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CROP FY19 Procedures and Guidelines

What is required initially before the submission of any CROP trips?Each RALO must submit a CROP Strategic Plan that has community feedback and approval by their Regional GSE. It also must be fileld out in the community wiki

How many trips per RALO are permitted?


CROP is only for 4 days, 3 nights, plus registration

What is the priority for CROP trips?ICANN and/or ICANN sponsored events  Needs to be demonstrably related to ongoing ICANN policy, advisory or technical activities or otherwise approved by your GSE. GSE needs to approve all CROP trips even those to ICANN meetings
What is the requirement timelines for submission and approval of the CROP submissionIts advised to submit your proposal eight (8) weeks in advance. GSE needs to have it a full week to give approvals and CT needs it prior to 6 weeks in advance
What is the responsibility of the traveler to a CROP trip?
  • Distribution of RALO literature and information
  • Recruitment of ALS and or Unaffiliated member
  • Be a positive representative representing your RALO and ICANN in general
  • Post Assessment report

Can Someone fill the form out for meNo each individual must fill out the form itself. 
If more than two people are going on the Trip can we use one formNO. Each person must fill out his/her own form
Who needs to approve of my tripThe trip must be approved by the CROP PC, the RALO leaders and the GSE. It is then approved by Crop Staff and forwarded to CT

CROP FY19 specifies that proposals can only be for trip to an ICANN Public Meeting or official ICANN-organized meeting. Can a list of upcoming FY19 ICANN organised meetings be provided and examples of ICANN organised meetings in FY19 ?

To confirm, since IGFs (national or regional) aren't organised by ICANN, an interpretation is that CROP proposal to attend national or regional IGFs are not allowed. Is this so?

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