I hope I was able to clarify that for you. (smile)

  4. Thanks Tony! What you explained just reminded me of the following hashtags that can potentially help us plan & schedule content: 

    • #ManicMonday: The current activities and meetings of the busy At-Large community
    • #TuesdayTip: Tips about how to get involved in the community and ICANN in general
    • #WednesdayWisdom: Important quotes from Internet Pioneers 
    • #ThrowbackThursday: Past ALAC Statements, historical events, and former key members 
    • #FollowFriday: Shout out to individuals and organizations that we want to engage

    Indeed, inventing new hashtags would be a fun and meaningful project for the WG!