The Survey Group will be responsible for putting together a survey to determine the global and regional issues within the At-Large Structures (ALSes) as well as capacity building needs. This group should be also responsible for designing, in conjunction with the ROI group, a feedback form to capture summit impressions from attending ALSes.


  1. Suggested parameters: Answering the survey should be mandatory for those ALSes interested in participating. The survey could include a section requesting feedback from ALSes on how to improve their inclusion into ICANN work, communication among themselves and between themselves and their RALO leadership, and the ALAC. It could also request ideas for outreach.

  2. OUTCOME: a list of major topics and issues to be discussed during plenary conferences, workshops and Regional General Assemblies (RGAs) which will help drive the event schedule and its content. Also, it should generate a feedback form to capture summit feedback from attending ALSes.

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ATLAS II Survey Results and Analysis


Team Members of ATLAS II Survey Group



Wolf LudwigChair  X  
Baudoin SchombeMember X    
Victor NdonnangMember X    
Fatima CambroneroMember    X 
Satish BabuMember  X   
Natalia EncisoMember    X 
Sergio Salinas PortoMember   X 
Dev Anand TeelucksinghMember   X 

Johnny Laureano

Member   X 
Cheryl Langdon-OrrMember X   
Roberto GaetanoMember   X  
Jordi IparraguirreMember  X  
Siranush VardanyanMember  X   
Christopher WilkinsonMember  X  

Dharma Dailey

Member    X
Matthieu CamusMember  X  
Samvel MartirosyanMember X   
Narine KhachatryanMember X   

Next meeting: 07 November 2013

Last meeting: 29 October 2013


ATLAS II Survey WG - Meetings








Add questions, data and ideas for the Survey in this table :

Questions and Ideas for the SurveyIdea Suggested by

Attached please find a very first draft 

of an ATLAS II Survey Questionnaire and 

a preliminary compilation of questions 

which may be useful or needed for such a 

bottom-up exercise to involve our member 

community in the agenda setting and 

program planning for ATLAS II.

Draft (June 2013)Wolf and Olivier
Consolidated Draft: CBWG and ATLAS II (September 2013)Tijani
FINAL DRAFT (English) 
FINAL DRAFT (Français) 
FINAL DRAFT (Español) 



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  1. To add to the last paragraph of the Preamble:


    " Any information you provide will remain confidential. It will be used only to prepare a summary of results. No individual information will be published." add

    or disclosed to third parties without the express consent of the respondent.

    Question 13: Besides language needs should be add in the same question or in another, about any other special needs (accesibility)


  2. All: 


    I am including here excerpts from an email sent by JJ on May 3, 2013 with regards to the ATLAS II theme:


    This central theme should

    - be broad enough to address the main concerns of the general Internet user

    -       - allow for more detailed development of some topical issues, as necessary

    -       - draw conclusions in the form of action items (for the ALAC and/or At-Large structures) or recommendations (to the Board, or to the attention of our entire community) on those points which Atlas-2 will have identified as requiring such action.

    In suuporting Sandra’s suggestion that the ALAC have an « over-arching theme » for Atlas-2, I had suggested we consider « the global public interest ». However, as there is some unease in various parts of ICANN about the definition and scope of this expression, I wish to make a more specific proposal regarding such a central theme. This would underline

    -       - that the ALAC is the « natural home » of the general Internet user,

    -       - that, while the ALAC often engages in highly technical work, it also provides a broader view to its community,

    -       - that Atlas-2 is one such opportunity to deliver a broader view.


    Central theme « Global Internet: the user perspective »

    Separate sessions (in no particular order of importance)

    -       - The Domain Name Business: the user perspective

    -       - New gTLDs, WHOIS, Compliance: ditto

    -       - IDN Variants: ditto

    -       - Privacy Rights: ditto

    -       - ICANN as an evolving structure: ditto

    -       - In a global Internet, how global is ICANN?: ditto

    Each of these sessions could be organized as a panel discussion. On some panels, we should invite a few renowned people from outside ICANN, and even outside Internet circles, in order to bring a truly global perspective (e.g. on Internet Privacy Rights, we could call upon community or NGO leaders on human rights, civil liberties, censorship, etc.). 

    Concluding session

    -       - Brief résumé of each session, highlighting action items & recommendations

    - The way ahead (future challenges, from the user perspective)