The process we follow in the ANgWG is

  • Any member of the WG can put an issue on that list.
  • As chair I will ask the person making the suggestion to be the 'token holder' for that subject.  By that I mean they are responsible for gathering a small group of interested WG group members, or others, to work with them to produce an initial recommendation for the group as a whole to consider.
  • During every meeting the agenda will include a request for the token holder to give an update.  If there is something for the larger group to discuss, we discuss it.
    • When something is fully baked, the ANgWG is asked for degree of consensus for sending it forward to the ALAC as a recommendation for ALAC action.
    • If the topic languishes with no work being done, I will eventually ask the group whether we can drop it from the meeting discussion rotation

Additionally, the ANgWG has been open to any community member who wants to participate.  But it is enough to work on the topic with the token holder, no one has to join the group to participate in creating a recommendation.  They do need to be in the group to be part of the consensus determination.





token holder



Digital Archery





TAS and the Glitch



decided not to pursue


Outreach program for New gTLDs



ANgWG charter updated to include this item


Outreach program for Applicant Support Program  ANgWG charter updated to include this item
closed Trademark Clearinghouse Hong Xue

Notes from August 2012 Workshop on TMCH by Neustar

Initial draft statement

ICANN's Response to Registry Stakeholder Group's Request for Documentary Information Disclosure on TMCH

ALAC approved comment

closedVertical Integration and Price Caps on Incumbents Alan Greenberg

Statement made by ALAC - No further action at this time

statement proposed and accepted


watch mode

"private" generic-word applications Evan Leibovitch

From the AngRG: ... given the concepts raised regarding the availability of 2nd level domains under gTLDs has policy implications that impacts individual Internet end users, the gTLD RG recommends that the issues raised be referred to the At-Large new gTLD Working Group ( for discussion and possible policy recommendations.

Discussion - Private gTLDS

Draft Statement -

confluence workspace on the generic-word-private ownership issue will be created


completedURS Alan GreenbergDraft initial statement draft
Watch modeAdditional RPMs Evan/Alan

Extraordinary Thursday Meeting Issue: Implementation/Policy issues related to IPC/BC demands for additional trademark protection measures.

Trademark Clearing House Strawman

This seems to be a closed (or closing issues) decision are made and things seem to be proceeding along.

Do we wish to continue to follow?

Do we wish to make a sattement?

OngoingPublic Interest Commitments (PIC)  Hong


  • Content and Compliance
  • procedural issues
  • mission creep?

Issue on how these will be informced

ongoing work on further metrics

GNSO Consumer metrics WG Evan

Evan working on response on User centric metric concerns. Avri to confirm issue of scope, if necessary.

volunteers needed for end user metrics task force. -

ALAC Response by Beijing

Waiting for Board Repsonse

trackingString Contention Sets AlanRelevance: plural strings
track?dotless string Evanvarious statement against it
(need urls) 
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