FY16 AC/SO Special Requests

At-Large Approved FY16 Special Request Implementation Workspace - NEW

Results of the FY16 AC/SO Special Requests Announced - See full list here.

A call of the FBSC will be held the week of 4 May 2015 to review the ALAC requests.

All of the below requests were approved by the FBSC and submitted to the ICANN Controller for consideration on 28 February 2015

FY16 ALAC Criteria for Special Requests:

  • Outreach should not be a major focus. Activities to improve engagement with existing members is encouraged.
  • If any request is made on outreach, it should go through the CROPP program and not this special request process.
  • Proposals should include ways in which will make the ALAC and/or the At-Large community more effective and develop the At-Large community.
  • RALO requests must go through a bottom up process within their RALO prior to being submitted for consideration by the FBSC.
  • They must be explicitly supported by the RALO representative on the FBSC.
  • Staff is currently expecting that basic resources for community communications/printing will be supported through the core ICANN budget, but that community proposals for printing , etc. will be accepted as a back-up in case expectations change.  Specific proposals for communications resources beyond simple printing and editing functions should be prepared and submitted.

FY16 Community Special Budget Request Timeline


FY16 Community Special Budget Request Timeline


Kick off

1 December 2014 
RALOs to review any ALS request or complete a template on behalf of the RALO and send requests to


1 December 20144 February 2015
Discussion of Proposals with  ICANN Staff and Community (@ ICANN 52)8 February 201513 February 2015
Revised proposals to be sent to the FBSC for final review. 25 February 2015
The FBSC to review all the RALO requests.4 February 201526 February 2016

Submission period (Staff will send the FBSC approved requests to Finance on 28th February.)

1 December 201428 February 2015

Final review of submitted requests by ICANN Staff.

1 March 201515 March 2015

Preliminary review of submitted requests by BFC.

15 March 201531 March 2015

ICANN Board Review and Approval (@ Board meeting).

15 April 2015 

FY16 Budget Documents (from the ICANN Finance Department)

Reference Material

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