Update: As of April 2015, this WG has been archived.


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All FCWG Members have edit rights to this page and sub-pages, relevant At-Large and public comment is welcomed in comments sections provided on each page. 


Theme A: How to maximize the effectiveness of At-Large

Theme B: Registration Abuse


Staff Support Lead: Ariel Liang

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Tijani Ben Jemma



Dave Kissoondoyal


 Baudouin Schombe 
 Beran Gillen 
 Jahangir Hossain 


Cheryl Langdon-Orr



Hong Xue


 Narine Khachatryan 


Sandra Hoferichter



Jean-Jacques Subrenat



Yrjö Länsipuro


 Plamena Popova 

Sebastien Bachollet

 Matthieu Camus 


Sergio Salinas Porto



Vanda Scartezini


 Fatima Cambronero 
 Maritza Aguero 
 Alejandro Pisanty 
 Bruno M. Duarte Coscia 


Alan Greenberg



Avri Doria



Evan Leibovitch



Darlene Thompson



Eduardo Diaz



Garth Bruen


 Peter Knight 
 John Laprise 
 David Solomonoff 

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Marc Rotenberg



Danny Younger


 Ganesh Kumar 


List of priority topics (hot topics) for FCWG


The next call is scheduled for:  15 October 2014 - Los Angeles

Previous Meetings and Events

25 August 2014 

27 March 2014 - Singapore

18 November 2013 - Buenos Aires

15 October 2012 - Toronto

27 June 2012 - Prague (Open) & 28 June 2012 - Prague (Closed)

12 March 2012 - San Jose

27 October 2011

05 October 2011
06 June 2011


ALAC Statement on the ICANN Summit for Developing Countries

Charter Workspace

At-Large Maximizing the Effectiveness of At-Large Workspace

At-Large Registration Abuse Workspace

Resources (ICANN Accountability & Transparency) 



Monthly Reports

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  1. Anonymous

    Comment from Danny Younger: 

    (1)  Perhaps someone could let me know if a mailing list has been set up for this group. 

    (2)  In a group this small is there truly a need for "co-chairs"?

    (3)  Has a deadline been set for the establishment of a charter?

    (4)  Where might one find the list of issues that each WG member has put forth?

  2. I would like to be included in this WG. Thanks.

    Fatima Cambronero

  3. I request to be included as a member of this WG. Thanks in advance.