NARALO Monthly Teleconference

Date: Monday, 13 May 2013

Time: 19:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

How can I participate in this meeting? 1(800)550-6865, Teleconference ID: 1638

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Garth Bruen, Darlene Thompson, Gordon Chillcott, Allan Skuce, Glenn McKnight, Eduardo Diaz, Evan Leibovitch, Olivier Crépin-Leblond, Seth Reiss, Louis Houle, Joly MacFie, Annalisa Rogers, Tom Lowenhaupt, Murray McKercher

Apologies:  Alan Greenberg

Staff:  Heidi Ullrich,  Silvia Vivanco, Gisella Gruber, Matt Ashtiani

Call management: Gisella Gruber

Summary Minutes: Summary Minutes 13 May 2013 

Action Items: Action Items 13 May 2013

Transcript: EN 

Chat:  NARALO Chat transcript 13 May 2013

Recording: ENGLISH 


1. Welcome and Roll call - Staff (2 min)

2. Review of Action Items of call April 2012  - Darlene Thompson  (2 min)

2.1 NARALO Monthly call 2013.03.11

2.2 NARALO Monthly Report - April (Beijing/ICANN46) 2013

2.3 NARALO call time will observe DST until its end Sunday 3 November 2013 (See 12.2 for details)

2.4 Staff: Please archive all Monthly Meeting lists prior to 2012 under new sub-folders called "2009 NARALO Monthly Meetings," "2010 NARALO Monthly Meetings," "2011 NARALO Monthly Meetings" - These sub-folders should be under the "NARALO Meetings an Events Folder"

2.5 Staff: Please archive all the Toronto preparation activity under a new sub-folder

2.6 Staff: On the University Community Partnership for Social Action Research Due Diligence issue; Did legal ever resolve the question of their applicability?

2.7 Staff: Please advise on upcoming elections - Posts and Timeline

2.8 Staff: Please continue to develop the Active Documents section of NARALO

2.9 Darlene Thompson will be unavailable to attend the Durban meeting in person as Secretary. We will be calling for volunteers on THIS CALL to substitute. Staff: Please be prepared to tally an informal consensus vote.

2.10 Staff: Please move the comment by Thomas Lowenhaupt on the NARALO front page to a new page under "Miscellaneous" until we can determine the proper location. These are important comments which need to be preserved and categorized properly.

2.11 Staff: Please be prepared to record the consensus for the ISOC Canada ALS Application

2.12 Staff: The link for Operating Principles on the "RALO Organising Document" page leads to a dead link, please investigate and update.

3. ICANN46 Beijing Meeting (1 Minute)

3.1 Review of NARALO Meeting in Beijing, dedicated to Outreach/Inreach/Recruitment

3.1.1 Original meeting Agenda

3.1.2 Transcript

3.1.3 Review of Active and Non-Active ALSes (Unable to review)

3.1.4 Overview of ALS De-accreditation Procedures (Unable to review)

3.1.5 Disconnect Between "Individual Internet Users" and the reality of ALSe

3.1.6 ISOC Canada Application

4.  Review of Communication/Outreach Strategy (5 Minutes)

4.1 NARALO Communication Strategy Document: This work is never "done", we will constantly update and improve our communication. Please submit your comments to the Chair or directly into the document.

4.2 A discussion with Staff at Beijing resulted in agreeing to switch the ALS Application WORD document to an editable PDF form. This will eventually be replaced with an online form which is being discussed at the ALAC level. The NARALO chair is converting this document  NARALO and Staff will collaborate on an online application form for as individual NARALO members which will fill the requirments

4.3 Fellowship Program to include indigenous populations from NARALO

4.4 The Chair is in possession of 100 NARALO pamphlets. Once the new PDF form is complete and posted, the Chair will begin issuing contact letters in the format developed by the recruitment sub-committee to be sent to the organizations identified by NARALO at the Toronto session. The Chair will also hold an informal meeting in Boston (TBD) to meet with these groups.

5. Our Community (10 Minutes)

5.1 ALS Spotlight: Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities (fbsc) - Glenn McKnight. Click here for a PPT presentation of FBSC

5.1.1 Next Spotlight will be KnujOn again with a video to "reset" the cycle. (Garth)

5.1.2 Spotlights to follow will be assigned in alphabetical order. We will skip the July Spotlight just prior to the Durban meeting and begin the new cycle August. (Garth)

5.2 Status of ALS Applications & Regional Advice: on ISOC Canada (Staff)

5.2.1 Collect Consensus (Staff)

5.3 Substitute Secretary for Durban/ICANN47 (Darlene)

5.3.1 Call for Volunteers (Chair)

5.3.2 Consensus Vote (Staff)

5.4 Potential De-accreditation of The Alberta Community Network Association (Darlene)

5.3.1 Paragraph 16 of our Operating Principles state that: "When an ALS representative does not vote in 3 consecutive NARALO elections or does not contribute a comment on ICANN policy through collaboration on the At-Large discussion lists in 12 consecutive months, it automatically loses its voting rights and active status within the NARALO.  The ALS should be notified of the status change and may regain its voting rights and active status if within the next 12 months it votes or participates to online discussions, otherwise the Chair will submit to ALAC a request for de-certification of that ALS."

5.5 Elections, Elections, Elections (Darlene)

5.6  Adding Officers, Expanding Participation

5.6.1 Vice-Chair. Other regions have Vice-Chairs. The volume of work is expanding, the need for more support within this group is growing. Vice-Chairs are a common requirement for the GA. The Chair will draft language for updating the Operating Principles to be submitted to the region for review. We will follow the ROP and hopefully incorporate this post so it can part of the election this year.

5.6.2. Concept of a "Floating" Funded Post.

5.7 Cross-Ralo Relations (Communication Strategy IV)

6. The At-Large Summit & Durban ICANN47

6.1 The Summit will be at ICANN50 London, England 22-26 June 2014

6.2 ICANN47 Durban, South Africa 14-18 July 2013 

6.3 NARALO GA - TBD Location

7. New gTLDs (5 Minutes)

7.1 May 9th Webinar

7.2 Agenda for ICANN new gTLD Pgm Comm meeting in Amsterdam

8. Committee/Working Group Activity (1 Minute)

8.1 NOMCOM (Glenn)

8.2 Future Space for All WG/Committee Reports

9. At-Large Advisory Committee "ALAC" Issues (Olivier, Evan, Eduardo, Alan - 10 Minutes)

9.1 Policy Advice Development Page

9.2 Board-Stakeholder Action List

9.3 Comments into the ATRT: Open comment period , Interactive version of the same questions (Alan)

9.3.1 ATRT also welcomes any input relevant to the issues raised in the AoC section

9.4 Agenda for ICANN Board meeting 18 May 2013 in Amsterdam (Alan)

9.5 ATLAS 2: A call for volunteers to work in a WG that is being assembled

9.6 RoP Adjunct Document 04 - At-Large Structure Framework (Alan)

1. Document the dates of the ICNN Boaard resolutions on which the rules/process is based.

2. Change the tense of the 2nd paragraph to reflect ongoing operation instead of future plans (for example, replacing "The At-Large Structures are in the process of organising..." with "At-Large Structures are organised...".

3. Slight re-wording of the last paragraph to remove the personal form ("You may...").

4. Correcting a number of typos and missing punctuation. 

9.7 Population of At-Large mailing lists (Alan)

10. ICANN Functions (5 Minutes) (Communication Strategy III.5)

10.1 Compliance Tracking

10.1.1 Detailed Questions and Issue have been sent to the ICANN CEO but there has been no response. Posting of the documents in ICANN Correspondence has taken a LONG time, and so far only the cover letter and not the report have been posted.

10.2 Language and Translation (4 Minutes)

10.2.1 Requests from Louis H: Translation of the ICANN News Alert in Spanish and in French An abstract of the Naralo Monthly Meeting that we could post on our Web site (or RSS it), including some of the documents produced by ICANN, that we discuss and that would be worth translating to attract attention toward NARALO. Translate RAA and legal documents related to the RAA into French and Spanish Translations of Registrar/Registry documents in local languages(where the company operates) to avoid consumer disputes.

10.2.2 Preliminary Issue Report on Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information

10.3 Travel (8 Minutes)

10.3.1 Chair has created an ongoing Sub-Report on Travel issues and welcomes comments from the community. Thanks to assistance from Constituency Travel we were able to resolve a number of questions.

10.3.2 Sponsored members have submitted China visa and courier fee receipts to TC, when should they expect reimbursement? On tracking travel-related reimbursement, we need a better tracking system with full-disclosure. Conversations via Skype, etc, can't be tracked.

10.3.3 Travel Support Guidelines

11.  Any Other Business "AOB" (2 Minutes)

11.1 News

11.1.1 Whois Information Status Policy

11.1.2 FY14 Draft Operating Plan and Budget

11.1.3 NGPC Progress on GAC Advice

11.1.4 Dr. Vint Cerf on "Reinventing the Internet" (Joly)

11.1.5 ENDitorial: Last Call for the W3C Do Not Track process

11.1.6 DotGeen Beijing

11.1.7 How marketers track you on the internet

11.2 A Call for ICANN to Embrace its Inner Regulator (Evan)

11.3 "At-Large" and "AtLarge" As reserved strings (Tom L.)


12. Action Items

12.1. Going forward, let's list previous action items and not have a separate page - Staff: please list ALL additional action items from THIS call bellow this entry. And then list the same action items at the top of the NEXT meeting agenda.

12.2 Daylight Savings Time Details: Per previous vote these calls ALWAYS occur at 3PM EST REGARDLESS of Daylight Savings Time until otherwise noted. Explanation: Daylight Savings Time (DST) is a program which moves the official hour ahead by one during the summer to preserve more daylight in the evening. DST is not universally or equally observed. DST changes have occasionally caused confusion for  NARALO call times. For us this means specifically, we will be observing DST. The time of our call will remain 3:00PM EDT and 12:00PM PDT, but the UTC time of the call will change from 2000hrs to 1900hrs as of March until the end of DST.

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