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Question 2.1 (Olivier Crepin Leblond) - with most popular subjects in order

Question 2.1 (Olivier Crepin-Leblond) - analysis of "other" category

Question 2.1 (Tijani Ben Jemaa) – unsorted but with list of comments below

Question 2.3 (Roberto Gaetano)

Question 2.4 (Dev Anand Teelucksingh)

Question 2.5 (Siranush Vardanyan)

Question 2.6 (Tijani Ben Jemaa)

Question 2.7 (Tijani Ben Jemaa)

Question 2.8 (Wolf Ludwig)

Question 3.1 (Natalia Enciso) 

Question 3.2 (Yuliya Morenets) 

Question 3.3 (Tijani Ben Jemaa)




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