On the issue of Public morality, ALAC will inform the Board that ALAC will be discussing the issue with the GAC. ALAC is to begin discussions with the GAC.

On issue of the numbers of categorization, V. Scartezini is to be asked to guide the ALAC/At-Large community in their activities.

The issue of traditional knowledge is to be an essential element of ALAC comments on the DAGv3 as it is culturally inappropriate for a global organization to not recognize that the majority of people in the world need to address this issue. ALAC/new gTLD WG to work directly with Karaitiana and Darlene on developing a strong paragraph on this issue. The text is to be written so that people with no knowledge of this area can understand it. The text is to be provide examples, such at “tiki”.

Regarding the issue of the Independent Objector, the words 'suitable' and 'well-resourced' to be included.

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