Date: Thursday, 19 May 2022

Time: 17:00 - 18:00 UTC  (For the time in various time zones, click here)

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Please note - change in connection details: for all languages, dial into the Adigo line, press 1638 and the Adigo operator will ask you which language channel you prefer and transfer you to the appropriate language channel.

English Conference ID = 1638

Spanish Conference ID: 1638

Zoom Link: / Password: SMWGCall#1


EN: Eduardo Diaz, Denise Hochbaum, Bukola Oronti, Dave Kissoondoyal, Glenn McKnight, Joan Katambi, Lavish Mawuena Mensah, Oliviere Kouami, Priyatosh Jana, Samwel Kariuki, Sarah Kiden

ES: Lilian de luque

Apologies: Maureen Hilyard

Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Claudia Ruiz, Michelle DeSmyter

Call Management: Michelle DeSmyter

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Recording: EN, ES

Transcript: EN, ES


  1. Welcome and  Roll Call - Staff (2 mins)

  2. ICANN73 Metrics and Results (10 mins)

    1. Video

    2. Presentation

  3. SMWG Discussion - ideas to get a systemic structure and improve. the outreach and metric results (15 mins)

    1.  Create SM messages for ICANN 74
      1. Propose to use the following resources to develop these
      2. ICANN74 - June 2022: Policy Forum
        1. At-Large Questions for ICANN74
        2. At-Large ICANN74 Social Media Engagement Toolkit
        3. At-Large Wiki Social Media Resources
        4. Presentation by Jonathan Zuck: "A Few Social Media Tips" (Starts at 27:40)
        5. Session details in ICANN 74 official schedule
  4. Recommendations (15 mins)

    1. Assign Responsibilities
      1. Define Metrics and how to measure them
      2. Why: to measure outreach and engagement
      3. Schedule emails and Twitter messages
    2. Timeline
    3. Use SM ICANN Working Table:
  5. Resources (5 mins)

    1. SM. ICANN73 working table:
    2. SM ICANN 72 working table:
    3. ICANN 72 SM Strategy:
    4. ICANN 72 SM toolkit:
    5. At-Large Wiki Social Media Resources
    6. ICANN 72 At-Large Social Media Results and Recommendations - ver1.0
  6. Next Meeting (2 mins)

Messages for ICANN74:


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