This new Workspace is the hub for all updates, documents, and work related to At-Large Improvements Work Team C.


The goal of the ALAC/At-Large Improvements project is to review and improve both ALAC/At-Large’s participation in ICANN and the ALSes’ participation in At-Large. This will be done through the implementation of the 13 recommendations outlined in the At-Large Review Work Group's Final Report and detailed in the Simplified At-Large Improvements Implementation Outline.

We have divided these recommendations among four work teams. Work Team C -- the work team on ALAC's planning processes -- is assigned the implementation of the following two recommendations:

Rec 5: ALAC should develop strategic/operational plans as part of ICANN’s planning process
Rec 6: At-Large should develop accurate cost models


The members of Work Team C, organized by regional affiliation, are:



WT A office


Tijani Ben Jemaa



Dave Kissoondoyal



Shaarawy Abd Elbaky



Fatimata Seye Sylla



Fouad Bajwa



Cheryl Langdon-Orr



Charles Mok



Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond



Rudi Vansnick



Jessel Ackbarali



Sylvia Herlein Leite



Dev Anand Teelucksingh



James Corbin



Freddy Linares Torres



Sergio Salinas Porto



Cintra Sooknanan



Gareth Shearman



Darlene Thompson



All four of the At-Large Improvements work teams hold regular conference calls that are:

  • 60 minutes long;
  • Scheduled once every two weeks (once every other week); and
  • Conducted in English.

Work Team C's calls are scheduled for every other Tuesday at 20:00 UTC. (The first call was during the week of 30th August.)

Next Meeting:  02 March 2011

Previous Meetings:
16 February 2011
02 February 2011
19 January 2011
04 January 2011
6 December 2010
23 November 2010
26 October 2010
12 October 2010

Previous Work Team C calls


WG guidelines

GNSO Working Group Guidelines_ver 5 Feb 2010.pdf

ALAC Review

Final Report of the ALAC Review WG on ALAC Improvements

At-Large Improvements

Status of ALAC Improvements Implementation_rev 6.pdf

Simplified At-Large Improvements Outline (complete)

WT C recommendations

WT C At-Large Simplified Improvements Outline

Recommendation task 5.3.1 (ALAC and staff should develop an annual support agreement):
Input from Staff (Samantha Eisner and Olof Nordling)

WT C status reports

WT C Cartagena Presentation plus Flowcharts

WT C San Francisco Presentation (March 2011)

WT C table of recommendations to the ALAC (July 2011)

WT C process diagrams

WT C's Google Docs folder, containing all process diagrams

Before Strategy and Budget_v2 draft

Before Strategy and Budget_v1

Current Strategic Planning (as of FY12)_v2 draft

Current Strategic Planning (as of FY12)_v1

Current Budget Planning (as of FY12) v2 draft

Current Budget Planning (as of FY12) v1

WT C SWOT analyses

Strategic plan for WT C (SWOT description; Crepin-Leblond_26 Sep 2010)

WT C's SWOT Analysis_ver 1 (raw data) (for input from WT C members)

WT C's SWOT Analysis_ver 2 (consolidated & reorganized)

WT C's SWOT Analysis_ver 3  (input from both WT C & RALOs; consolidated & reorganized)

RALOs' ALS input into SWOT analyses (actually housed on RALO Workspaces)

AFRALO's ALS input into SWOT analyses

APRALO's ALS input into SWOT analyses

EURALO's ALS input into SWOT analyses

LACRALO's ALS input into SWOT analyses

NARALO's ALS input into SWOT analyses

Budget process

Documents related to the ALAC Finance and Budget Subcommittee's 2007 proposals regarding ALAC and ALS budgetary management

  • On this wiki page, see the heading "Previous Correspondence Related to Finance and Budget Matters."

22 Sep 2010_Tijani Ben Jemaa - Kevin Wilson e-mails (intro. WT C).pdf

FY12 Operating Plan & Budget

FY12 Summary of SO-AC-SG requests - 17 May 2011

At-Large FY12 Budget Development Workspace - 2011

ALAC Statement on Proposed Framework for FY12 Operating Plan & Budget (final; April 2011)

Transmittal e-mail for ALAC Statement on Proposed Framework for FY12 Operating Plan & Budget

Opening of vote on ALAC Statement on Proposed Framework for FY12 Operating Plan & Budget

Workspace on ALAC Statement on Proposed Framework for FY12 Operating Plan & Budget

Related meetings/calls

FY12 Budget call (re additional At-Large requests):  05 May 2011

ICANN Strategic Planning Review with ALAC (9 Nov 2010)

FY12 Operating Plan and Budget Kickoff - ALAC (23 Nov 2010)

ALAC & Regional Leadership FY12 Budget Development Meeting (8 Dec 2010, Cartagena) 


For more information

For more information regarding the work of At-Large Improvements Work Team C, please contact:

Seth Greene
At-Large Improvements Project Manager
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

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