The EURALO Organizing Team is planning to have some informal flash sessions at the At-Large booth during the 2019 IGF. 

Below are the topics and the details of the sessions. 

DateTimeTopic and Guest SpeakerLeadStatusSummary 

5 minIntroduction to At-Large at ICANN  (Olivier Crepin-Leblond)

3 minRole/place in Multistakeholder advise development process
(or At-Large policy platform) 

7 min

Hot topics (general info and crossroad for all RALOs)

5 minthe Universal Acceptance initiative (Satish Babu)

5 minHow to be involved (Satish Babu)

10 minShort speeches from our ALSs, RIRs and MOU members about succsesful story and examples of collaborations

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