Section of Adobe Connect issues that were noted on on the At-Large Technology Issues page but moved here for reference since ICANN has stopped using Adobe Connect in Q2 2019

Adobe Connect Issues

Specific issues/challenges for Adobe Connect are to be noted here

Name of Person and Description of Adobe Connect IssueStatus of IssueUpdatedSolution / Workarounds

"(submitted by Seun Ojedeji[]) It will be great to have a chat-only pod for adobe connect. Considering the recent improvement with AC, is this may be a good feature to explore; It will be useful for participants who are on dial-out (but bandwidth limited) to follow the chat as well."

Convoluted Streaming audio URLs at ICANN meetings and broken when shared in Adobe Connect

Something I discovered while participating remotely in ICANN64 - with Adobe Connect's inability to offer different audio streams, there are audio links to multiple languages like these :

However, when the URLs are shared in the Adobe Connect room, its appears like this

the poorly linked (and broken) URL then gives problems to those remote participants trying to be in the Adobe Connect room and listen to different audio streams. Apple phones do appear to open and play the .m3u files.

Furthermore, for desktop users, opening .m3u files can be confusing (VLC media player can open the files) but many persons may not have it installed. iPhones seem to be able to play the playlist  - since the m3u file contains the direct stream - for example contains and this link does play (at least during the meeting) - perhaps these links should be presented to desktop browsers during the live meeting


Perhaps ICANN should use a URL shortener at - so links could be like

Making Adobe Connect Recordings accessible on mobile devices

the ability to export Adobe Connect recordings from Flash only recordings to formats like MP4 which can be edited and put on video sharing websites for easier resharing and accessible to the At-Large community.

This is important because Adobe Connect recordings in Flash are unplayable on mobile and tablet devices. Additionally, At Large would like to cut out portions of some of our current webinars as we prepare new webinars for Atlas 3. Having MP4 recordings makes this much easier.

Also, playing an Adobe Connect recording on a PC with Flash installed is cumbersome compared with experiences on video sharing websites. Adobe Flash will no longer be developed after 2020.



  • There is a way for an end user to download a Adobe Connect recording locally by adding the following to the end of the URL for the Adobe Connect recording you wish to save: /output/
    However the ZIP file contains a lot of FLV and XML files. So putting together a sequence of FLVs and converting to MP4 appears to be challenging.

  • another approach is for a user to use screen recording software to record the session in real time.
  • With Adobe Connect 9.5, admins have the ability to save recordings in MP4 format - see and but still requires admins to playback the recording in real time to do the conversion of the adobe connect recording to MP4. See
  • ICANN has enabled this ability to save recordings in MP4 based on advice given by TTF on the At-Large Technology Taskforce 2016-04-18 call. At-Large Staff are currently experimenting with the steps needed to do the conversion and the uploading of the videos to YouTube.
  • Jan 2017 update : Ariel Liang and Terri Agnew have done a export of a At-Large Capacity Building session recording to MP4 and uploaded on YouTube at
  • Challenges noted:
    • the bandwidth remain to stay connected to the Adobe Connect room to download/export the recording and to then upload the video to YouTube
    • ability to do regular ICANN work including being on conference calls whilst the download and upload is happening in the background.
  • Suggested workaround : have At-Large staff remote control a machine at an ICANN office to do the download/export to MP4 and uploading to YouTube, alleviating the need for staff's computers to be tied up doing the download/export.

    Another workaround - have someone with sufficient internet bandwidth livestream their desktop screen showing the Adobe Connect room. The challenge is the "sufficient internet bandwidth to both be in the AC room and livestreaming to YouTube at the same time.

Update September 15 2017 - At ICANN59, Billy Einkamerer noted that YouTube supports FLV uploads. Mario made available a FLV video of the TTF session at ICANN59 (a 342MB file) and video was uploaded by Dev Anand Teelucksingh to YouTube. .

Erika Mann reported on today's CCWG Auction call a problem with her adobe with her not being able to see chats and also to see the main panel despite her downloading the Adobe add in


March 2019

Mark Segall and Sara Caplis can you check in with Erika and help her solve this problem.  If we had a separate form she could fill out it would greatly help to figure out what her issue was

Voiceover in Adobe Connect (Accessibility)

Voiceover does not work with the current version of Adobe Connect. Blind users must use a desktop to connect but most people are using mobiles


Feb 2019

Mark Segall  to find out with Sara Caplis and her team when this will occur

Find out from Adobe when they will be supporting Voice Over? Will this support be in the newer version and if so perhaps we could update to it

Reporting Adobe Connect connectivity issues

Of recent, several At-Large conference calls have had more connectivity problems:

  • persons unable to use Adobe Connect audio to connect to the conference call
  • persons on the Adigo bridge unable to hear the persons on the Adobe Connect bridge and vice versa
  • persons have had to exit Adobe Connect and reload Adobe Connect


May 2017

Mark Segall  will follow up on this issue

Sara Caplis will develop a form where people can log in and document their Adobe Connect issues and the form will be sent to Staff to follow up.

Polling in Adobe Connect can't be seen by mobile users, challenges with creating questions to select multiple answers

The At-Large Captioning Project conducted surveys during the captioning trials of several calls in FY16. However, the polling in Adobe Connect has several issues:

  • inability of mobile users being able to access the poll. Apparently the Poll module is Flash only so mobile devices can't see or interact with the poll
  • poll questions do not allow for more than one answer to be selected.
  • a challenge to collate the survey questions
  • (not so much a tech issue, but noted here anyway) - ensuring persons on the calls complete the survey questions

Staff are now trained on how to do surveys with multiple choice options and have done it successfully.  However, there have been cases where staff accidentally checked the wrong button and as a result, the ability to choose multiple answers is taken away.

Adobe Connect has a feature to customise the message when the Adobe Connect session ends and also point to a URL when the user acknowledges the message. So by linking to a mobile friendly survey tool, we can mitigate the problems of polls in Adobe Connect. To be tested by the TTF in December.

Supposedly has been fixed but need to verify

Mobile users connecting to Adobe Connect can't see when someone has shared their screen in Adobe Connect


The same is true with skype.
Ability to select different audio channels in Adobe Connect. Many conference calls have interpretation on different Adigo channels but only one audio channel can be broadcast in Adobe Connect.
ICANN IT says there is no workaround - only one audio channel can be selected in Adobe Connect

According to Josh Baulch in an email:

Currently there is NOT an option to have more than one audio channel within Adobe Connect.  I have explored many options to try to resolve this issue, as I understand the concerns this group has, and I too would like to see these features with adobe connect.  Some options I have tried, utilizing the breakout sessions, which DOES split up the audio into difference bridges, however, there is no option for an interpreter to be able to bridge across two language breakouts to be able to do their job. The only way to have multi channel audio currently with adobe connect is to link to an outside service, similar to how we are currently managing multi-language streaming.  There is a bit of a flaw in this thought process to have multiple languages all in the English based adobe connect room.  The true way this is intended to work, and was utilized by ICANN with NETmundial, is to provide each adobe connect room in the native language.  For example, you have English, French and Spanish Adobe Connect rooms (all separate dedicated rooms), which are tied to the phone bridge for the respective languages.  This allows when a Spanish speaking person logs into the Spanish Adobe Connect, they hear, read and see Spanish, and when a user speaks in English, the Spanish room hears the Spanish interpreters.  Having done this myself for NETmundial, this is logistically very challenging, and requires many staff to make this happen.  In my example, you would need three operators (one for each language), three Remote Participation managers, one for each room, and fluent in the respective room language to answer chat comments etc. You would also need the three interpreters, one for each room.  Not to mention, the content to be shared in each room, also needs to be translated into the respective room language.  This is an example of a perfect world, but at this point is not technically feasible nor manageable from a labor standpoint.

So to round this conversation point, currently the technology provided by Adobe Connect does not permit the feature you are looking for.

Adobe Connect keeps crashing when doing screen share. (noted by Ariel Liang on her Mac)


Adobe Connect's tool bar, which includes the chat, queue, audio column, attendees' list, disappears when doing screen share.

Adobe Connect sound issues


5 June 2017Adobe recently updated Adobe connect and reworked how it uses plugins. Browsers with pop-up blockers enabled were unable to activate their mikes and the problem is not obvious. Solution is to disable popup blocker, install plugin and run. This seems to address the problem on Chrome. Unknown on other browsers.
Adobe Connect Sound Issues


In the last week, I (Judith Hellerstein) have been unable to hear sound in my adobe connect on a Mac using 10.9.5.  I cannot hear but have not tried to speak so not sure if mike works.  I have tried this in multiple browsers, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome and cannot hear in any of these browsers. I have updated the adobe connect add on and the flash addins. Also when I am in the AC room, Adobe kills sound on everything during the call, including Skype tones when chats arrive or when email comes ins. Sound works fine in Webex and other conferencing programs. Also Sound works fine when using the Adobe Connect app in the iPad so it seems to be an incompatibility with the OS I am using and the adobe plug in.

Adobe has a new desktop app to run adobe connect recordings. This should resolve many of these issues. It can be found here: for Windows
For Mac:

Adobe Connect failure to connect


Adobe Connect freezing, closing down and restarting
16 Nov 2017I (Maureen Hilyard) have just come off an Auction Proceeds meeting (90 mins) and at least a half a dozen times during the call, the AC froze so that I could still hear the audio but I couldn't type anything, and then the whole programme would shut down and instantly restart.. This happened in the majority of cases. A couple of times it just faded and disconnected and then reconnected.. On several occasions when it froze, I was trying to write in the chat and couldn't do so, so that by the time my proposed intervention could be included in the chat, the discussion was onto a fresh topic and it became redundant. Frustrating!! It could be atmospheric cos I know there is a storm around but it passed us during the afternoon - its 5.30 am now, but otherwise Im just rrying to make excuses for it !
In Mobile, iPhone and Ipad, Adobe loses audio and drops when on wifi.
27 Feb 2018On the ALAC call, when I logged in to the call using wifi, but very close to the router. The app kept dropping me even thought my connectivity was high. Seemed if it flickered for one moment it was enough to drop the connection.

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