Outreach and Engagement SC - 2019 Strategy


Based on the Review https://community.icann.org/display/ALRW/At-Large+Review+Implementation+Overview+Proposal?preview=/84214343/84216717/ALAC-Proposal_Approved-20180420.pdf there are items that affect directly the O&E SC which will mainly be resolved through the 2019 Strategy as listed below:-

Items #5 & #12 (related)

An uneven contribution of At-Large to a coordinated ICANN strategy for ‘Outreach and Engagement’. Missed opportunities for coordination with other constituencies and ICANN staff.


There is a multitude of communications channels used by At-Large (sic). This has led to fractured and undocumented communications.


Need more systematic RALO participation in regional events


Need to reinforce the impact of outreach and engagement activities.


Every region has developed their own respective Engagement Strategies and the lack of joint strategy makes it a challenge to have a global impact measurement and inter-regional collaboration to create impact with emphasis on engagement.  

The strategy also comes as a result of the AT-Large Action Items which directly affect the process of Outreach and Engagement SC of At-large. Items #5 & #12 of the review points out that there is an uneven contribution of At-Large to a coordinated ICANN strategy for ‘Outreach and Engagement’ where there are missed opportunities for coordination with other constituencies and ICANN staff.

With a collaboration with GSE, Staff and O&E WG on how to maximise impact in reference to Outreach and Engagement Globally. The summary breakdown of the Strategy based on collaboration


In Collaboration with GSE Team - O&E SC will have a joint collaborative meeting to discuss the impact Outreach in their respective regions. By this GSE will guide the RALO Leaders, O&E challenges and derive recommendations from the dialogue meeting that will be held in order to have the value of the respective Outreach activities within the region.


With a lot of success in Outreach - there is a challenge of Engagement both from within and those that are not already oriented on ICANN At-Large. Engagement Strategy can be broken down into

Engagement of the new members

The new members include new ALSes and Individuals. Since these are new recruits they need to be sensitized in collaboration with Capacity building and the Community On-Boarding Program.

Engagement of the old members and ALSes

This engagement strategy seeks to derive ways in which ALSes give back or engage with their respective Communities.

Quarterly reports and ICANN Readouts are encouraged. This will be measured by the ALSes reporting back to the RALOs and the RALO Chairs reporting during the monthly O&E meeting on what the ALSes have done in reference to awareness and community engagement.

Please add your comments to the draft Sub-Committee on Outreach and Engagement Strategy Plan by 3 September 2018 at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eLWtFDtIcCzr3PPBNtXmZq-tAtuHZS4FXBalsCNOJ4Y/edit 

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