Date: Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Time: 12:30 - 13:30 UTC  (For the time in various time zones, click here)

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Please note - change in connection details: for all languages, dial into the Adigo line, press 1638 and the Adigo operator will ask you which language channel you prefer and transfer you to the appropriate language channel.

English Conference ID = 1638

Spanish Conference ID: 1638

Zoom Link: / Password: SMWG-27Jul


EN: Shah Rahman, Olévié Kouami, Priyatosh Jana, Alfredo Calderon, Princess Lovia Tetteh, Bukola Oronti, Sivasubramanian Muthusamy,  Bakary Kouyate, Isaac Apenteng, Lavish Mawuena Mensah, Bright Kportikla, Benjamin Chukwu, Shreedeep Rayamajhi, Daniel Nanghaka, Laura Margolis, Mohammed Awal Alhassan, Mahanaim Chapel, Carine L. Malor, Samwel Kariuki, Adebunmi Akinbo, Sarah Kiden, Hadia Elminiawi

ES: Harold Arcos

Apologies: Pari Esfandiari, Lilian Ivette De Luque, Denise de Alcantara Hochbaum,

Staff: Gisella Gruber, Claudia Ruiz, Yeşim Sağlam

ES Interpreters: Claudia & Lilian

Call Management: Yeşim Sağlam

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Recording: EN, ES

Transcript: EN, ES


  1. Welcome and  Roll Call - Staff (2 mins)

  2.  Identify how SM Team will distribute key messages to their Communities

  3. Ensure Regions Sessions are Highlighted / with Policy Leaders

  4. Effective Communication ALAC bilaterals Sessions with the ccNSO, GNSO and the GAC etc at ICANN76

  5. Next Meeting (2 mins)

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