Date: Tuesday, 09 April 2013

Time: 07:30 to 08:30 local time (for the time in various timezones click here)

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Summary Minutes: Summary Minutes 09 April 2013

Action Items: Action Items 09 April 2013

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Chat:  NARALO Chat transcript 09 April 2013 

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  1. Welcome and Adopt Agenda
  2. Review of current situation and goals
    1. Active and Non-Active ALSes
    2. Overview of ALS De-accreditation Procedures
    3. Disconnect Between "Individual Internet Users" and the reality of ALSes
    4. ISOC Canada Application
  3. Our Process
    1. The Web Presence
      1. Posting ALS "Spotlight" Videos on homepage
  4. Our Strategies
    1. X and Y Axis, X = Geography, Y = Community
    2. When is the At-Large Summit?
    3. Pamphlets and brochures for all our members at the ready
  5. Our Resources
    1. People
      1. Garth, Murray, Glenn, Evan, Eduardo, Louis
      2. Need to Appoint a webmaster or web development group
    2. Budget
      1. Budget Process Problematic, Unclear - Standardize! Assign!
      2. Outreach Project Budget Submitted (Murray)
      3. Outside Conference Project Budget Submitted (Evan, with Wolf from EURALO)
      4. Need to submit GA Summit Budget Request (By April 19)
      5. Utilize Fellowship Opportunities for Indigenous NA Groups
    3. Metrics
  6. Set Agenda for May NARALO Call

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