During ICANN 54 in Dublin, the ALAC to meet with Xavier Calvez to discuss FY17 Special Budget Request, with a focus on core activities/programs such as the Leadership Training Program


This doc is to collate some ideas to fulfil this





The table is Results Based Charts (RBC)



The preparation of a Results-based Management and Accountability Framework is a systematic and methodical process through which various aspects of a policy, program or initiative and its performance are considered. This section of the Guide takes managers and evaluation specialists through the distinct steps in this process - the product of each step being a key element of the final framework.

Criteria for the self-assessment of a Results-based Management and Accountability Framework are presented in Annex B. These criteria can be used to help make decisions about the content and level of comprehensiveness to include in a framework.













Improve community communication

Shared calendar


Shared ICANN-related events; At-Large contributions

Ability to track outreach events for At-Large in coordination with GSE and Nomcom

All five RALOs participating -

hundreds of shared events

Each Ralo O & E and secretariat to keep calendar updated

$8/mth or $96 /year

Industry Trade Show booths


Number of booths/sponsors;

Contacts made; followups required;

Participation (information to share about ICANN/RALO with others) ;

Raised awareness of RALO/ICANN; increased networks; relationship building with sponsors

RALO/ICANN business cards; RALO brochures

$5 to $10K

ICANN Village









At Large Booth at ICANN Village








MUNZEE Barcode, gamification

  • Contacts made for Information, Advice, Directions.

  • Q and A

  • Find the solution



  • Make fun in mobile gaming

Community involvement in booth management







Build community

  • Inreach as well as outreach; information dissemination







  • make learning fun

Participation roster; brochures, cards, sponsor giveaways







  • Munzee scavenger hunt

Gratis unless ICANN will charge for this






Low cost

ie. Norwich Tourism example-prizes

Lecture series

Brown bag speaker series




-Journalists, Geopolitical etc

-Library Sciences

-Privacy Advocates

-Civil Society

  • Attendees

  • Number of sessions

  • Underserved areas





Group chat service such as Slack https://slack.com



At-Large community to better communicate and collaborate

  • Reduce email overload ; better engagement as persons can join conversations/groups of interest

Better communication and engagement with all ALSes




So 200 users


Augmented Reality Comic Book



Creation in Spanish and English of AR comic book on Internet issues

  • Youth Oriented content

  • Interactive


  • Distribution of comic book to youth




Hacker Events

Presentation at Re-Publica

  • Youth Oriented

Multiple locations

New members

  • Meet hundreds of attendees

  • Establish school connection




Wordpress Camp





  • Tech and Youth oriented

Multiple locations

New members

  • Meet hundreds of attendees

  • Establish school connection








  • Tech and Youth oriented

  • Open Source

Multiple locations

New members

  • Meet hundreds of attendees

  • Establish school connection


  • Attend event

  • Interactive booth

  • Youth focused

Travel, hotel and booth





IGF, Eurodig, Apricot, ARIN, LACNIC,


Security Conferences







  • International audience

  • number of calendar events





Canadian Associations of Municipalities



Presentations to Mayors on City TLD’s

Booth and presentation on City LTD

Once a year

Sector focused

  • Once a year

  • Hundreds of mayors

  • City managers

  • Presentation on City LTD’s




National Engagement should be allocated more funds for carrying out ICANN awareness workshops. Cost $2000 should be assigned which will enable ALS should organise at least 1 event in an FY which engages different stakeholder. This will help enhance participation in policy drafting and input. We can also tell how active the members are.


Induction of new ALS to an ICANN Meeting.







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