1. Note to be sent  to the different RALOs  to remind the RALOs to submit FY15 additional requests that could be assimilated to CROPP.

Deadline: 20:00 UTC.  March 6.


2. Note to be sent to the RALOs filing IGF workshops to include the topic of their workshop according to the themes published by IGF. It needs to be understood that the funding for attendance will be dependent on the workshop's acceptance by the MAG


2rev1. APRALO -  check wth CLO

2 rev1 AFRALO  -


3. Remove the numbers of the APRALO submissions.


4. FY15 APRALO acccessiblity submission should be for 2 persons and with no numbers indicated.


5. On NARALO Dallas - change 20 ALSES to up to 10 and  distribution  of up up to 500,. IEF registration fees to 'other' and the .... to travel .


6. NARALO - SXSW-   change to Up to... 500 brochures.  Hotel and registration should be moved to travel support and other, respectively.  Change name of file to Austin Tx rather than Dallas Tx


7. NARALO - Outreach material -


8. All NARALO requests - Request objectives should be enhanced global engagement  instead of Outreach in NA.


9. Next steps to 1) incorporate changes; 2) confirm with OCL; 3)  Staff to send to note to FBSC to 6 March that updated requests have been posted 4) send to Controller by end of 7th March.



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