Date:  Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Time: 20:00 - 21:00 UTC (for the time in various time zones click here)

Meeting Number: AL.CB/WG.0120/1

English Conference ID = 1638

Spanish Conference ID = 1738

French Conference ID = 1838

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EN: Joanna Kulesza, Alfredo Calderon, Hadia Elminiawi, John More, Maureen Hilyard, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Pierre-Jean Darres, Natalia Filina, 

ES: Lilian Ivette De Luque, 


Apologies: Barrack Otieno, 

Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Gisella Gruber, Claudia Ruiz

Call Management: Claudia Ruiz 

ES Interpreters: Lilian and Marina

FR Interpreters: Aurélie and Jacques 


  1.   Roll Call and Administrative items - Staff (2 minutes)

  2. Welcome and Review of Agenda – Hadia EL Miniawi (3 minutes)

  3. Discuss possible topics for the webinars and agree on a topic for the first webinar – Hadia EL Miniawi & the webinar team (20 minutes)

  4. Discuss the issues that would be addressed under the first webinar selected topic - Hadia EL Miniawi & the webinar team (15minutes)

  5. Discuss the list of speakers and how to invite them - Alfredo Calderon (10 minutes)

  6. Agree on a date for the first webinar - Alfredo Calderon (6 minutes)

  7. AoB – Hadia EL Miniawi (2 minutes)

  8. Next Meeting – Hadia EL Miniawi (2 minutes)

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