FY20 Additional Budget Request Results: 

RECOMMENDATION: Yes (partial approval)

20,000 USD

Based on the success of the FY17,  FY18 and FY19 experiences, this activity will be supported for an additional fiscal year and administered by Policy Development Support staff in collaboration with the 
regional vice presidents from the Global Stakeholder Engagement team. 
As this will be the fourth consecutive year that similar activities have been funded through the ABR process, funding for FY20 is conditioned upon the following requirements:

(a) publication in a central, publicly-accessible online location of criteria used in FY17, 18 and 19, as well as criteria to be used in FY20, to determine what activities are funded for each RALO;

(b) submission of the above-noted criteria to ICANN Organization’s Finance and Policy Development Support departments ; and

(c) submission of a written report by the ALAC to ICANN Organization’s Finance and Policy Development Support departments by the end of FY20 documenting and reviewing the usage 
of these funds in FY17, 18, 19 & 20, for the purpose of assessing the success of RALO outreach programs funded by this means. The criteria and reports are to be submitted to sbr-outcomes@icann.org
and submission is a condition of future resource allocations, if any,


RALO Discretionary Criteria:

1.0  Purpose of the Discretionary Funding

To provide opportunities for members of all RALOs to do local outreach and engagement about ICANN and ICANN policy related issues within the region.

Please refer to the Finance and Budget Subcommittee (FBSC) Proposal, page 7 HERE for more details.

2.0 Selection Criteria

  1. The applications for funding support for the local  ALS activity must come from a certified ALS or individual member that has demonstrated to be active by consistently participating in the regional monthly calls at least once every 3 months.

  2. The ALS  or individual has previously organized or attended a special event with tangible outreach and engagement activities with specific expected results.

  3. The funds should be a portion of the full budget for the event.  

  4. The Discretionary funds use shall be in alignment with the RALO Strategic Outreach Plans filed for the relevant Fiscal year. 

  5. Staff will consider regional balance within each RALO during their review of the requests.

3.0 Application Process

  1. request form needs to be completed to initiate the process.
  2. The request needs to be reviewed and approved by Regional Leadership prior to sending to ICANN org staff. 
  3. The request must be sent to Silvia Vivanco, Manager, At-Large Regional Affairs and Heidi Ullrich, Vice President, Policy Development and At-Large Relations the relevant Regional Leadership at least three weeks prior to the planned activity. 
  4. Approval (or not) will be informed via email to the organization representative that made the request.

4.0 Approval Process

  1. Staff determines if request follows the established criteria. Consult with the region officials if in doubt.

  2. Staff determines if there are sufficient funds available to support the request. If not, the maximum allowed for the request will be what is available in the fund at the moment of the request.

  3. If necessary, Staff coordinates a conference call with RALO leadership and the person(s) making the request with the purpose of gathering more details about the utilization of the funds.

5.0 Reporting

  1. All requests and its final approval (or not) are to be published in a WIKi page for transparency purposes.

  2. The ALS or individual member must produce,not later than 15 days after the end of the engagement, a report summarizing its outreach efforts and possible outcome.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING TRAVEL BOOKING: All trips on buses, train and planes as well as hotel accommodation must be booked through ICANN Constituency Travel. Please work with At-Large staff on any travel booking under the RALO Discretionary Funding ABR.

FY20 RALO Available Funds

Each RALO is granted $4k for FY20

RALO Funds UsedAvailable Funds

FY20 RALO Requests

RALODate SubmittedDate of EventSubmitted within three weeks of Event?SubmitterPurposeProposalAmountStatusReport
NARALO July 11 20192 November 2019YesGlenn McKnightRefreshments 

GDPR for Ciitzens Event a workshop developed by the Finnish Government and ISOC .  Expect 50 or more people with pre registration

Request for only food. 

NARALOAugust 2 2019September 2019yesAdrian SchmidtEquipment

Building awareness of ICANN to the technical and business students

Expected  25-30

EURALO9 July 201912 September 2019YesJoanna KulesczaTravel and accommodation to first national IGF in HungaryFollowing a kind recommendation from EURALO Chair, the EURALO O&E TF supported my request for additional funding to participate at a local event (a personal invitation to participate in the first IGF in Hungary; https://igfhungary.hu/ [igfhungary.hu]; where we only have two individual members and no ALS). Total travel and accommodation costs should not exceed EUR 540 with one overnight stay from 11 till 12 of September.$620Approved
APRALO26 June 2019 (for FY20)15-19 July 2019YesSatish BabuAccommodation and ExpensesSupport for two additional nights accommodation and per diem (in addition to the 3 nights provided by the CROP) for the APrIGF


(Actual Expenses: $63 tbc)

APRALO26 June 201915-19 July 2019YesMaureen HilyardVisa costs and ExpensesReimbursement of visa cost (USD330) and some per diem for the five days ($170)


(Actual expenses: $340)

APRALO1 July 201915-19 July 2019No (Exception made)Nadira Alaraj Visa costsVisa costs for the APrIGF$290Approved
EURALO24 August 201923-25 September 2019YesRoberto GaetanoAccommodation and Incidentals 10th Ukrainian Internet Governance Forum (IGF-UA-2019) that will take place on 23 September 2019 in Kyiv and the RIPE NCC Days that will take place on 24-25 September in Kyiv.$1,000Approved
EURALO27 SeptemberMonday 25 November 2019 - 
Saturday 30 November 2019
YesOlivier Crepin-LeblondFlight  and Accommodation2019 Global IGF$1,000Approved

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