22nd February 2016


Notes on Criteria:

What constituencies are potential ALSes involved in?

Prohibition on double voting? Suggestion: double voting not allowed, but choice required on the part of the ALS as to where they should vote. Question: are there conflicts in being member of an ALS and other groups?

Issue of compulsory regional restriction.

Weight of organisations/ individual members in an applicant?


Notes on Expectations:

Difficulty of measuring ALS participation: is it one active individual? Does this mean taking part in a WG, ICANN meetings, RALO meetings, mailing lists?

Importance of ALS existence on the ground.

ALS has its own existence. What expertise do they have and how can we use it. when the occasion arises

Attendance at meetings alone is no indication that the ALS is a contributor.

Making ICANN information available is a key factor

There must be flexibility in meeting criteria of activity, we must not judge failure to meet one criteria of activity, but failure to meet all criteria of activity.


Staff Expectations: More onboarding webinars

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