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Title of Proposed Activity



Workshop on the impact of the new Internet (IPV6, IDN, new gTLDs) on the development and daily life of underserved communities



Community Requestor Name



Aziz Hilali

ICANN Staff Community Liaison


Heidi Ullrich





request description



1. Activity: Please describe your proposed activity in detail

Organizing a workshop at the upcoming Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul early September 2014 addressing the possible impact of the new Internet (IPV6, IDN, new gTLDs) on the development and daily life of underserved communities


2. Type of Activity: e.g. Outreach -Education/training - Travel support - Research/Study -  Meetings - Other

We can consider this activity as an outreach operation that will give ICANN more credibility, visibility and trust. Our contribution in the last  2 years was very successful. It will require travel support to keep up the success for this 3rdworkshop.


3. Proposed Timeline/Schedule: e.g.one time activity, recurring activity

One time activity




request objectives




1. Strategic Alignment. Which area of ICANN’s Strategic Plan does this request support?

A Healthy Internet Governance Eco-System:

  • Strategic Objectives:
    • Strive to be an exemplary international multi-stakeholder organization
    • Increase stakeholder diversity and cross-stakeholder work
    • Enhance trust in ICANN’s stewardship
    • Ease of global participation
  • Strategic Projects:
    • Enhance cooperation in Internet Governance
  • Community Works
    • Increase multi-stakeholder participation
    • On-boarding of participants
    • Increase contributions to international forums



2. Demographics. What audience(s), in which geographies, does your request target?

The audience will be composed of participants in the IGF 2014 (from all over the world), and it will be in Istanbul (Turkey)


3. Deliverables. What are the desired outcomes of your proposed activity?

It will be the contribution of the ICANN community in this important international forum, perhaps one of the most important fora. It will give ICANN more visibility, credibility and trust by demonstrating that the ICANN community and the African community in this case, has its say in ICANN and elsewhere. Its active participation in the debate about the Multi-stakeholder model of internet governance during the various IGF was really appreciated at the global level


4. Metrics. What measurements will you use to determine whether your activity achieves its desired outcomes?

The attendance, the debate and the echo of the workshop could be the metrics of success of the workshop.


Resource Planning – incremental to accommodate  this request

StaffSupportNeeded(not including subject matter expertise):




Costs basis or parameters

Additional Comments
















Subject Matter Expert Support:


Technology Support:(telephone, Adobe Connect, web streaming, etc.)


Language Services Support:






Travel Support:







Travel support for 5 persons

October 2013

Airfare + Accommodation + Per Diem

5 Air Tickets              5 accommodations    5 Per Diems



Potential/planned Sponsorship Contribution:


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