Summit Working Group One Day Session

Cairo Meeting Agenda At-Large Community

Date: Saturday, 1 November 2008

Time: 0900 - 1800 Cairo Time

Meeting Number: AL.SU/CC.1108/1

Summary Minutes: Summary Minutes 01 November 2008

Action Items: None

Recording: English Spanish French

Interpretation (Simultaneous): EN, FR, ES

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Participants: At-Large Community


This special one day session is devoted to the final planning and discussion with WG Members and interested parties the details of the logistics and content development for the At-Large Summit to be held at the upcoming 2009 ICANN Meeting in Mexico.

  1. Adoption of the agenda
  2. Review and adoption of the 13 October 2008 Summary Minutes
  3. Review of the 13 October 2008 Action Items
  4. Results of the Summit Questionnaire: Full Results "PDF" "EXL", Summary Results alacsummitwg:PDF
  5. Discuss Suggestions made by Dharma Dailey. Her suggestions and further comments from can be found here
  6. Current Draft Agenda for the Summit. A draft schedule including the early logistics regarding space, room and meeting requirements can be found here
  7. ATLAS Summit Draft Budget
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