EURALO's 5th General Assembly


2012 Stockholm GA planning and preparation:

This year's GA will be more "formal" and less complex than last year when we had substantial bylaw modifications and elections what won't be the case this year. Basics to be prepared for Stockholm are:

 - to convey the 2012 GA early May or 4 weeks prior to the event,

- to draft and circulate a 1st draft of an GA agenda (see below -- to be updated!) via the list,

- to compile a Board report to the GA (from the monthly reports - about 2 pages max.),

- to submit / circulate a copy of the EURALO budget for the current year / FY 2012-13 (submitted to you / ICANN earlier this year).

That's it regarding content or agenda setting what we always or mostly did / prepared by ourselves (except Paris in 2008).

Regarding logistics: A first request for a room reservation in Stockholm was already sent to the EuroDIG host team (under side events) and was preliminarily confirmed. We now need to fix the date and time - I suggest, Wednesday 13 June, 18:00 - 20:00, at the EuroDIG venue, see

We offered remote participation for the GAs in Vilnius (2010) and Belgrade (2011) what was only used by few members. It's a question of efforts versus benefits and needs to be discussed by the prep. group.


Meeting venue: Stockholm Conference City Center (Folkets Hus)Barnhusgatan 12-13, 111 23 Stockholm, Room 401.
Date: Wednesday, 13 June 2012
Time: 18:00 - 20:00 CEST (16:00 - 18:00 UTC). For the time in various timezones click here

Meeting Number: [ AL.EU/CC.0612/01]


How can I participate in this meeting   Please note: pass code 3535

Adobe Connect room:

Important - the Adobe Connect room will have LISTEN function only (to speak during the meeting, please join the audio bridge).

ALS Representatives: - Members registered for Stockholm:

Sébastien Bachollet (ISOC France) - co-representing eSeniors

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond

Veronica Cretu

Avri Doria

Sandra Hoferichter / Wolfgang Kleinwächter (MS Leipzig)

Yrjö Länsipuro (ISOC Finland)

Wolf Ludwig (Comunica-ch)

Yuliya Morenets (TaC France)

Oksana Prykhodko (MP Ukraine)

Remote Participation:

Rudi Vansnick (ISOC Belgium)

Eric Tomson (ISOC Wallonia)

Adela Danciu (APTI, Romania)

Manuel Schneider (Wikimedia CH & Austria)

Guests: Constantine Rusu (Moldovia) - in person, Siranush Vardanyan (Habitat for Humanity, Armenia) - remote participant

Apologies Christopher Wilkinson (ISOC Wallonia), Monique Epstein (E-Seniors, France)

Staff: Heidi Ullrich (HU), Gisella Gruber, Silvia Vivanco (SV), Matt Ashtiani (MA)

Summary Minutes:  EURALO GA Draft Summary Minutes 13 June 2012

Action Items: EURALO GA Action Items 13 June 2012

Recording: English

EURALO GA Adobe Connect Chat Transcript 13 June 2012

Transcript: EURALO GA Transcript 13 June 2012


15 September 2010 - Vilnius GA - Draft Summary Minutes

EURALO Budget FY12|^EURALO-BudgetProposalFY2011-12.pdf|||\

EURALO ALS List 2011|^EURALO ALS list 2011.docx|||\

Board Report|^BoardReport2010-11.pdf|||\

Chair and Secretariat Nominations for Belgrade|^EURALO Nominations Belgrade GA 2011.docx|||\



A.      Standing issues

1. Opening and welcome

2. Confirmation of attending members and apologies

3. Confirmation of the assembly quorum

4. Adoption of the proposed Agenda

5. Adoption of the meeting minutes from the last GA 29.05.2011 Belgrade

B.      Proposed agenda items

6. Discussion and adoption of the EURALO Board report 2011-12

7. Briefing and approval of the EURALO budget FY 2012-13 suggested to ICANN

8. How to improve EURALO’s in-reach and member involvement?

9. Briefing on the EuroDIG 2012

10. Briefing on the 10 years ALAC Anniversary event at ICANN 44 in Prague

11. Miscellaneous

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