AI: Vanda will provide the WG on the latest developments regardsing the EOI and categorization.

AI: The WG should contact Darlene and Karaitiana to reach out to their local communities regarding feedback on the notion of Traditional Knowlegde, which the DAG refers to. Could Karaitiana and Darlene provide a paragraph on this issue for the ALAC Statement.

AI: Hong will draft the paragraph of the Draft ALAC Statement on the DAG to point out the concern users have with overloading the DAG with special right claims.

AI: Reach out to all the members of the Summit WG3 and the participants of the WG call on December 10, 2009 and also Ron Sherwood, Rudi and Olivier. We need to ask them about their particular interests in the DAG3 to divide up the work and start drafting the Statement.

AI: Staff to add a wiki pages to the WG wiki for the five most important issues for At-Large with regards to the DAG3:
1. Morality and Public Order
2. Categorization
3. Traditional knowledge
4. Independent Objector
5. Other Trademark issues

Also: add references to the previous Statements on Morality and Public Order, the STI Statement and the future EOI Statement to the wiki.

AI: A primary author for all of the five sections of the ALAC Statement needs to be identified.

AI: Staff will ask for a transcription of this call and distribute it to the participants of this call to review. Parts of the transcription will serve as the skeleton for the ALAC Statement on the DAG3

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