This Workspace includes information pertaining to At-Large activities during the 51st International Meeting.


 TitleDateTimeAgendaRecordingAdobe Connect Adobe ConnectTranscriptChat TranscriptReportOther
ALAC and Regional Leadership Working Session12-Oct09:00-18:00 PDTAgendaRecording EN, ES, FR   
ALAC & NCSG Meeting13-Oct07:15-08:15 PDTAgendaRecording EN  
At-Large Metrics Working Group13-Oct15:00-16:00 PDTAgendaRecording EN, ES, FR   
At-Large Capacity Building Working Group13-Oct16:00-17:00 PDTAgendaRecording EN   
At-Large ATLAS II Implementation Taskforce13-Oct17:00-18:00 PDTAgendaRecording EN, ES, FR   
At-Large New gTLD Working Group13-Oct18:00-19:00 PDTAgendaRecording EN   
At-Large Accessibility Working Group14-Oct07:00-08:00 PDTAgendaRecording EN, ES, FR   
ALAC Meeting with the Board14-Oct08:30-09:30 PDTAgendaRecording EN   
ALAC Work - Part I14-Oct10:00-12:00 PDTAgendaRecording EN, ES, FR   
LACRAO Monthly Meeting14-Oct12:15-13:45 PDTAgendaRecording EN, ES   
ALAC Meeting with the GAC14-Oct14:00-15:00 PDTAgendaRecording     
ALAC Work - Part II14-Oct15:15-17:00 PDTAgendaRecording EN, ES, FR   
At-Large Ad-hoc WG on the Transition of US Government Stewardship of the IANA Function14-Oct17:00-18:30 PDTAgenda

Recording EN, ES, FR   
RALO Leadership & ALT Working Breakfast15-Oct07:00-08:15 PDTAgendaRecording EN, ES, FR   
APRALO Monthly Meeting15-Oct08:45-09:45 PDTAgendaRecording     
At-Large Policy Roundtable15-Oct10:00-11:30 PDTAgendaRecording EN, ES, FR   
NARALO Monthly Meeting15-Oct11:30-12:30 PDTAgendaRecording EN   
At-Large IDN Policy Working Group15-Oct11:30-12:30 PDTAgendaRecording EN, ES, FR   
At-Large Regional Leadership Meeting15-Oct12:30-14:00 PDTAgendaRecording EN, ES, FR   
AFRALO/AfrICANN Joint Meeting15-Oct14:00-15:30 PDTAgendaRecording     
ICANN Academy15-Oct16:00-17:30 PDTAgendaRecording EN   
Future Challenges Working Group (FCWG)15-Oct16:00-17:30 PDTAgendaRecording EN   
At-Large CROPP Meeting15-Oct17:30-18:30 PDTAgendaRecording EN   
NARALO Outreach Event15-Oct18:30-20:30 PDTAgendaRecording EN   
ALAC & Regional Leadership Wrap-Up Meeting Part 116-Oct07:00-07:30 PDTAgendaRecording EN   
ALAC & ccNSO Council Meeting16-Oct07:30-08:15 PDTAgendaRecording     
ALAC & Regional Leadership Wrap-Up Meeting Part II16-Oct12:00-13:30 PDTAgendaRecording EN   
ALAC Leadership Team (ALT) Meeting17-Oct08:00-11:00 PDTAgendaRecording     

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