This section seeks to describe the options desktop users can use to translate text from one language on a web page or email.

Google Chrome for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

The Google Chrome browser has an built in option to translate a webpage to another language.

However if you want  to translate part of a webpage or selected text, you can install the Google Translate extension from Google which allows you to highlight text and click on the translate icon (or right click) to translate the selected text.

Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)

For Mozilla Firefox, several translator addons/plugins exist ; a popular one is Google Translator for Firefox by nobzol which can be used to translate highlighted text using the Google Translate service or entire pages via the icon it installs on the menu bar. This tool can also be used by using the contextual menus via the mouse. Another useful one is ImTranslator for Firefox  which can translate selected portions of selected text on a webpage using Google Translate or Microsoft translate or entire webpages with Google Translate.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has Translator for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook offers the ability to translate emails received and to use Microsoft Translator to translate emails that you send. The video from Microsoft Research explains the translation features in Microsoft Outlook.