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  1. I really like this proposal and, when implemented, it will make things so much easier to find.

    First suggestion - on the calendar, include for each meeting the link to the adobe connect for that meeting.

    Next suggestion or comment - I don't know what resoures are available, but if possible, links to pages in other places in the ICANN website will be helpful - if not essential.  As an example, the Whois topic should send people to at the least the Whoise Review Team Final Report, the Board decision, the revised RAA, and the EWG report (or mention them).  Maybe ask those people who are familiar with each topic as to what links - other than links to ALAC pages - are appropriate.

    1. Thank you for the excellent suggestions Holly! We will make sure to incorporate these in the development of Calendar page and Topic page. In particular, when we are at the stage of drafting static content for the website, we will need further input from you and other community members in curating relevant resources.

  2. Overall it's looks good. Two comments.

    Be good if the calendar will have some kind of integration with google calendar so one can essentially add it with a click. 

    There should be a home for in house video, and an at-large/live for webcasts.  I'm not clear exactly what media and news will cover.




    1. Hello Joly!

      Re integration with Google calendar, we will explore this functionality when developers are brought on board. The goal is to enable our calendar to cater to individual needs.  

      Re news & media page, we envision this page as the home for important announcements, community news, spotlight stories, webinar recordings, and other multimedia resources. Those materials will likely be developed on their own content pages but will be housed under the news & media page. Visitors can conduct search on this page to find the information they are looking for. If we incorporate live webcasts to the website, they will be placed under this page as well, but may be featured in other places. 

  3. Hi Ariel.. just a few observations from the viewpoint of a newbie  - especially the techies in some of our ALS groups who haven't been all that interested in the policy area in the past...



    • For the calendar, would it be possible for the spaces to be in the colour of the region, so that RALO members can quickly identify what events are on in that month in their region
    • Is there a chance they can also move ahead towards future calendar months - especially if RALO members are trying to identify ICANN-related events that they can plan to attend etc.. as many need to apply for leave, etc


    • What does the Outreach map identify and how is it to be used?
    • Can the map be colour coded for the region so that it matches with the events calendar and helps new users easily locate and identify what is happening in their region that they might be able to participate in



    • Apart from a few typos…
    • Would it be possible to put the lists into alphabetical order so that they are easier to find? (similarly for other lists  on the site - in the long lists it may mean that one section may be overlooked as the skim over a  random list of names)
    • Could there be an ACRONYM  box near the SEARCH box so that users  can check on what the ICANN acronyms stand for when they are listed as TOPICS.  I am directing this  mainly for  people in developing areas who have to be sparing in their use of the internet who  will have NO IDEA of what the acronym stands for, and could waste time opening up something that is irrelevant, or alternatively miss something  important
    • TOPICS - APPLICATIONS - are these APPLICATION FORMS ?   Or are they SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS that ICANN endorses?  Could this be a little more specific  so that, again, people in developing areas  are not having to second guess what the section may contain
    • REGIONS - ASIA… Could you please change this to ASIA-PACIFIC.. The RALO has a longer title but we in the Pacific would like to have our involvement in ICANN acknowledged at least in our regional title.. (similarly in other sections of the website) 



    • Can the WORKING GROUPS section also include SSAC, gNSO and ccNSO cross-community groups that involve ALAC liaisons . These are more specific than a normal cross-constituency group . 


    • EVENT - AL teleconference - what does this mean? Does it include webinars as an event? Are  ALAC,  ALT, RALO  teleconferences included here?
    • What is the difference between an AL and an ICANN teleconference? Perhaps a name change is required to differentiate , especially if it in the events list?


    • I like this page  (I'll probably use it HEAPS!) 



    • Take the WHOIS topic as an example
    • On the TOPICS page a brief description will be given and I am assuming that a click will take them to this overview of policy development. BUT what about users who may be completely new to WHOIS and who will need something more to help them understand what the topic is all about. Will this page link to another ICANN resource for learning support?
    • ALSO for our ALSes from developing or non-English speaking countries, these explanations need to be simplified into language that clearly articulates the message without dumbing down the content.  
    • Do the Past Webinars, Beginners guides, and other resources  etc to the right of this page  relate to the WHOIS topic? Or are they  features  that are on all the website pages.


    • Are these completed policies that users can access?  There is no explanation as to what this page consists  of, except that it does identify the involvement of the wider ICANN community
    • Great to see the range of languages - there has been an issue about the translations that ICANN provides  that have not been up to standard. I hope that the system has been upgraded to ensure that the translations - if automated - are of good quality.


    • Has  this page been accessed from the POLICY ADVICE page?  even though it might not have been completed? 
    1. Thank you for all these excellent suggestions and questions Maureen! Please see my response below:


      • We will work with developers to explore the features and functions that you suggested.  
      • 'Outreach' may not be the best term, but the map aims to showcase the growth of our ALSes around the world. 
      • Our vendor is working on the style guide, which includes the colors and themes on various webpages. We will discuss with them about color coding the map.  


      • Displaying the taxonomy in alphabetical order is a great point. 
      • In the footnote section under 'Tools,' we have a section called 'Acronym Helper.' We will discuss with developers and may place this in a more prominent area on the site (e.g. near Search Box). 
      • Currently, the taxonomy in the left column and various terms on other parts of the website are tentative. They aim to provide you a quick understanding how we envision those webpage. We will need help from you and other community members to make the taxonomy more accurate and logical (e.g. great point re ASIA!).  


      • We will flesh out the taxonomy on this page as well (e.g. add the bullet 'Cross-Community' in the Working Group list, clarify AL Teleconference and other terms) 


      • Once you click on 'Background' box on the TOPICS OVERVIEW page (or somewhere inside the 'Background' box), it should take you to a general content page that provides elaborate description of this topic. On that page, it may list relevant links that provide further learning opportunities for the visitor. 
      • The materials listed under 'Resources' in the right column of the TOPICS OVERVIEW page must be relevant to the topic. In other word, each TOPICS OVERVIEW page should feature different resources. 
      • Great point re explaining the topics in a beginner-friendly manner without dumbing down the content. We will surely need community input when developing the written content for the site, esp the content housed under the TOPICS page. 


      • Policy Advice page archives all adopted ALAC Statements, as well as ALAC Statements under development. It is a page for more-or-less seasoned members to conduct research. It also provides a gateway for members to engage in the policy development activity. 
      • ICANN staff generally translate ALAC Statements into the other 5 UN languages plus Portuguese. In fact, our current Correspondence Page has most of the translations. We will have those translated versions on this page as well. 


      • Yes, you may access this page from the POLICY ADVICE page. Once you click on any of the ALAC Statement title on the POLICY ADVICE page, you will be directed to this page.