The ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement have created group calendars at to track regional outreach events for possible use by At-Large for the Community Regional Outreach Program (CROP) to attend such events.

You can view the calendars for all the regions at . You can also view events for all regions as a list (as done on this wiki page) and subscribe to any calendar using your calendaring app.

List of Outreach Calendars, by region

Adding/editing Outreach Events on the calendar

If you want to edit/add potential outreach events to the Outreach Calendars, then please see the Editing Outreach Calendars page for Outreach and Engagement and RALO Chairs/ Vice Chairs or the links below.
Only logged in At-Large Confluence users can view this page, as a security precaution. The credentials (links) to edit the calendars should NOT be shared publicly to prevent anonymous additions promoting spam and/or malware.

Restricted editing calendar page to Outreach and Engagement and RALO Chairs/ Vice Chairs.

List of Outreach Events for All Regions