September 2017

Had a 2017-09-21 At-Large Social Media Working Group Call, which featured spaker Agradip Dutta on Developing a Public Policy Framework for Using Social Media During Crises Situation

Also, Dev Anand Teelucksingh has announced that he will be stepping down as a chair of the Social Media WG at the end of ICANN60. John Laprise will be the chair.

August 2017

Had a 2017-08-03 At-Large Social Media Working Group Call to discuss the At-Large Review WP recommendations related to social media.

April 2017

2017-04-20 At-Large Social Media Working Group Call

  • looked at Social Media Performance Metrics of ICANN58
  • how to improve Facebook content in between ICANN meetings
  • ICANN meeting daily recap with selected tweets
  • How to Use Staff’s language capabilities to diversify Social Media content (Evin Erdogdu and user-b6f25 will be assisting Ariel Liang to assist with posting to At-Large Social Media accounts)
  • John Laprise agreed on the call to be a cochair for the Social WG

02-24 At-Large Social Media Working Group Call:

- guest speaker Samantha Dickinson on using twitter
- responding to items at large draft review recommendations related to social media
- review of licensing of photos for easier re sharing as noted by Glenn
- ideas for improving social media usage by john laprise


2016-05-19 At-Large Social Media Working Group Call had presentation by John Laprise on IGFUSA Social Media Practices. Also 2016-05-13 At-Large Social Media call for Volunteers for the African Internet Summit in Botswana 2016 was a call to discuss how to promote At-Large activities at the African Internet Summit 2016 at the end of May 2016.


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