EURALO will hold its General Assembly face-to-face during the ICANN 54 Meeting scheduled to take place in Dublin, Ireland between 18 through 22 October 2015.


Group Mailing List:

Staff Support Lead: Silvia Vivanco


The members of the EURALO Dublin Organizing Task Force are:


Comments/assigned tasks

Wolf Ludwig

Coordination with members and

At-Large Staff


Yuliya Morenets



Sandra Hoferichter



Sébastien Bachollet



Roberto Gaetano



Jean Jacques Subrenat



Jean Jacques Sahel



Olivier Crepin Leblond



 Yrjö Länsipuro



Heidi Ullrich



Silvia Vivanco





Next meeting: EURALO monthly August call -- Focus: DublinGeneral Assembly Preparation


EURALO BOARD 2015 ! - See nominations  



ActivityLeadMaterials NeededStatus
Meeting Schedule and Agenda   

Networking Event(s) and Activities (Outreach)

  1. Networking Event


Networking Event Agenda

Updated EURALO Outreach document


Training/Capacity Building (Inreach)

Logistical Planning (confirmation of ALS Representative attending)Wolf/Ariel  
Welcome Pack


with Wolf

Copies of:

  • Input / Thesis paper on the Public Interest
  • consolidated proposed GA Agenda
  • EURALO Annual Report 2014 - 15
  • Performance criteria for Board and Secretariat
  • Distribution_EURALO-positions (2007 - 15)
  • Outreach paper (work in progress)
  • Practical infos about ICANN's AGM 2015



PROXY Announcements

  • Stefan Hügel (FIfF, Germany) gives proxy vote to Annette Mühlberg (20.08.15); Annette Mühlberg transferred Stefan's proxy to Sandra Hoferichter (21.10.15)
  • Christoph Bruch (Humanistische Union, Germany) gives proxy vote to Oliver Passek (17.09.15)
  • William James Drake gives proxy vote to Wolf Ludwig (21.10.15) 
  • Annette Mühlberg gives proxy vote to Sandra Hoferichter (21.10.15)  

EURALO members participating in person in the EURALO GA

EURALO LeaderTitle - ALS



Arrival DateDeparture Date
Sandra HoferichterALAC Member (Existing)YES    
Jimmy SchulzALAC Member (Existing)YES    
Sebastien BacholletALAC Member (Incoming)YES    
Olivier Crepin-LeblondALAC Member (Existing)YES    
Yuliya MorenetsEURALO Secretariat (existing)YES    
Wolf LudwigEURALO Chair (existing) - Comunica-ch - the Swiss Platform on the Information SocietyYES    
Yrjo LansipuroNomCom Member from the European Region (existing) - ISOC FinlandYES  
Representative ALS



Arrival DateDeparture Date
Annette Mühlberg appointed Sandra Hoferichter as proxyNetzwerk Neue Medien (NNM)YES    
Ionut-Bogdan ManoleaAssociation for Technology and Internet (APTI)YES    
Breda KutinSlovenian Consumers AssociationYES    
Carolin SilbernagldotHIVYES  
Christoph Bruch appointed Oliver Passek as proxyHumanistische Union e.V. (The Humanist Union)YES  
Christopher Richard Wilkinson (replacement) ISOC Chapter of WalloniaYES  
Bastiaan GoslingsISOC NetherlandsYES  
Dragoslava (Dessi) GreveISOC BulgariaNO RESPONSEn/an/a
Roger Baig (replacement) ISOC - Catalan ChapterYES  
Lutz DonnerhackeFörderverein Informationstechnik und Gesellschaft (FITUG) e.VYES  
Manuel Georg SchneiderWikimedia AustriaYES  
Stephane Coillet-Matillon (replacement) Wikimedia CHYES  
Matthieu CamusISOC FranceYES
Miguel Perez Subias Asociación de Usuarios de Internet (SIUA)YES
MIkhail MedrishInternet Support FoundationYES
Anne-Marie Joly (replacement) E-SeniorsYES  
Oksana PrykhodkoEuropean Media PlatformYES  
Oliver PassekDigital CourageYES
Patrick Vande WalleISOC Luxembourg A.S.B.L.NO RESPONSEn/an/a
Pedro VeigaISOC PortugalYES  
Plamena Petrova PopovaUniversity of Library Studies and Information Technologies (UniBIT)YES  
Roberto Gaetano EURALO Individuals AssociationYES  
Rudi Vansnick (replacement) ISOC BelgiumYES  
Fedor Smirnov (replacement) ISOC Russia ChapterYES  

Stefan Hügel appointed Annette Mühlberg as proxy; Annette Mühlberg transferred this proxy to Sandra Hoferichter

FIfF (Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung)YES    
Stefano Trumpy (replacement) ISOC Italy (Societa' Internet)YES  
Volodymyr Kukovskyy The Ukranian Internet AssociationYES  
Franz Werner HülsmannDeutsche Vereinigung für Datenschutz (DVD) e.V.YES  
William James Drake (Wolf Ludwig as proxy) Committee for a Democratic United Nations (Komitee für eine Demokratische UNO)YES   
Nicolas Denner (replacement)TaC - Together Against CybercrimeYES  
Rainer Rodewald (replacement)Medienstadt LeipzigYES  




Previous EURALO General Assemblies

21 October 2015 - General Assembly, ICANN 54 Dublin (part 2)

21 October 2015 - General Assembly, ICANN 54 Dublin (part 1)

24 June 2014-General Assembly, ICANN 50 London

19 June 2013-General Assembly,  Portugal,  Lisbon.

13 June 2012-General Assembly, Stockholm (not sponsored by ICANN)

29 May 2011-General Assembly, Belgrade (not sponsored by ICANN)

15 September 2010- General Assembly, Vilnius (not sponsored by ICANN)

03 March 2009 - General Assembly, Mexico City, First At-Large Summit



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