Current Activities

31 January 2011: The ExCom publishes the Draft At-Large FY12 Budget Proposal.

20 January 2011: The ALAC asks the RALOs to submit the regional budget proposals for FY12

Past Activities

The public consultation on the FY2010/11 Operating Plan and Budget is now open and the F&B Committee is preparing the Draft ALAC Statemetent.

The ALAC asked the regional leaders to provide input for the Draft ALAC Statement on the ICANN Budget for FY11

Previous Correspondence Related to Finance and Budget Matters

09-01-2008 Development Cycle for Next Fiscal Year's Budget and Operations Plan .pdf

Email of D Michel to all ACs and SOs on the process for providing input to development of the 2008/2009 Budget of ICANN.

30-01-2008 Further Information on At-Large Community Input into ICANN Budgeting and Operational Plans.pdf

Follow-up email of N Ashton-Hart with further information on budget and opertional plan input from the community for the 2008/2009 cycle)

PLEASE SEE ALSO the following communications that resulted from the publishing of the minutes of the 29th June 2007 Budget Committee Meeting, which has put on hold some deadline activites until further meetings with regards to this matter.

Email letter in response to the minutes of the Finance and Budget SC.pdf
Reply sent to Denise Re Finance and Budget Minutes.pdf

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