Terri Agnew:Welcome to the NARALO Monthly Teleconference on Monday 11 August 2014 at 1900 UTC

  Terri Agnew:meeting page: https://community.icann.org/x/YbnhAg

  Glenn McKnight:hi

  Glenn McKnight:adobe is muted  i will call in

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:Hello all

  Allan Skuce:Greetings.

  Sarah:Greetings as well.

  Garth Bruen:Hello all

  Louis Houle:Hello everyone

  guest (Jim Ausman - SF Bay ISOC):hi


  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:The agenda (TO BE UPDATED) and call details can be found at:https://community.icann.org/x/-8HhAgAdobe Connect:http://icann.adobeconnect.com/naralo/Conference ID 1638http://adigo.com/icann/

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:This is the OUTREACH call

  John Laprise:It'll be a long afternoon of conferening...

  John Laprise:lol


  Konstantin Kalaitzidis (SFBayISOC)::-)

  judith Hellerstein:hi all

  Joly MacFie:got to drop and come back to ficx audio

  judith Hellerstein:ok see you late

  Terri Agnew 2:Welcome Kerry Brown

  Terri Agnew 2: Welcome Tom Lowenhaupt

  Glenn McKnight:Silvia  your   voice is breaking up a bit

  Terri Agnew 2:Welcome Evan  Leibovitch

  Glenn McKnight:Ken is  a involved in the  disabled community

  Glenn McKnight:thanks

  judith Hellerstein:@glenn sent you a pvt message


  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:See ELECTIONS WIKI above

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:and Congratulations to Glenn

  judith Hellerstein:@Glenn you are a bit muffled so please step a bit away from the mike

  John Laprise:I had previously emailed about training oppportunity. Question was answered. Thank you.


  Tom Lowenhaupt:Glenn - a little loud. Please move a bit away from the mic.

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:See the wiki page created above

  Heidi Ullrich:Wednesday will be a busy day in LA: https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+Meetings+-+Wednesday%2C+15+October+2014+Workspace

  Evan Leibovitch:There will be no North American ICANN meeting in 2015, the next one after LA is scheduled for late spring 2016


  Heidi Ullrich:CROPP RT - Please note that all members re-confirmed their membership: https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=43982055

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:CROPP  FY 15 wiki page above

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:correct Glenn 8 WEEKS lead time is required

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:by CROPP

  judith Hellerstein:I think I might have put these up a few months ago

  Evan Leibovitch:Can I not photocopy previous requests for CROPP @ CES? ;-)

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:CROPP Orientation and tutorialshttps://community.icann.org/display/croppfy15/Orientations+and+Tutorials

  Alan Greenberg:Dropped, dIaling back

  Glenn McKnight:I think the cropp  app is different, 

  Glenn McKnight:Judith is referring to fY 15

  Glenn McKnight:Heidi asked to all on the budget

  Terri Agnew 2:Alan is back on audio

  Tom Lowenhaupt:On cropp - can one have abudget for rentang a table / booth?

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks for the update on the budget

  Evan Leibovitch:Silvia, wherfe are the CROPP forms? I went to the link above and don't see the forms.

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:you ALAC Finance & Budget Sub-Committee members should have forwarded to you the budget updates

  Glenn McKnight:No  trade show  budget

  Tom Lowenhaupt:Just travel and per diem?

  judith Hellerstein:we never got notified of it

  Glenn McKnight:No update from our  Finance  committee

  Glenn McKnight:members

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:@ Evan: FORMS


  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:click on NARALO is blank

  Glenn McKnight:We have had  little  reporting from this  committee

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:The response is from the FBSC

  judith Hellerstein:@silvia there is no form on that site to click on

  judith Hellerstein:is there a form to use?

  Evan Leibovitch:I'm on that page. I see nothing to click that says FORMS.

  Glenn McKnight:I think we  need the FINANCE  Committee members should be prompted for monthly reports.

  Glenn McKnight:@ evan I don;t see the form either

  judith Hellerstein:I see that page but there is no form and when i click on proposal there is nothing there

  Glenn McKnight:We did the  link

  Glenn McKnight:Please note  we have  5  cropp  sponsored trips.  Last year we used only 4 . The  ietf  in Toronto was covered by Evan, Glenn and Murray

  Glenn McKnight:no need for Cropp funding for the  IETF

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/ALAC+Subcommittee+on+Finance+and+Budget

  judith Hellerstein:but there is no form to fill out

  Garth Bruen:https://community.icann.org/display/NARALO/NARALO+ALS+Outreach+and+Recruitment+Efforts

  Ogi Mitev:thank you

  Kerry Brown:Aplogies. I have to leave the meeting.

  Terri Agnew 2:Thank you Kerry

  judith Hellerstein:There is no form to fill out?  Is their a format for the proposal

  Glenn McKnight:@Oliver  i clicked the  Budget  but  I don't see the rejection of the three  NARALO submissions

  judith Hellerstein:i am also interested

  Tom Lowenhaupt:My cropp question was about the nature of what qualifies - travel - space rental...???

  judith Hellerstein:@staff. I would also like the CROPP form

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:@ Evan and Judith I will send you the forms

  Evan Leibovitch:OK.

  Tom Lowenhaupt:booth

  Glenn McKnight:Per diem is also covered

  judith Hellerstein:here is some issues on criteria https://community.icann.org/display/croppfy15/CROPP+Program+Elements

  Tom Lowenhaupt:ok. thanks.

  Heidi Ullrich:You can request a booth and registration funds

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:@ Evan and Judith

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:see forms here : https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/Form+to+submit+travel+requests+to+the+CROPP+Review+Team

  Evan Leibovitch:I will researchj what is available.

  Evan Leibovitch:4 x 4 works if itś metres

  Louis Houle:No

  Glenn McKnight:Still need  link for  everyone  for the  CROPP applicaiton  Please  compelte  an  application  and  send it  in.  Must have 8 weeks  notice

  Evan Leibovitch:https://www.webaccessibility.com/test.php is free of charge

  judith Hellerstein:i agree and also mentioned this on the tech task force that vibug also be part of testing conference t

  Glenn McKnight:We need a  simple  one  page  interest page

  Glenn McKnight:for ALS

  Ogi Mitev:thank you

  judith Hellerstein:tools to make sure they are accessible

  Glenn McKnight:Garth  we have  Konstanin in the wings  ready for his  SPOTLIGHT  today

  Glenn McKnight:BETTER

  Allan Skuce:hear you ok here.

  judith Hellerstein:now can not hear at all

  Sarah:I can't hear him either :(

  Terri Agnew 2:@Konstantin, I have sent you a private chat

  guest (Jim Ausman - SF Bay ISOC):yes i can hear you

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:@ Konstantin, Terri can post it

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:if you send us the document

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:yes to Terri

  Glenn McKnight:September     ISOC SF Bay- KonstantinOctober               CLUE- EvanNovember   ISOC CanadaDecember            Telecommunities Canada

  Glenn McKnight:September willl be  Sarah

  Glenn McKnight:Evan and CLUE  witll  be November

  Glenn McKnight:Garth Garham will be  December

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:yes you can

  Tom Lowenhaupt:Sorry. Having audio problems. I'll give a report on Municipal TLDs next month.

  Tom Lowenhaupt:If that's ok with the agends.

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:ok while I get it, you may want to start if you wish

  Glenn McKnight:@Seth  your  spotlight will be  in  2015

  Glenn McKnight:Sept  Sara, Oct  Evan , Nov  Kerry and Garth  G for December

  Glenn McKnight:@Evan your  spotlight will be the  ICANN  meeting  in LA  which will be the Wednesday

  Terri Agnew 2:Welcome Matthew Rantanen

  MAtthew Rantanen:Thanks, sorry, running from meeting to meeting today.

  Joly MacFie:Did Anna Lisa's tld application go through?

  Joly MacFie:.green, right?

  Garth Bruen:No, it was a very unfortunate situation

  Terri Agnew 2:Welcome Robert Castonguay

  Robert castonguay:Hi everyone

  Louis Houle:Salut Robert

  Robert castonguay:Salut Louis, il va falloir se parler ce soir

  Louis Houle:OK

  Glenn McKnight:Hi Robert  any update on your  travel  payments?

  Glenn McKnight:I think  the slides are coming?

  judith Hellerstein:ISOC DC is not an ALS

  Glenn McKnight:correct

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:Terri is uploading them atm

  Robert castonguay:No news at this time, Glenn

  Glenn McKnight:IEEE is the  largest  engineering society in the  world

  Glenn McKnight:Interested in  connectivity issues

  Glenn McKnight:@robert  did you get  any emails from Heidi or Joseph

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:yes and we will post the presentation on the wiki page

  Glenn McKnight:A video is produced on his  Digital Divide  project if he wants to share it

  Glenn McKnight:Hey Louis

  judith Hellerstein:Did we discuss item

  Robert castonguay:No new email, Glenn from either of them

  Garth Bruen:One moment Evan

  Evan Leibovitch:no prob. olivier is addressing what I was going to say. I can add commentary but Olivier is doing fine regarding the facts on what is happening.

  Evan Leibovitch:I'm happy to add my take if you want

  Glenn McKnight:@ evan why is your  typing in RED?

  Evan Leibovitch:because when I think about ICANN & accountability I see red

  judith Hellerstein::-)

  Glenn McKnight:@john laprise  I sent you contact information about Sam Lanfranco

  John Laprise:Hi Olivier: the lack of transparency and accountability on transparency and accountability is unacceptable.

  Garth Bruen:Judith next

  Glenn McKnight:Most  accountabilty evaluators  are outsideers

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:@John: it is pretty murky at the moment and my take is that it is accidental rather than by design.

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:@Evan: it s the accountability of ICANN as a whole, Staff, Board, COmmunity

  Konstantin Kalaitzidis (SFBayISOC):I see Glenn's comment regarding the video we did while in London on the Digital Divide. Will review once again and place the link on our Digital Divide Technology Solutions website once we do a bit more editing.

  Konstantin Kalaitzidis (SFBayISOC):Will try to finish before the ICANN-51 meeting in LA

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks  KK

  Konstantin Kalaitzidis (SFBayISOC):THANK YOU :-)

  Glenn McKnight:We can update the video too.

  Konstantin Kalaitzidis (SFBayISOC):yes -- that woould be great!

  John Laprise:failure for accountability is simply kicking the can down the road. In the meantime, there is an absense of accountability and transparency.

  Glenn McKnight:It;s  now   4  06 pm

  Glenn McKnight:@john  did you meet  Stephanie  Perrin?

  Glenn McKnight:She was a penholder at Net Mundail

  Glenn McKnight:Note  Alan  has  his  hand up.

  John Laprise:Yes I have. We were both at EuroSSIG

  John Laprise:and at ICANN50

  Terri Agnew 2:We will post slides (7MB) here after call https://community.icann.org/x/JQdlAg

  Evan Leibovitch:Big problem with accessibility is that AC is Java dependent rather than being just HTML

  Louis Houle:I lost connection for a minute or two! Sorry

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:@Judith: who was the person you spoke to?

  Evan Leibovitch:@Alan: I gace up some time ago whether ICANN failures were due to malice or incompence. No longer matters/

  Tom Lowenhaupt:Must depart. Thanks everyone.

  Louis Houle:Thanks Tom

  Loris Taylor:Sorry for joining late.  due to major thunder storms in the area, our Internet has been down. 

  judith Hellerstein:Andrea Saks

  judith Hellerstein:International Telecommunications Specialist for the DeafChairman  ITU JCA-AHF (Joint Coordinating Activity on Accessibility and Human Factors)Coordinator IGF DCAD  (Dynamic Coalition  on Accessibility and Disability)

  judith Hellerstein:@olivier I posted the name on the chat and her title

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:Thanks!

  Terri Agnew 2:Welcome Loris Taylor and hope has calmed down with the storm

  Loris Taylor:Still stormy out but a lot calmer than earlier

  judith Hellerstein:@olivier she is based in London

  John Laprise:ICANN management simply doesn't grok multistakeholderism. (?)

  Garth Bruen:grok or grep?

  Evan Leibovitch:Both

  Joly MacFie:Sorry I have to go.

  Terri Agnew 2:Thank you Joly

  Evan Leibovitch:I was very satisfied with the current draft of the statement which Dev had done.

  Louis Houle:Thanks Joly

  Glenn McKnight:@terry  the link to the monthly spotllights are here   https://community.icann.org/display/NARALO/NARALO+ALSes+Spotlight

  Evan Leibovitch:Silence on the statement is OK too

  Glenn McKnight: Please add to the minutes

  Glenn McKnight:thanks  everyone

  Robert castonguay:Thanks everyone

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