Given the resignation of Sarah Kiden due to professional reasons, the position of Interim ALAC Member for AFRALO is to be selected. 

IMPORTANT: The following shall be the process for posting and accepting nominations for APRALO positions:

  1. Nominations, including self-nominations, must be made directly to the <> list. Any current subscriber to this list can make nominations.

  2. Nominators must also post the nomination at the directly on the 2023 AFRALO Interim ALAC Representative Selection workspace, or by sending a mail to At-Large staff;

  3. A nominee who opts to accept his/her nomination must do so by replying directly to the said mailing list, with a copy to At-Large staff, and must complete or update their Statement of Interest (see: At-Large New SOIs Workspace).   

  4. Apart from the nomination and the acceptance, additional messages  to the said mailing list expressing support for any candidate are not required; and

  5. For accepted nominations, candidates should also share a brief expression of interest to the said mailing list with a copy to At-Large staff. 

AFRALO Selection Timetable for 2023* 

  • 24 May 2023 -  Announcement of call for nominations and Nominee's Statement.*

  • 24 May - 7 June - Nomination period (nominations accepted for 10 working days). 

  • 14 June 2023 - Deadline for nomination acceptances.

  • 05 July 2023 - Call with the candidates.

  • 06 -13 July 2023 - Elections (If required, elections will begin no later than one week after the deadline for nomination acceptances and end no later than two weeks after that deadline). 

  • 14 July 2023 - Newly elected ALAC Member shall be seated immediately upon selection given the vacant position. 


  1. All nominees are expected to submit a brief statement explaining why they believe they are a suitable candidate and must also complete or update their Statement of Interest (see: At-Large New SOIs Workspace

Interim ALAC Position

PositionRole Previously Held By


Nominated By

Date AcceptedStatement of InterestResultsTerm to Serve
Interim ALAC Member (RALO Selected)

Sarah Kiden

Not eligible for re-appointment)

Beran Dondeh Gillen Isaac Maposa

Withdrew on  



Raïhanath Gbadamassi by election. 
Day of Selection - AGM2024Day of Selection - AGM2024
Remmy NwekeRaymond Mamattah


Raïhanath Gbadamassi

Olévié A. A. Kouami


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