All AIs of the previous call were reviewed and completed.

AI: Re: ExCom Travel; OCL to follow up with constituency travel & ICANN Finance for explanation.

AI: Staff to obtain the correspondence regarding the prior discussions on the self determination of funding - references correspondence between Denise. Jacqueline and CLO.

  • Question: Will the finance be centralized or de-centralized? OCL mentioned this is a question to be asked.
  • APRALO WS/AFRALO WS: comment? - 

  • Review of additional (Standard track) 
  • 3 listed (received by staff)

    • APRALO proposal. Tijani: WS to be under the fast track to take place in September. It may not be accepted. 
      Will be filed and CLO said that the introduction will say that whilst we recognized that the activity will be on the fast track there is no impediment to have it on the normal. track. Proposal is to be submitted after cleaning up.

    • LACRALO proposal for outreach: Travel support to visit countries with no ALS to search for potential ALSes.

    • Comments: OCL mentioned that it would be difficult to guess if the proposal will be sucessful. 
    • The Regional IGF is usually the best way to do outreach. 
    • Tijani: We have to support it 
    • Dev to work with staff to finalize it on the technical aspects. 
    • CLO: We should avoid cash calculation. 
    • AI: Dev to take numbers out and clean the LACRALO proposal and submit it. 

  • NARALO/EURALO request: Seen as having no chance to pass since more closely aligned requests appear to have been rejected in the Fast Track.
  • OCL: Expressed a concern regarding the proposal. 
  • OCL: The proposal not to be submitted. 

  • NARALO FY14 Outreach: It has been already been discussed under the Fast track and ICANN Finance will consider it in the normal track. No need to review. Submitted already. Awaiting. 

  • APRALO IGF + LACRALO request to be submitted and will be sent by the deadline 28th. 

  • LACRALO AI: Taking off the costs numbers and to send it back to LACRALO (to have the LACRALO members review). Only technical things to be changed not the request itself.

  •  AI: To work on the information process and procedure so that the proposals are sent through the right channels.
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