Sergio Salinas Porto:hello everybody
  Matt Ashtiani:hello jean-jacques and sergio!
  Eduardo Diaz:Hola from Eduardo Diaz
  Matt Ashtiani:hola eduardo
  Jean-Jacques:hi Matt, Heidi, Marilyn, Olivier, Sergio, Gareth, Tijani...
  Tijani:Hi Jean Jacques and all
  Marilyn Vernon:Hello Jean Jacques!
  Alan Greenberg:I will likely not be on this call until the end of the post-JAS drafting group call.
  Evan Leibovitch:Greetings. I'll be with Alan but monitoring this chatroom
  Heidi Ullrich:At 14:05 UTC we have reached quorum
  sylvia herlein:hello everybody from Brazil
  Heidi Ullrich:Hi Sylvia!
  Matt Ashtiani:hello JJS!
  Sergio Salinas Porto:hello jean jacques, matt, eduardo, tijani, alan, evan, heidi & sylvia
  Jean-Jacques:could someone have the operator call me please? +33678107085
  Marilyn Vernon:Noted JJS
  Dave Kissoondoyal:Hi all
  Evan Leibovitch:on the alac call now
  Marilyn Vernon:noted Evan, thanks!
  CLO:JJS  dod you get your dial out?
  Jean-Jacques:no not yet
  Heidi Ullrich:Link to the July 2011 Action items:
  Marilyn Vernon:CLO the operator is dialing JJ now.
  Tijani:Can you please tell Adigo to call me on +216 70 825 231?
  Tijani:I'm still waiting
  Jean-Jacques:Marilyn, I was into the call, but then the line was dropped. Call me again please?
  Heidi Ullrich:This is Jamie, the interpreter
  Marilyn Vernon:noted JJS
  Marilyn Vernon:Tijani the operator is trying to reach you
  Heidi Ullrich:Hi Dave! Welcome.
  Heidi Ullrich:Dev Anand has joined the call on EN
  Heidi Ullrich:Welcome, Dev.
  Sergio Salinas Porto:hi dev!
  Matt Ashtiani:
  Marilyn Vernon:FYI - Edmon Chung has left the call.
  Heidi Ullrich:Thanks, Olivier and Matt for the new format of AIs.
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Hello Evereyone!
  Jean-Jacques:I suggest we vote now, if we have the RALO recommendation
  Jean-Jacques:oh, my line was just dropped...
  Eduardo Diaz:Can someone post the link to these reports?
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Sorry :,%20RALOs%20and%20Liaisons
  CLO 2:they are all in wiki pages  Edwardo  and linked from the AGemda
  Dave Kissoondoyal:As usual Dev is very prompt in pasting the links
  CLO:my ccNSO Liason one os here
  Heidi Ullrich:Matt will aim to start the ALS vote within 24-48 hours
  Heidi Ullrich:PC on Strategic Plan:
  Heidi Ullrich:At-Large wiki workspace on the 2012-2015 Strategic Plan:
  Heidi Ullrich:AT-Large Improvements Workspace:
  Heidi Ullrich:Work Team C focused on the Strategic Planning:
  CLO:Yes Tijabi  I was going to make that pont as well\
  sylvia herlein:we are working on this in LACRALO
  Oksana Prykhodko:great
  Oksana Prykhodko:i am in the call
  Evan Leibovitch:I wish to be on the record advancing that the Strategic Plan is a complete sham and that our participation in it is a total waste of time. What is the point of spending a single person-minute on the SP if ICANN routinely ignores it at execution time?
  Evan Leibovitch:Existing Strategic Plans would do quite fine and don't need to be refreshed. A lack of will to execute the plan -- regardless of how it is crafted -- make the whole SP creation process moot.
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:
  Evan Leibovitch:As I am on another call and multi-tasking here, I would appreciat if someone could read this PoV into the record at the first appropriate moment
  Heidi Ullrich:Link to At-Large Summit page, including At-Large Declaration:
  CLO:there is a s  resonence with the 7/8 topics  in the famework  and our ALAC  statements  from the at-Large Summit declarations  Yes  OCL
  Heidi Ullrich:Would the ALAC like to have an At-Large community call on the Strategic Plan in addition to having Kurt on the regional calls?
  Sergio Salinas Porto 2:good idea
  Evan Leibovitch:has my comment been read into the record?
  Heidi Ullrich:Staff will be sending the At-Large wiki worspace on the Strategic Plan to the regions
  Evan Leibovitch:i'm here and can say it mysrelf :-)
  CLO:JJS  I was about to offer the same thing :)  great minds  :)
  Gareth Shearman:My line has dropped - trying to reestablish
  Heidi Ullrich:Gareth, please let us know if you need a dial out
  Alan Greenberg:On call now.
  Heidi Ullrich:Welcome, Alan!
  Gareth Shearman:Thanks Heidi - I am back and OK at the moment
  Heidi Ullrich:ok, thanks
  Heidi Ullrich:Carlton has joined the call.
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:thanks
  Tijani:I'm droped
  Tijani:Can you please ask adigo to call back
  Heidi Ullrich:Yes, Tijani
  Tijani:Thank you Heidi
  Heidi Ullrich:Adigo is dialing you now
  Sandra Hoferichter:The line is terrible today -  my line only?
  Marilyn Vernon:Sandra, we will have the oprator check your line.
  Sandra Hoferichter:Thanks
  Tijani:it was very bad from the beginning
  Tijani:the voice of Olivier is ached
  Eduardo Diaz:I can hear you well.
  Tijani:and I'm still waiting for Adigo
  Oksana Prykhodko:i have also technical problems i support icann academy i need more information in russian
  Marilyn Vernon:for those who are having problems Adigo is checking the line
  Tijani:bt Ined t be on thebrige now
  Tijani:*but I need to be on the bridge now
  CLO 2:It was SFO
  Marilyn Vernon:tijani, the operator is having trouble reaching you on your office line
  Marilyn Vernon:they are now trying your mobile and then home#
  Alan Greenberg:Can someone give me the URL to the new Wiki page of draft PEDNR comment?
  Marilyn Vernon:Tijani is back on
  Evan Leibovitch:If there is something to be done at the Toronto meeting I may be able to help with local logistics.
  CLO 2:Sorry Alan  I must have been dreaming   can't  find any sign of it :-(
  Alan Greenberg:ok. I couldn't see it either, so good to have confirmation that *I* am not dreaming.
  CLO 2:perhaps we dream together ;-)
  Alan Greenberg:After 3 cups of coffee, I shouldn't be!  ;-)
  Alan Greenberg:  Kinky!
  Oksana Prykhodko:my full support to Sandra!
  sylvia herlein:agree
  Sandra Hoferichter:<
  Evan Leibovitch:Re: timing for the academy... may be best for a bit before AND a bit after:
  sylvia herlein:@sandra is not working
  Evan Leibovitch:Before to give people some idea what to expect and introductions
  sylvia herlein:the link
  Carlton Samuels:5 voting members!
  Sandra Hoferichter:indeed the link nis not working
  Sandra Hoferichter:could staff please check the link for the ICANN Academy
  Oksana Prykhodko:Sandra, it's great!
  Heidi Ullrich:
  CLO 2:Section 4. CRITERIA FOR SELECTION OF NOMINATING COMMITTEE DELEGATESDelegates to the ICANN Nominating Committee shall be:1. Accomplished persons of integrity, objectivity, and intelligence, with reputations for sound judgment and open minds, and with experience and competence with collegial large group decision-making;2. Persons with wide contacts, broad experience in the Internet community, and a commitment to the success of ICANN;3. Persons whom the selecting body is confident will consult widely and accept input in carrying out their responsibilities;4. Persons who are neutral and objective, without any fixed personal commitments to particular individuals, organizations, or commercial objectives in carrying out their Nominating Committee responsibilities;5. Persons with an understanding of ICANN's mission and the potential impact of ICANN's activities on the broader Internet community who are willing to serve as volunteers, without compensation other than the reimbursement of certain expenses; and6. Persons
  Oksana Prykhodko:I did check this link today morning
  Carlton Samuels:
  Eduardo Diaz:
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:The shortened version workls
  Matt Ashtiani:
  Matt Ashtiani:
  Tijani:Droped again
  Sandra Hoferichter:I droped again, could you pleasecall me again?
  Tijani:Are they going to call back?
  Eduardo Diaz:Carlso Vera from LACRALO was selected already by a 50.3% vote
  Tijani:+216 70 825 231
  Eduardo Diaz:and Glenn is the only one nominated by NARALO
  Sergio Salinas Porto:call me please i{m out
  Tijani:pleeeeese let them call me
  CLO 2:Remeber Edmon is a 7th yes
  Tijani:ok, I'm on the bridge
  CLO 2:Tijani   OK
  Evan Leibovitch:Sergio: the current vote is to approve the three NomCom candidates who have been out forward for NA, EU and AF regions
  CLO 2:I was going to start  typing via skype  woth you
  Carlton Samuels:@Eduardo:  That was a non-binding preference by LACRALO.  It is the ALAC that nominates eventually
  Sandra Hoferichter:I am back in the call
  Marilyn Vernon:Sergio, the operator is dialing out to you now
  Eduardo Diaz:@Carlton: thanks for the clarification
  Sergio Salinas Porto:back one
  Evan Leibovitch:Sergio: we will do the other regions next. This is just for the three regions where only one name has been put forward
  Sandra Hoferichter:I was out of the calll and missed the item
  Ron Sherwood:Please can I receive a new dial out? The call was dropped. Thanks
  Sandra Hoferichter:yes
  CLO 2:We seem to have lots of issues with the lines today
  Sandra Hoferichter:aftet the call
  Matt Ashtiani:I believe it has already passed: Agree: OCL, Carlton, CLO, D. Kissoondoyal, Leibovitch, Gareth, Sylvia, Tijani, Edmon, Sandra
  Carlton Samuels:Any ALAC member may ask for another vote.  But the entire mebership has the right to vote on that also!
  Evan Leibovitch:@Sergio: What is your opposition to Yrjo, Mohammed and Glenn?
  Carlton Samuels:@Dave Kiss...need to put down your hand!
  Dave Kissoondoyal:I propose that we do an anonymous poll for the remaining regions
  Carlton Samuels:@Dave Kissoon: please...
  Carlton Samuels:OK done
  Dave Kissoondoyal:@Carlton - Thanks
  CLO 2:REGIONS  do not choose  ALAC  does  Regions  can poout forward  names that is all we ALAC  has choosen outside of such lisy=ts before and we can again
  Sergio Salinas Porto:sorry, I was wrong
  Carlton Samuels:@Tijani:  The vote will be recorded, just not the detail of the vote
  Dave Kissoondoyal:I am in favour for secret vote as well
  Dave Kissoondoyal:the vote will be recorded but with no mention of the members who have voted to any specific candidates
  Carlton Samuels:@Alan:  +1.  Support the need for people with deep experience in ICANN matters!!
  CLO:Yes indeed!
  Evan Leibovitch:@alan: IMO a mix of necomers and "old timers" is called for.
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Agree with Alan
  Tijani:fully agree
  CLO:and we also MUST consider the criteria
  Carlton Samuels:The NomCom is probably the most imporant place where experience is a real plus!
  Evan Leibovitch:Too many newcomers and there is no continuity. Too many insiders makes the focus too narrow
  CLO:I personally think a BP  vote for next 48-72 hrs  is onky way to go on this
  Carlton Samuels:@CLO: Yes, call the BP vote
  sylvia herlein:agree with sergio
  Alan Greenberg:I beleive that the ALAC rules of Procedure REQUIRE a secret vote on issues related to people.
  Eduardo Diaz:What is consider experience in ICANN ?
  CLO:Yes  unless we have consensus  and we go to vote as I said in my intro it must be such a CLOSED  VOTE
  Dave Kissoondoyal:Disgree with Sergio
  Carlton Samuels:@Segio:  Sergio is incorrect!
  Carlton Samuels:the ALAC RoP does NOT say so!!
  Jean-Jacques:CLO, absolutely !
  Dave Kissoondoyal:100% clear CLO
  Evan Leibovitch:I am trying to track down the RoP document
  sylvia herlein:Ok about the secret vote,  but what about the preference of LACRALO members about the especific candidate?
  Marilyn Vernon:ALL: friendly reminder that the interpreters have a hard stop in 5 minutes.
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:thanks
  Evan Leibovitch:Got it:
  Sergio Salinas Porto:ok, only was just a suggestion
  Evan Leibovitch:10.2: All voting in elections will be CONFIDENTIAL
  Evan Leibovitch:It's not a matter of agreement.
  Evan Leibovitch:There is nothing to agree to
  sylvia herlein:50,8% is already a preference of LACRALO
  Carlton Samuels:@CLO: Yes, it is noted!
  Evan Leibovitch:Next on the agenda: agreement  that the earth revolves around the sun
  CLO:we know the RALO preferences  for AP an LAC
  Carlton Samuels:@Evan..and if there is another idea, I will be the one to mumble "yet still it moves"...
  CLO:and we will transmit  names as soon as quorate ?  or at the end of the 48 hrs??
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:48h
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:This is to make sure all votes are accounted for
  Evan Leibovitch:Also consider that the ALAC Executive Coimmittee has also considered the names submitted and itself has come to other conclusions and other recommendations in the case of the LA and AP regions.
  Sergio Salinas Porto:im out call me pleasse
  Jean-Jacques:lost the line too
  Evan Leibovitch:1638
  Marilyn Vernon:1638#
  Ron Sherwood:No telephone contact Bye evereyone.
  sylvia herlein:TKS
  Jean-Jacques:OCL, is the meeting still on? My line has been dropped.
  Carlton Samuels:Somthing happening on Adigo!
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:yes the meeting is still
  Sandra Hoferichter:no voice?
  Alan Greenberg::-)
  Heidi Ullrich:apologies, everyone
  Dave Kissoondoyal:Sorry i need to go
  Dave Kissoondoyal:Bye to all
  Sandra Hoferichter:back
  Seth Greene:Yes, Jean-Jacques, it is still on.
  Eduardo Diaz:I understand that ALAC has the final saying on who goes to the NomCom and other positions but if ALAC selects somebody different from what the RALO is suggesting is going to send a sour message back to those that voted in the region. Just for my curiosity: Has it happened before that ALAC selected a different person than the one preferred by the RALO?
  Jean-Jacques:thanks Seth. I've asked Marilyn to have the operator call me again (5th time today)
  sylvia herlein:agree with eduardo
  Sergio Salinas Porto:agree fwhit eduardo too
  Jean-Jacques:ah, got my ears back.
  CLO:and @Edwrdo  that is why when we do it and we have before  we do so for good reason and not lightly considered
  Carlton Samuels:@Eduardo: Yes, ALAC has in fact done it before
  Evan Leibovitch:The quick answer is: yes, that has happened in the past. That is why this is an ALAC appointment and not a RALO one.
  Ron Sherwood:I asked the operator  for a different trunk line, and she called back with a clear connection
  Jean-Jacques:connection: same here, thanks.
  Carlton Samuels:But just so we rememebr, ALAC consists of 5 'independent' members plus 10 'regional' appointments.
  Carlton Samuels:the ALAC as a group is NOT bound to accept the ideas of any one region, member, or group
  Eduardo Diaz:Then there is something broken in the process. The RALOs should just nominate their people and then send them to ALAC for its final selection. Otherwise, we are sending the wrong signal to the RALOs.
  Alan Greenberg:I am not completely sure that the ALAC has rejected RALO preference. But there was a case where a RALO could not come to consensus on a selection and in that case, both names went to the ALAC for discussion. In that case, the RALO did present to the ALAC the pros and cons on the candidates to allow the ALAC members to make the decision.
  Carlton Samuels:@Eduardo:  this IS the process!  Just that some of our members are mistaken that a recommendation means an instruction!
  Jean-Jacques:Carlton +1
  Alan Greenberg:When I said the RALO could not come to aconsensus, I mean just that. There WAS a prefernce identified, but it was far from unanimous.
  Sandra Hoferichter:droped again, but have to leave now anyway by by and hear you soon!
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:ok
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:thanks
  Jean-Jacques:Same here Tijani, although I'm in France.
  Jean-Jacques:Tijani +1
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:I note that LACRALO calls have had similiar problems with dropped communication with translation not hearing each other
  Ron Sherwood:I am on a U.S.   trunk line and the quality problems are the same
  Eduardo Diaz:@Carlton : That is my point.  RALOs are voting on something that at the end may or may no have any final consequence going forward.
  Jean-Jacques:OCL, I suggest our Chair report to the Chair and CEO of ICANN that these connection problems are of particular concern to ALAC which, by its nature, is highly distributed geographically.
  Carlton Samuels:@Alan re JAS Staff support:  +1
  Carlton Samuels:There was always a concern that JAS was destined to fail by some interests
  Jean-Jacques:OCL, see my remark above please?
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:thanks Jean Jacques
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:Let's make it an Actio Item
  Evan Leibovitch:It's unfortunately that asking Kurt directly for additioonal staff support in Singapore did not succeed and this escalation was required. But I happy that eventually Rod came through.
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:Matt -> please action Item for me to report to Chair & CEO of ICANN re: connection problems being of particular concern to ALAC whic, byits nature, is highly distributed geographically
  Carlton Samuels:@Eduardo:  You're correct.  And the way to avoid ths is to have a consensus BEFORE we report.  However I now understand that the conccept of 'concensus' for  LACRALO is a majority vote, no matter how fundamentally flawed the question we are answering!
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:lol
  Jean-Jacques:ALAC = At Large Amusement Conference ?
  Evan Leibovitch:This medicine is niiiiice......
  Ron Sherwood:We've been hacked
  Jean-Jacques:This wiki is leaking...
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:LOL
  Evan Leibovitch:So is Sophia
  Heidi Ullrich:Sorry, everyone. Sophia had just picked a flower which I thought was very impressive!
  Marilyn Vernon:awe :-)
  Marilyn Vernon:we had fun listening in
  Jean-Jacques:Heidi, joy!
  Alan Greenberg:Flowers are important!
  Seth Greene:Olivier, I believe Heidi will be back in full for the scheduling of the Dakar meetings.
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:thanks
  Heidi Ullrich:yes, I will be back 1 Sept
  Carlton Samuels:@Alan: as CLO says, SNAFU!
  Carlton Samuels::D
  Carlton Samuels:@OCL:  My time on the Ex-Com call will be very short
  CLO:were not dong ExCom  straight after this  but at 2000 UTC  on your Thur
  Matt Ashtiani:hi all, i have no idea why you cannot hear me so i will type my response regarding travel to dakar. in essence, i said that i expect CT to launch very shortly - within a week or so.
  Carlton Samuels:@CLO: Thanks, I migh've been looking at an old mail then
  Jean-Jacques:where has he gone (former Chair) ?
  Eduardo Diaz:Need to go. Bye every one.
  Carlton Samuels:@JJS: Exec Chair of Mind + Machines
  CLO:Minds and Machines CEO
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Have to go. Take care all
  Matt Ashtiani:be safe dev!
  CLO:This is the matter I was refering to in my AOB  from ccNSO  call
  Gareth Shearman:I must leave the call
  Carlton Samuels:@CLO: Yes, I made the connection
  Alan Greenberg:Not the only ex board member to loin board of registry organization.
  Alan Greenberg:loin = join
  Carlton Samuels:Gotta run now, see y'all
  CLO:or  0233  in MY time zone
  Heidi Ullrich:Thanks, everyone!
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Thanks, Matt
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:take care all
  Marilyn Vernon:Thanks All.

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