Yesim Nazlar: (12/12/2018 15:04) Welcome to the At-Large Capacity Building Webinar: “ICANN Jurisdiction" taking place on Wednesday, 12 December 2018 at 13:00 UTC

  Yesim Nazlar: (15:04) Agenda:

  Abdalmonem Galila: (15:55) <Comment>My comment to the secertariat, i think it is better to recieve meeting invitations as a request for meetings to be eaily added to calendar t not loose meeting times </Comment>

  Abdalmonem Galila: (15:55) <Comment<I will be happy if you do that</Comment>

  Yesim Nazlar: (15:59) @Abdelmonem: thank you for your comment. You may wish to sync your calendar with At-Large calendar

  Abdalmonem Galila ( AFRALO ): (15:59) @Yesim, how could I do that ? if there is a link, it will be good

  David McAuley: (15:59) David McAuley: Hello. I have an interest in Jurisdiction and would like to attend - if, however, this is a closed meting then I will exit. Not a member of ALAC

  Maureen Hilyard: (16:00) Very welcome David

  Yesim Nazlar: (16:00) @David: This is not a closed meeting, please feel free to stay

  David McAuley: (16:00) Thank you, Yesim

  Yesim Nazlar: (16:01) you're very welcome

  David McAuley: (16:01) And Maureen

  Satish Babu (APRALO): (16:02) Hello everyone...!

  Tatiana Tropina: (16:02) Hi all :)

  Alberto Soto: (16:02) Hello everyone from Buenos Aires!

  Abdalmonem Galila ( AFRALO ): (16:03) Hello Alberto

  ABDELDJALIL BACHAR BONG: (16:03) Hello ALL /Bonsoir à tous

  Jahangir Hossain: (16:04) Hello everyone

  Alfredo Calderon: (16:04) Hello to all from Puerto Rico!

  Alaraj Nadira: (16:04) Hello all

  Gabriel BOMBAMBO Boseko: (16:05) HELLO ALL

  Maheeshwara: (16:05) Hi All

  Satish Babu (APRALO): (16:06) We can hear you on AC, Tijani

  Satish Babu (APRALO): (16:06) Yes

  Alexis Anteliz/VE: (16:15) Hola a todos desde Caracas

  Alfredo Calderon: (16:16) background noise is annoying. Can it be identified?

  Yesim Nazlar: (16:17) @Alfredo: Looking into it

  Alfredo Calderon: (16:17) Thanks @Yesim.

  Yesim Nazlar: (16:19) you're welcome

  Chokri Ben Romdhane: (16:27) Hi all

  Abdalmonem Galila: (16:34) Salam Alikom brither Chokri

  Chokri Ben Romdhane: (16:47) Ahlen @Abdalmonem miss you during the AFRINIC in Hammamet

  Abdalmonem Galila: (16:48) @Chokri, we will meet soon isa, may be Dubai or Uganda my borther

  Chokri Ben Romdhane: (16:48) Inchallah brother

  Glenn McKnight: (16:52) Do we have access to the slideshow.?

  Abdalmonem Galila: (16:52)

  Yesim Nazlar: (16:52) @Glenn: the slides are posted on the wiki agenda page

  David McAuley: (16:53) Thank you Tatiana, nice summary of the lengthy work of the Jurisdiction subgroup

  Satish Babu (APRALO): (16:53) Thanks for a comprehensive and informative presentation, Tatiana!

  Ajay Data: (16:53) super info. thanks

  Abdalmonem Galila: (16:53) Thanks Titiana

  Harold Arcos: (16:53) Thanks Tatiana, very useful update!

  Maureen Hilyard: (16:53) Excellent presentation - certainly helped to clarify the juridisdiction issues.

  ABDELDJALIL BACHAR BONG: (16:54) Wonderful Full presentation


  Satish Babu (APRALO): (16:54) <Question> Is there any precedent for the 'OFAC General License' (ie., does existing OFAC regulations permit such a license)? </Q>

  Greg Shatan: (16:54) Thank you for the excellent presentation, Tatiana.

  Isaac Maposa: (16:55) Thanks for quite a comprehensive and informative presentation.  Greatly appreciated.

  Alexis Anteliz / Ve: (16:55) Thank you Tatiana is a formidable and complete presentation that updates us on the subject

  Greg Shatan: (16:55) Brings  back memories.

  Glenn McKnight: (16:55) Here is the presentation as a Ebook

  Glenn McKnight: (16:55)

  Chokri Ben Romdhane: (16:55) Congrats Tatiana

  Glenn McKnight: (16:57) Will share on the ATlarge list

  ABDELDJALIL BACHAR BONG: (16:57) <Question> What do you think about OFAC sanction impact on development of Internet in the World ? and my second question : Could you give us some exemple/cases of impact of OFAC in some companies or Countries? </Q>

  David McAuley: (16:57) It is worth noting that ICANN is not only subject to US jurisdiction but is also, at least to some extents, subject to jurisdiction in countries in which it has offices and – perhaps – other countries as concepts of jurisdiction adapt to the digital age.

  Alexis Anteliz / Ve: (16:59) Question: Do you think that the current jurisdiction of ICANN could be impacted by the turn of the foreign policy of President Trump's government?

  Alaraj Nadira: (16:59) +1David

  Greg Shatan: (17:00) UN has no power to move private entities.

  Chokri Ben Romdhane: (17:01) Hi @Nadira

  Tatiana Tropina: (17:02) Greg, yes :)

  Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond: (17:02) Thanks @Greg - clear

  Tatiana Tropina: (17:02) Imagine Security council resolution :)

  Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond: (17:02) What about WTO?

  Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond: (17:02) Would the WTO have any power to pull ICANN out of California?

  Greg Shatan: (17:03) No.

  Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond: (17:03) ok

  Satish Babu (APRALO): (17:04) Thanks Tatiana...

  Greg Shatan: (17:05)  Correct.

  Alberto Soto: (17:07) Sorry, I must go, I have another meeting. Excellent, Tatiana, thanks! Bye all!

  Greg Shatan: (17:08) OFAC only enforces sanctions.

  Harold Arcos: (17:08) <Q>How would a relationship with Registrant Potentials come from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela?<Q>

  David McAuley: (17:08) Also worth noting that the recommendations that Tatiana so well summarized have not yet been ‘approved’ by the ICANN board – it appears probable that the board will approve but it takes time to get the WS2 report through the chartering organizations and then through the board and the board will probably want to know what the implementation plan is.

  Chokri Ben Romdhane: (17:09)  <Question> preahps we need a regulation process that  will regulate USA sanction and give the opportunity to community to breach this sanction  ? </Q>

  Tatiana Tropina: (17:10) They are retified

  Tatiana Tropina: (17:10) David, thank you - I did forgot to mention this :)

  Greg Shatan: (17:14) The license is the method to overcome sanctions.

  Harold Arcos: (17:14) <Q>Venezuela have sanctions, that is the problem.  Not lack of money.  How you recommend adopt some way about treatement on case of contract with ICANN?<Q>

  Tatiana Tropina: (17:14) Greg thanks :) was trying to make this point

  Greg Shatan: (17:15) You did it quite well.

  David McAuley: (17:16) Thanks again, Tatiana, great presentation. I suggest that Greg, as chair of Jurisdiction Subgroup, appoint you as WS2 Jurisdiction Subgroup historian.

  Harold Arcos: (17:17) Thanks Tatiana

  Tatiana Tropina: (17:17) David, LOL

  Marita Moll: (17:17) Fascinating webinar. Thanks Tatianta

  David McAuley: (17:20) I like the quiz aspect of the presentation - don't see quizes in my usual ICANN places

  Tatiana Tropina: (17:21) :-) David it was fun to think about the quiz question

  Alaraj Nadira: (17:21) thank you Tatiana

  David McAuley: (17:21) +1 @Tatiana - Greg did a great job leading the subgroup

  Tatiana Tropina: (17:22) ooops sorry I put him on the spot. He was on AC but probably didn't want to take the quiz! :P

  Ken Herman: (17:22) Really excellent and clear presentation. Thank you Tatiana.

  Alfredo Calderon: (17:22) Excellent presentation @Tatiana.

  Tatiana Tropina: (17:22) Thank you so much for you kind words, all. It's been a pleasure to be here

  Ken Herman: (17:25) And Yasim, I have had to participate in many AC meetings, and this was one of best managed. Thank you for doing a masterful job.

  Ken Herman: (17:25) *Yesim.

  Heidi Ullrich: (17:25) Thanks for an excellent presentation and discussion!

  Tatiana Tropina: (17:26) Thank you all! It's such a great initiative, these webinars. Great to be a part of this.

  David McAuley: (17:26) Many thanks to Tatiana and ALAC - excellent.

  Yesim Nazlar: (17:26) @Ken: thank you very much for your kind words.

  Tatiana Tropina: (17:26) :-)

  Adam Peake: (17:26) Thank you Tatiana, thank you Tijani and the WG

  Satish Babu (APRALO): (17:27) Thanks Tatiana and Tijani (and Yesim!) for a successful webinar

  Tatiana Tropina: (17:27) thanks all! have a great day. And big thanks for the invitation

  Abdalmonem Galila: (17:27) Thanks all, really helpful to have some information about it

  Glenn McKnight: (17:27) Thanks  all

  Alexis Anteliz/VE: (17:27) thanks very much

  Tatiana Tropina: (17:27) bye all

  hanan khatib: (17:27) thank you all

  Satish Babu (APRALO): (17:27) Bye all

  Harold Arcos: (17:27) thanks to Tatiana, Yesim-Staff and Interpreters,,,great sesion

  Maureen Hilyard: (17:27) Thank you Tijani and Tatiana

  Isaac Maposa: (17:27) Thanks.  Bye all

  Harold Arcos: (17:27) bye all

  Gabriel Bombambo: (17:28) au-revoir

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