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Collaborative tools

One Note

OneNote, a Microsoft Office program that you probably already have, can be used in new and innovative ways to help you save time, become more organized, and collaborate more effectively. OneNote is not just for notes. We’ll cover scenarios including from research, more effective staff meetings, improved collaboration on projects both small and large, and tools to assist with professional development for staff. OneNote works well with all the Office programs you have, and because Microsoft OneNote is available and free on all platforms and devices, this talk applies to everyone!


Google  Documents



Collaborative Decision-Making Tool




Surveys and Polling


Free questions and polling  

Poll Everywhere 

One Click Politics

Survey Gizmo 

Survey app for Salesforce

Field maps data between Survey Gizmo and (other app, like Salesforce)

Not just for survey - you can update contact info... Any SalesForce object you want to modify.


Social Media Tools


Stories are a form that's easy to embed pretty much anywhere.



Screencaster / screencapture. Likes to use it to "hack" (a slideshow app) to make movies of her giving presentations.Jing - Screencasting. “Capture video and images and share them with anyone.”

Install it, click and drag to select what part of the screen you want to capture, click to start the recording, record, stop recording, save it, share it.

Moveis are .swf files, but you can convert them to another format or edit them in Camtasia.

Typically uses it for "how to" demos. Demo tasks in Salesforce, how to configure things in Outlook, etc.


Screen sharing tool. Great "live support" alternative to movies via Jing.

Q: Will it record it? A: For free, no, but if you pay, it will. (subscription info)

Q: Does your co-worker need to install it? A: I think they have to do it one time.

You can share full screen, or just a resizable portion.

Pinterest listening tool[your org’s website]

Free + low cost tools to save you time and money


  • Schedule content in instagram posts

  • Quick

  • Overlay text over photos

Infographic builder

  • Interactive Infographic builder

Quick (formally Overgram)



Timeline JS

Unsplash - A search-forgifs tool.


Finding volunteers for nonprofit projects.

Nonprofit posts about a project. Individuals pitch answers for the project.

It's for smaller things - they won't redo your website, but they'll help you with coaching and smaller projects.

Currently just domestic.

Time/Project Management Tools 

Toggl - Time-tracking tool

Tracks all your time (billable, project, etc.)

Log in, press the Start Button. select a project, add a note that describes it. Press Stop when done.

Press the "play" button on a prior project to start time on that project.






Small Group  Interaction Tools


$10 per month per user.

It's an "email killer"

Left side, it keeps the channels, direct messages, and private groups.

You can subscribe to different levels of notifications.

It seems like an omni-media app you can use to integrate all your media/paths/tools/etc.

Archives 10,000 chats for free. (Searchable)


Facetweet? dashboard



Digital Engagement Tool (Starts at $3K a year for nonprofits)

"Convert your contacts into engaged advocates"

Integrate your email database with social media to understand who has powerful sociall media pull. "Who's relevant in social media?"

Customize searches, etc.

Get regular reports.

Highlight engagement oppotunities.

Base price $3,000 per year (This may be the discounted non-profit price).

LinkedIn For Good 

Key competency: org-to-org, etc.

Just sign into LinkedIn.

Available internationally.

Three foci:

* Help employees better donate time and skills. Transitioned to external to help members volunteer time, skills, board memberships.

* Use LinkedIn to help non-profits hire volunteers, raise $ dontations.

"You are as good as your relationship capital. Understanding how to own that in the social media space is critical and powerful." - Duncan

They're on the trade floor/ Science Fair to check them out.

4.9 million LinkedIn member participants. 10 million LinkedIn members have indicated a willingness to volunteer time / aid non-profits.


To watch and add


Cloud Computing: Database


  • Fully integrated. Open source.
  • Comparable to proprietary CRM features. Dashboard for contributions, etc. Duiisplay participation in campaigns, events, etc. Can use CiviCRM to do emails on a regular basis.
  • Resources: - great resource with videos. CiviCRM forums; great active community of users. Also a wiki.

Multiple Google Drive
- Allows you to keep multiple Google Drives on your computer.

Two accoutns for free. Maxes out at $30 per year (10 accounts).

She feels it's identical to Dropbox (and she uses Dropbox).

She stays signed in to multiple Google Accounts at the same time.

OwnCloud - Private version of Dropbox in your network.

Open source and free.

Easy, omni-platform file sharing. Supports groups and folders.

(Their team's used it to go totally paperless.)

Works geat across platforms. Desktops, tablets, phones, etc.

Only challenge: Installer wanted to customize it. Only really took three hours to get it running.

Totally secure behind their firewall.


Website Usability Testing Tools
Resource Roundup

Share your favorite usability resources here!


  1. Glenn

    Interesting sample of tools. I personally use one note. will take a look on all others.. here in our region we are doing several issues that demands tools for community participation. Lots of kisses 

    1. I saw a demo in Austin and pretty impressed.   We will  arrange  a demo for the community at one of calls 


      1. great Idea Glenn!. nice weekend